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Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 12,976

Journal Archives

He'll never outdo "grab 'em by the (you know what)".

He, and all the subsequent protest signs cured us of any national shyness, LOL. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood broke us of all concerns about "SOB".

Don't think any of this is good for our kids. What are they going to do for cuss words when they grow up?

I see the world economy going into a tailspin IF...

South Korea is attacked. That tech bubble we're seeing will be the first to go, along with the value of the dollar (China will see to that).

But, the main thing I don't want is another life lost on this planet to satisfy tRump's ego. Enough have already died in the Middle East and SW Asia under his watch.

Nope - didn't say that.

But, I must accept that they have just as much right to exist on this planet as me. I've had to do that in order to stay at peace with the world, or it will drive me nuts. If I allow their flaws to rent space in my head, I'll just die a bitter, hateful old man - and no better a person than them.

They are the ones that must live with and deal with the consequences of those flaws, not me.

For me, the word "accept" means "to be at peace with". It does not mean I have to buy into their crap or agree to it. For example, I accept that my neighbor is a Libertarian and that I cannot change that. And, I may need to work closely with him to cut down a tree or fix a car.

I had to learn many years ago that I can't change other people, as much as I would would like to at times. What I can do however, is try to set a good example for others as best I can, and try to get along with everyone.

Another point here is that nobody has appointed me "labeler in chief" to assign character flaw labels to other folks. Have you been given that authority? Would you be willing to attach that label to that person's coat? Conversely, would you appreciate someone sticking one to you?

Keep in mind that labels can be very destructive in themselves and they tend to be hard, or impossible to remove. Any poor young woman that's been unjustly labeled a whore will tell you that in no uncertain terms, as will anyone labeled as retarded.

Republicans have managed to rent enormous space in American's brains - sowing hatred and division - and we must shut it down.

I fully agree, and acceptance is the word that comes to mind.

In many ways, we were a nation built on diversity. "United" does not mean being of the same beliefs, morals or even prejudices. One of the primary things we must be united in is to keep this damn thing glued together despite our differences.

Humans will always suffer from a wide variety of character flaws and none of us even approach perfection. I must be willing to accept that many Americans will always hold on to their prejudices, hatreds, spite, immorality, racism, and even outright stupidity. However, I must also hope we all - with time - outgrow the worst of these flaws. In my 70 years, I've watched us very slowly improve in many of these areas.

Just stop and look back at our history - even as rotten as some parts are - and how the nation was built by a huge variety of people of various nationalities, ethnic background, social and economic status, etc. I also remind myself frequently that for many years, I worked jobs all over the USA with a tremendous variety of hard working folks, and very rarely was politics discussed, and no divisiveness was felt. We simply stayed focused on the task at hand, talked about families and fishing, and shook hands at job's end.

We currently have a very large number of wealthy people and foreign interests and assets that want nothing more than for us (the commoners, if you will) be divided and at each others throats every day. And, social media and an irresponsible press are making things much worse and amplified. We must try to be united in fighting these very evil forces in every way we can, or they will eventually destroy us.

Can't begin to tell you the respect I have for NASA.

Engineers of my generation (in university in the mid/late 60s) were extremely honored to be interviewed by NASA, as we watched much of the scientific progress they brought us then - and now. It's a shame the general public has no idea of the great things NASA has brought us in everyday life, in everything from materials science and health, environmental and weather, electronics, aeronautics, and obviously rocket science!

I know that Leland is honored to have been a part of that wonderful program. The folks that do know and recognize NASA's tremendous achievements will feel indebted for all our lives.

Educate me, please.

Why the hell is a major news organization asking the US Treasury Secretary about another government official's off the wall comments at a political rally?

They should be nailing this guy's ass to the wall over upcoming budget issues, not this sort of populist, sensationalized bullshit.

But, but, but....don't you dare criticize...

the officers or board of any corporation or their compensation. Unforgivable GOP sin!

K & R Thank you, great perspective!

tRump's entire team has no concept of the term "public servant". They're all privileged elitist spoiled brats.

Very inspirational!

She should be a source of inspiration for all Americans, but especially for our youth.

Excellent page on Wiki:

Johnson graduated from high school at 14 and entered West Virginia State College (now West Virginia State University), a historically black college. As a student, she took every math course offered by the college. Multiple professors took her under their wings, including chemist and mathematician Angie Turner King, who had mentored the girl throughout high school, and W.W. Schiefflin Claytor, the third African American to receive a PhD in math. Claytor added new math courses just for Katherine. She graduated summa cum laude in 1937, with degrees in Mathematics and French, at age 18.

Everything in the right-wing world is upside down.

If the NFL wanted to honor veterans who served to protect the NFL, they should pay for that effort. I mean, they've got money running out their frickin' ears. Am I missing something here?

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