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Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 06:43 PM
Number of posts: 7,471

Journal Archives

RIP, Mr. Bill from a fellow TN native.

Always hurts to loose a good neighbor because I think they are part of our social fabric and mental security. Also best when politics never enters into the picture, just keeping life in the "real" stuff.

Would like to see...

...a credible member of the press (say, on a Sunday talk show) ask one of the key supporters of this bill: "why did you promise to pass legislation like this during your campaigns, knowing it would be highly unpopular with the public and likely to fail?"

The GOP has no longer has credibility as a political party. They apparently have no control over who runs for office (e.g., Gohmert & Trump) and no say-so as to the policies promoted during their campaigns.

Had to be interesting!

Was his initials "JR" (ref. Wiki)? I see that he actively supported Kerry.

It's been quite an uplifting experience finding DU, although I'm a little late. In only a month or so, I've chatted with a fellow that was an on-the-scene official at the 9/11 recovery operation, with a lady that personally knows an astronaut, and you - with a Kerry connection! Plus, the wit and humor of this bunch is amazing, so I've found my giggle-box again. Vastly helps the stress of retirement, LOL.

Thanks, that's a great Wiki page - definitely a bookmark!

I'm sure you understand that those of us raised up to deal with our fellow man in fairness and truth really struggle with these actions. I really fear for the future of our country when we elect people who do not believe in the concept of public service and lie constantly to gain power. And, they've co-opted many of our churches, substantial media outlets, and sectors of our military as partners.

As a life-long Democrat, my strong revulsion toward them began in the '60s as I watched Spiro Agnew go around the country spewing hatred, covert racism and lies. Prior to that, I mainly recall just Bob Done on TV grumbling about taxes, and someone had cans of Goldwater soda pop.

They seem to only believe in public control rather than public service, which perfectly suits their minders and donors. Hard to maintain hope in these times, but we must not let them get us down.

Sorry for the rant - I'm relatively new at DU and have a large backlog of venting to do, LOL.


I can really get my feathers ruffled over that one (and Al Gore as well), but I will say I deeply respect John Kerry for picking himself up, moving on, and doing a masterful job as Secretary of State. Outstanding, intelligent, brave man with the best of character!

Yea, I ain't got over Kerry yet either.

Never forget or forgive anti-Kerry lie-filled brochures passed out in Southern Baptist churches. That one should have been a clear warning that they will stop at nothing to win. Of course, Nixon/Agnew did even worse things.

Gomer and the Douche - what a pair.

Faux News is THE biggest cancer on this country.

Diagnosed malignant at birth in 1996.

Should be titled: "GOP Death and Misery Push Hits More Snags"

I smell the stench of their hubris three states away, in one that needs the ACA bolstered, not destroyed.

It's his elitist nature.

I suspect his elitist upbringing and coddled, penthouse-oriented adult life block any cognitive dissonance.

Further, I still refuse to believe he initiates and writes all these Tweets. I suspect they are carefully, tactically planned by his minders with the primary objective of creating maximum confusion, fear and anger in the public. Just look at all the massive coverage over a routine political rally and its aftermath this weekend.

They know exactly how to keep 'em dumb, delusional, distraught and distracted!

I hope...

Mexico can continue to afford to maintain, protect and secure this site. With all their on-going budget issues and now two big natural disasters, it may be difficult.

Also wonder if this or any of their other archaeological sites were damaged by the two recent quakes. Thanks for posting the article!
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