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Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 06:43 PM
Number of posts: 7,628

Journal Archives

Good news email from AU today re the cruelty of Trump's religious "freedom"

Email text from Americans United (AU):

Congratulations to AU’s legal team led by Legal Director Richard Katskee! Today a federal court in California ruled in favor of AU’s clients and became the third court to block Trump’s Denial of Care rule from taking affect on Friday. The Denial of Care rule would allow health care providers to refuse to care for people based on their religious views. This means providers could refuse to care for LGBTQ patients, religious minorities, patients in interfaith relationships, patients who are pregnant outside of marriage and more. And the rule didn’t just cover doctors and nurses. Housekeeping staff could refuse to clean rooms occupied by people they disagree with on religious grounds. Schedulers could refuse to schedule critical medical procedures. Admissions staff could refuse to process hospital admissions. Ambulance drivers could refuse transport.

AU’s President and CEO, Rachel Laser, issued this statement: “Today, Judge Alsup threw out the Trump administration’s Denial of Care Rule in its entirety. One after another, three judges across the country have now made it crystal clear that it was unlawful for the Trump administration to misuse religious freedom to justify harming patients. These decisions, coupled with Congress’ introduction of the Put Patients First Act, should send an emphatic message to President Trump that no patient should ever be discriminated against or denied health care based on who they are, who they love or what they believe.”

Congratulations to AU’s plaintiffs, the County of Santa Clara, which runs an extensive health and hospital system that serves as a safety-net provider for the county’s 1.9 million residents; the health providers Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in Allentown, Pa., Center on Halsted in Chicago, Hartford GYN in Connecticut, Los Angeles LGBT Center, Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia, Trust Women Seattle and Whitman-Walker Health in Washington, D.C.; the associations AGLP, GLMA and Medical Students for Choice; and five doctors, on this important victory!

Read the Court's decision here: https://www.au.org/sites/default/files/2019-11/District%20Court%20Order%20Santa%20Clara%20v.%20HHS%2011.19.19.pdf

This is typical of the Trump administration's work behind the scenes to destroy all American social progress of the last 70 or so years by any means they can immorally capture, while distracting us with their criminal enterprises.

It is pure evil to adulterate and abuse the meaning of the term "religious freedom" for raw political purposes.

Please excuse the lengthy post, but this news gave me an emotional boost today.......

Doctors warn of danger of 'feather duvet lung'

Doctors warn of danger of 'feather duvet lung'
Medical team say people’s unexplained breathlessness could be down to bedding dust
Nicola Davis
Mon 18 Nov 2019 23.30 GMT

One of the report’s authors said many cases of feather duvet lung could go undiagnosed

Link: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/nov/18/doctors-warn-of-danger-of-feather-duvet-lung

As winter approaches it might be tempting to curl up under a thick feather duvet, but experts have warned it might lead to more than just warm toes. Doctors have reported a case of “feather duvet lung” – a lung inflammation caused by breathing in dust from the feathers in bedding – and have called for medical professionals to be on the alert if patients turn up with unexplained breathlessness.
The condition, they say, is a rare subgroup of “bird fancier’s lung” – itself a form of hypersensitivity pneumonitis – which is caused by exposure to feathers and droppings. Other forms of hypersensitivity pneumonitis include “farmer’s lung” , “bagpiper’s lung”, “paprika slicer’s lung” and even “mummy-handler’s lung”, reflecting the wide range of activities that have been linked to breathing in substances that can cause serious lung inflammation.

“There are several hundred different types of hypersensitivity pneumonitis,” said Dempsey. “For medical professionals it is really important to be nosy and take a meticulous history and ask people about exposures because there are lots of things people do that we don’t always appreciate when we are sitting in a clinic or surgery.”

Perhaps folks should think twice before ordering that comfy comforter as a gift for friends.

My big issue is more brain related, a clear case of contamination from tRump detritus every day.......

We're Losing Trump's Trade War

We’re Losing Trump’s Trade War
Despite Tariffs, the U.S. Trade Deficit Continues Rising

"Trump’s tariffs are a tax on Americans, paid by companies who import goods and then either passed on to consumers or absorbed as reduced profits."

By David Cay Johnston, DCReport Editor-in-Chief

Link: https://www.dcreport.org/2019/11/12/trade-deficit-up-were-losing-trumps-trade-war/

Candidate Donald Trump railed against America’s chronic trade deficits, vowing to eliminate them if he became president.

So, how’s Trump doing? Awful. Trade deficits are growing on his watch. The overall trade deficit in September was 21% larger than during his first full month in office.

In 2016, under President Barack Obama, America imported $502.9 billion more in goods and services than it sold in exports.

