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How Heat Killed 2k Cows Today - Wet Bulb Conditions

Crib Note: If humidity & temperature are both above 80, double check for Wet Bulb warnings. Chart at first citation below. And why cows died today en masse. End

Quotes from articles &!links:

“With further progression of global warming, areas in more moderate climates including Southern Europe and the US will also experience more and more days with “red” or “black” conditions.

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT)

If the combination of temperature and relative humidity reaches a certain level,

the body can no longer
cool down sufficiently
through sweating.

Especially when physically active, the body creates a lot of excess heat that can very quickly lead to heat stroke and death in bad WBGT conditions.

The following charts* show the danger of physical activity at different combinations of temperature and humidity.

See charts at link.


2000 Kansas cows died this week from Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT)

“Heat, humidity kill at least 2,000 Kansas cattle, state says”


If your that person who pushes through outdoor chores or a round of golf no matter, I hope you check out the WBGT. Or check in to make sure immobile neighbors are ok.

It’s summertime.
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