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Member since: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 04:41 PM
Number of posts: 1,863

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Impeachment is about proving Trump's illegal actions. NOT manufactured impropriety by the Bidens!

For the love of God Democrats, hold tight and don't even entertain a witness swap in order to get Bolton.

If the Rs want to take on the Bidens, do it in another venue where it belongs. They have nothing to hide and it will be a viewed as a vindictive ploy by a majority of Americans. Rs just want to conflate impeachment and conspiracy theories to lessen the impact of Trump's crime(s) and the Rs cover-up.


As long as impeachment goes on, Trump will not rest until Biden is destroyed, and by whatever means necessary.

For the love of God, can Democrats get mad as hell and call out this bullshit in an authentic and powerful way and amplify, amplify and amplify!!!

We have GOT to win this messaging war.

This Trump/July 4 thing is one big troll


Trump loves stirring it up and working those against him up into a tizzy.

Every maneuver for his event tonight has been to notch up the drama and suck the air out of everything. And look. Dozens of threads dedicated to outrage over this nonsense. Yes, I realize the irony of my post which just adds to it. And no, I'm not turning numb to his behavior and the acceptance and normalization of it by certain segments of our society. I am mad as hell what he has done to co-opt a holiday that is meant to celebrate independence and freedom from tyranny.

Enjoy your 4th of July as you always do. Won't most people be out and about and not tuned in to TV at all? I predict it will be a flop and we'll all just move on the next atrocity. It's all but assured he'll proclaim the event a huge success no matter the outcome. Sad. But don't let it ruin your day. There's always tomorrow when we can all get back to work throwing him and Republicans out of power.

Anyone else watching Years and Years on HBO? SO much to think about! SPOILER WARNING

The limited-run series follows a U.K. family in 2019 and propels them 15 years into the future. While the series showcases main characters and U.K. politics, America plays a major role in shaping world events: Trump has won a second term. Pence is elected after that. Trump drops a nuclear bomb on a Chinese island in a disputed area of the South China Sea just days before leaving office and and the U.S. is sanctioned. Somehow, it doesn't start a world war, so people go on with their lives. There's a huge collapse of an American bank creating a financial catastrophe that ripples throughout the world. And that's only after two episodes! This is all portrayed in a very convincing and realistic way that you could believe things would unfold in a similar fashion in the real world.

My household has been talking about the show and its vision of the future non-stop.

For me, it's really stirred up this idea that - in this modern, technological world - we think we have control of our lives, but we don't. We've become complacent and society is frail enough that it could fall apart at any time. And then what would money, democracy, or human rights even mean and how could we hold our families together?

I'm liking it, but it's chilling. Definitely wakes people up and gets viewers to not take things for granted.

That ends this week's episode of "War with Iran"

Great cliffhanger, eh? Everybody take the weekend off. Go play some golf and tune in next week for another edition.

Trump is such a child. I have proof!


I just couldn't make it through Handmaid's Tale

I know. I'm late to this party.

I finally got around to a free trial on Hulu just to binge watch this series.

I had to turn it off in the third episode of season one. It was simply too depressing, dark, and frankly, all too realistic in foretelling what our country can slide into. It truly terrified me and I'm sure that was what the the actors and producers intended. With the Kavanaugh confirmation going on and all of the Republican and evangelical bullshit flying around now, Handmaid's Tale just gave me chills. So, I surfed elsewhere and revisited The West Wing series. Sigh.

I will say that HT made me think of an escape plan if this country truly falls apart. I thought about moving money offshore and how I would get out of the country FAST. It did cross my mind.

Should I stay with the series? Does the remainder of season one or season two offer any hope?

Helsinki was sooo yesterday. RWs want to talk about Dem opposition to Kavanaugh

No surprises here.

I know someone associated with NRA TV. They weren’t allowed to mention Helsinki, Trump, Putin or Russia in the same breath. Didn’t help that one of their own, Butina, shared the headlines yesterday with Dear Leader. So, in true deflection mode with their vile base, the ONLY newsworthy item that no one else is covering is why liberals are so hysterical about the Kavanaugh nomination.

True, we Ds need to keep our eyes on all the balls in the air and we fight with authentic passion, but, ALL the world was talking about today was Trump’s Surrender Summitt. WE know how high the stakes are on this one AND the SC nomination.

Watch out. Weapons of mass distraction incoming as we already witnessed this afternoon.

You know this jacket will be the new red hat, right?

Deplorables will now go out of their way to snatch these up and where them with pride. It’s a toned down version of the “Fuck your feelings” t-shirt you see at the president’s “rallies.”

If Democrats are asked about this, they should say:

“Frankly, we have more pressing issues to discuss, as uncaring and tone deaf as it was.”

I’m agreeing with others, this is meant to trigger us and they are HOWLING with laughter. Don’t fall for it.

Was anyone on DU a regular watcher of "The Apprentice?"

My SEARING hatred of Trump goes waaaay back. I could not understand what audience was watching that awful show. He was a bloviating asshole back then. So pompous. What a poseur! I couldn't stand that show then because of HIM, long before he started to run for president. Even when I was a teenager and watched that ridiculous "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" in the 80s I knew he was a prick who was trying too hard to prove he was better than everyone else. Credit my parents for raising a kid who could spot BS a mile away.

Please tell me there are others out there who turned the channel whenever he came on television (p.s. I still do!).
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