In 2018, under Trump, that ballooned to $627.7 billion, an increase of $124.7 billion, and the deficit is on pace to run even deeper in 2019. For the nine months ending in September, the overall trade deficit was $481.3 billion, up $24.8 billion for the same period of 2018.

Sooo much winning - how in hell do we stand it?........


For those who can't watch the hearing's live audio/video coverage....

Guardian UK has frequently updated rolling coverage with report notes of significant happenings.

Go here: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2019/nov/13/trump-news-today-live-impeachment-hearings-bill-taylor-george-kent-ukraine-democrats-latest-updates

Read only, so no audio to disturb those at work. Note that as the day goes on, it may go to more than one page (see page selection at bottom of rolling coverage).


Enjoy New Zealand's native birds......

Annual Bird of the Year election and award:

Link (with beautiful bird photos): https://www.birdoftheyear.org.nz/


Kororā - Little Penguin

New Zealand’s birds are wonderful. It’s difficult to pick just one favourite, so this year you can vote for up to five birds. Just rank your favourite birds from one to five.

Voting opens at 9am on Monday 28 October and closes at 5pm on Sunday 10 November.

Sadly, many of New Zealand's native birds are in crisis. Two thirds of our birds are threatened with extinction. Forest & Bird’s Bird of the Year celebrates our unique birds and with each vote you help give them a voice.

Great Guardian article on the subject of the contest:

New Zealand's bird of the year: the most important election – aside from the real one
What started as innocuous good fun has evolved into a national obsession, complete with voter fraud, skulduggery and high passions

Link: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/nov/05/new-zealands-bird-of-the-year-2019-the-most-important-election-aside-from-the-real-one

......Of course, by then – the 13th year of the competition – organisers knew to expect dodgy dealings in New Zealand’s bird of the year poll.

If a nationwide vote to name a favourite native bird sounds like innocuous good fun – a creative means of celebrating unique, threatened fauna – you may be underestimating bird of the year. Coordinated by the Royal Forest & Bird Society, an environmental nongovernmental organisation, it is often described as the country’s most important election – second only to, you know, the actual elections. Since 2017, too, it has had the same validation as two other Kiwi creations, pavlova and Russell Crowe: Australia has tried to pass it off as its own.

Heartbreaking to see so many of their birds seriously endangered........
Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Wed Nov 6, 2019, 01:29 AM (4 replies)

Now I know why tRump's attendance numbers are higher.

His people count chins instead of heads......

Chintendance rather than attendance.

Tree stumps in Rome take on a new life.....

Faces for fallen trees: the man behind Rome's tree stump sculptures
Cities on Instagram: Andrea Gandini is breathing new life into the ancient city’s many decapitated tree trunks

Link: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2019/oct/02/faces-for-fallen-trees-the-man-behind-romes-tree-stump-sculptures

Sculptor Andrea Gandini, 22, is transforming tree stumps around the city by carving faces into them. In the last four years he has made 65 such sculptures in the capital as part of his Troncomorto (“dead trunk”) project, documenting his creations on his Instagram account.

Gandini chose to carve faces because he believes they help elicit empathy and respect from passersby towards the tree stumps. “They respect the tree is also an individual,” he says. He tries to imagine what kind of face the tree would have if it was a person: “I try to find a face that’s right for that particular tree.”

The article posts around a dozen examples of his work. What a wonderful contribution to his city!

Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Sat Oct 5, 2019, 05:12 AM (4 replies)

Walter Shaub's excellent summary thread on Trump's evil doings.....

Link to thread reader: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1180123868524093441.html

Link to Mr. Shaub's Twitter page: https://twitter.com/waltshaub

Walter Shaub

Twenty-one. That's how many Republican Senators need to decide whether they love America. I don't like thinking about parties, but 21 stand in the way of saving America from the catastrophic consequences of President Trump's republic-destroying corruption. Consider this snapshot:

1. A sitting POTUS solicited a foreign attack on our election by an authoritarian superpower that recently stole 21 million security clearance files, which contain the most intimate personal information imaginable, and is now engaged in a trade war with us.

2. A sitting POTUS solicited a foreign attack on our election by a desperate country that has been invaded by our nemesis and is fighting for its survival in a battle that has already killed 13,000 people and cost it territory, making it completely depending on our government.

3. A sitting POTUS agreed to back off on criticizing the superpower's repression of protesters in Hong Kong, raising the issue of an apparent quid pro quo (which is not necessary for impeachment but is a horrific aggravating factor).

4. A sitting POTUS blocked aid to the dependent country and sent his political appointees to demand that the dependent country demonstrate it will investigate his political rival before he would even meet with them. AGAIN, although quid pro quo is not necessary, it's now CLEAR.

5. A sitting POTUS fired his AG for not stopping an investigation of his campaign, which later produced a shockingly damning report, and the beneficiary of this slow motion Saturday Night Massacre is now working with him to abuse federal resources to investigate the investigator.

