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Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 10,883

Journal Archives

What a way to go and a tribute....

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Olney

Olney died of an apparent heart attack during a performance onstage at the 30A Songwriter Festival in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, on January 18, 2020, at age 71. "David was playing a song when he paused, said 'I'm sorry' and put his chin to his chest. He never dropped his guitar or fell off his stool. It was as easy and gentle as he was," Scott Miller said.

"Women 'Cross The River"
Performed by: Linda Ronstadt
Writer(s): David Olney

Oh the women 'cross the river carry water from the well at break of day
And they talk to one another; God only knows what they might say
You might get an education after years of dedication
You might finally get a glimpse of what is right and what is wrong
But the women 'cross the river; well they knew that all along

Oh the women 'cross the river work with tools that are ancient and hand-made
And they plow their fields in perfect rows and then they rest beneath the shade
Now we have learned to build, out of concrete, out of steel
And our buildings stand a thousand years but then even they are bound to fall
But the women 'cross the river never learned to build a wall

Oh the women 'cross the river are as gentle as the dew upon the ground
How I love to hear them laughing in the rain when it makes that perfect sound
Now a soldier with a gun and a battle to be won
Might kill you with a bullet and you never even know the reason why
But the women 'cross the river; they can kill you with their eyes

Oh the women 'cross the river; they can kill you with their eyes


Huge dust storm hits Australia's NSW - see photos and video

BOM tells Dubbo to expect rain, but massive dust storm sweeps through NSW instead
ABC Western Plains
By Lucy Thackray and Jessie Davies

Link to site: https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/rural-news/2020-01-20/bom-nsw-forecast-dust-storm-dubbo-parkes-nyngan-blackouts/11881602

Residents of western New South Wales hoping for rain after a promising forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) were instead hit by a fast-moving dust storm that blocked out the sun.
The dust storm spread from Broken Hill across to Nyngan, Parkes and Dubbo on Sunday, leaving many residents in complete darkness.

Towns including Nevertire and Narromine were also left without power "for hours". "2020 the year of dust! The worst dust storm we have had to date," Nevertire Hotel publican Harriet Gilmore said.

"Complete darkness, no power for hours. "And this is the fourth one this week."
The wind peaked at 7:45pm in Dubbo with a gust of 107 kilometres per hour. "The dust storm was moving fast and was so thick that it went completely dark, [resulting in] zero visibility in less than a minute," Dubbo resident Jenny Duggan said.

Macquarie Anglican Girls School in Dubbo made a call to the SES after the school's roof was damaged in the storm. Principal Craig Monsour expected the clean-up would take a full week.

Australia: Cyclones, severe drought, loss of fresh water, rising ocean temperatures, extreme heat, massive forest fires, mud floods, loss of plant and animal species, and dust storms......and a right-wing government.

May they have a speedy recovery and a long period of peace.


Trump asks that question because he's a psychopath.

Most psychopaths do not have the ability to accept that they have done wrong and many can't recognize the harm caused by their actions even when confronted with clear evidence.

Therefore, it's understandable that he would ask "why are they doing this to me?"........

Every Trump voter should be made to watch this video 100 times.

It would take at least 100 times to just start undoing the brainwashing.

Many of us - even as economic amateurs - began to see this happening even during Nixon's time, with their campaign to turn America against their own government, demonize taxation, and to divide America in any way possible. They know a divided public is a powerless public.

Some have named it the "Two Santa Clauses" process and it's still happening to this day and on steroids......

Excellent summary as usual, Mr. Hartmann. Thanks for posting this video, YMBL.....

Most are brainwashed to disregard information from outside their bubble.

Republicans have a plentiful supply of propaganda sources. They all attach themselves to a select few that fits their place in the pecking order. Regardless, the dogma boils down to the same stuff whether coming from Limbaugh, their church or the Heritage Foundation and it's all they will believe.

So, they're programmed to react to external logic, science, facts and reasoning like it's the Black Plague.

They also have a morbid fear of the established authoritarian leadership structure because they know the rejection and retribution they can suffer if they stray. Retribution and shaming can come from within their own family, their church or business, RW political groups, along with public and social media.

Most also believe that structure will protect them from harm and provide them with a good life, despite contrary evidence.

I've observed that pattern of personality traits in Republicans from ditch digger to presidents and from the 60s 'till now.

In four words: It is a cult.

In my old-fashioned world, that's what we called being a gentleman.

There's a full set of very old rules - I think out of Britain in the 1800s - that although are partially out of date that I try to remember and that represented the unspoken guidelines for living of most men that raised me in the 50s/60s. They had all suffered through the Great Depression and WW2. They didn't know about those printed rules from far way, but the rules were instinctive and deeply ingrained.

In a nutshell, those rules always guided a person toward doing no harm to others......

I fear we've drifted much too far away from our basic guides for a peaceful existence of compassion, civility, love of fellowman, empathy, unselfishness, open-mindedness, holding the tongue and being peacemakers, to name a few.

Yes, from two things.....

a.) His feeling like he's the bottom of the pecking order. He can now be among equals, be his own man, not fear offending the royals at every turn and be in charge of his destiny.

b.) Not completely, but some freedom from the clutches of the British tabloid press. They'll never completely escape it but I hope Canadian law will shield them to a degree. I think they'll have much more privacy in Canada in the long-term and their children will be more safe.

We wish them the best......

It's a shame that gross hypocrisy is not an impeachable offense.....

just as it isn't for regularly lying to those who pay your salary.........

I often find it ironic that politicians who support and adore corporations would not last a month in the employment of one if they continued the same malfeasance they've practiced in public office.


Prosperity gospel followers, the whole damn lot.

Someone please tell me again what year I missed when some new chapters of the Bible dropped down out of the heavens that tell us to worship the money changers and elect them as our leaders instead of running them off.

(thanks, EarlG)

Church visits for Republicans are nothing more than campaign stops.


I hold not one ounce of sympathy for them.

I hope every single one of them that voted for him shits their pants from raw fear. Rethugs just can't seem to avoid getting the big head when they win, completely lose all moral values, and then plow ahead like a runaway train.

Republicans spent around 40 years lying and cheating their way into total control of government, then totally blew it by allowing Trump to be even nominated. They could have stopped it and we would have a very complacent America with a Bush III, Cruz or Rubio for example for president and with the same destruction of government or worse.

In that light, we best hope we can gain from exposing his criminal behavior and begin resetting the system in 2021.......
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