6. A sitting POTUS has posted ON THE WHITE HOUSE WEBSITE evidence that he may have directed his slow motion Saturday Night Massacre beneficiary of an Attorney General to abuse the criminal investigative apparatus of the State to investigate his political rival.

7. A sitting POTUS has attacked the whistleblower who exposed his solicitation of a foreign attack on our election, in an effort to not only intimidate this whistleblower but to intimidate other whistleblowers in order to ensure that his corruption continues unchecked.

8. A sitting POTUS has attacked the constitutional separation of powers by implementing an unprecedented across-the-board refusal to cooperate with any Congressional oversight, risking the total destruction of our system of checks and balances on executive abuses of power.

9. A sitting POTUS is using federal resources to promote his properties by taking staff and foreign leaders to his resorts and by creating the appearance that access to government and favoritism can be purchased—a message influence-seekers have heard and acted upon.

10. Members of Congress who, for eight years of the Obama administration, lauded whistleblowers have done the President's bidding by attacking whistleblowers as a means to insulate the President from consequences that may flow from his rampant corruption.

11. A sitting POTUS obstructed an investigation into possible coordination with Russian during the 2016 election and has failed to explain the extensive links between his campaign and Russia, after having asked Russia on camera to hack his political rival's computer system.

12. Trump White House officials tried to conceal wrongdoing by hiding records of official conversations, both inappropriately in a highly secure national security system and by collecting translator notes and other records.

13. A sitting POTUS has violated the constitution by accepting emoluments from foreign governments, the federal government and at least one state.

14. A new whistleblower raises the possibility that a Trump appointee tried to interfere in the IRS audit of POTUS or VPOTUS's tax returns. And, even if investigation doesn't wind up substantiating the claim, the admin is violating a law requiring release of Trump's returns.

15. A sitting POTUS has advanced his scheme of corruption by targeting or publicly condemning career officials who attempt to hold him accountable or merely uphold the rule of law, including our former Ambassador to Ukraine, the Special Counsel, investigators, and others.

16. A sitting POTUS has called on DOJ to investigate his former political rival for his political advantage. He similarly pressured the USPS to raise rates on an American business because he didn't like the coverage of his misdeeds by a paper the owner of that business also owns.

17. He has called for a "treason" prosecution of a Congressional Chair for conducting congressional oversight, repeatedly attacked the free press and debased the office of the President by his disgraceful public remarks and behavior. (See impeachment of Pres. Andrew Johnson)

(The math is a little off. Technically, it's 19 Republicans. I forgot there are 2 independents. And there are some typos. But the government is burning down, so these are not the details that matter.)

We need to print this list and hand it to every Rethug we encounter.....

Posted by KY_EnviroGuy | Sat Oct 5, 2019, 02:07 AM (7 replies)

Question for moms and dads of daughters in the 12 YO age range.

I have a granddaughter that's a book worm and good student (her mom's a school teacher) and she loves reading the popular graphic novels. She's read most of the Babysitter's Club series and I would like to buy her some of another series. A book search on Amazon lists way too many confusing choices for this old man....

She's not much interested in sports but likes science themes, geography and topics of general interest.

Can anyone here make some recommendations for good graphic novel sets for kids her age?

Trump lies to the world again - this time about oil supply.

The lies:
Text: Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Because we have done so well with Energy over the last few years (thank you, Mr. President!), we are a net Energy Exporter, & now the Number One Energy Producer in the World. We don’t need Middle Eastern Oil & Gas, & in fact have very few tankers there, but will help our Allies!
7:32 AM - Sep 16, 2019

With an appropriate response from Daniel Dale:
(Reporter for CNN, fact-checking politicians - Washington DC)
Text: Daniel Dale @ddale8
The US did not become the #1 energy producer because of Trump; it happened under Obama in 2012.
US is not a net energy exporter; the EIA predicts it will happen by next year.
US imported 30 million barrels per month from the Gulf as of June; that number has fallen under Trump.
7:55 AM - Sep 16, 2019

And, US diplomat Richard Haass, who chairs the Council on Foreign Relations think tank, adds some good points:
Text: Richard N. Haass @RichardHaass
We not only have the fog of war in the Middle East as to the attacks on Saudi oil, but also the fog of foreign policy when it comes to the United States. Potus accuses Iran w/o clear evidence, denies readiness for Iran talks w/o preconditions, and still has no clear aims re Iran
6:33 AM - Sep 16, 2019

Graphic show Saudi oil facilities and where their oil goes:

Source: https://twitter.com/SPGlobalPlatts

Why can't this horrible man be held accountable for lying to the world for statements that have substantial impact on the world's safety, well-being and economy?

The man-child also never misses an opportunity to pump up his huge ego.....
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