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Profile Information

Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 06:43 PM
Number of posts: 7,625

Journal Archives

No way in hell tRump wrote that. His shadow writers need to be exposed.

I see a dark room in the White House basement full of right-wing scumbags on computers feeding him propaganda for approval, then he just hits "send". It's conceivable that Miller or others approve and send them without tRump's input or actions. He's too busy watching Faux TeeVee and plotting golf cheats.

It's easy to tell the ones he writes or has edited - they're incoherent and filled with spelling, grammar and structural errors.


These actions could backfire spectacularly.

The big problems with hacking wars are that retaliation can come at any time in the future, it's totally unpredictable as to when it may happen and the potential targets are endless. It could be against anything from banking to healthcare to industrial or military systems to water and sewer systems to your smart appliances, and many more (anything that's "connected" ).

Results could vary from minor annoyances to national emergencies (REAL ones).

Trump and his cohorts do not care about consequences affecting everyday citizens. They will try to blame a kid on a computer in his bedroom in Nigeria rather than one of their favored state actors.


Everything is going just as planned...

towards our Nation being a 100% rental society. Homes, farms, business properties, public lands, natural resources, and transportation will slowly be bought up or majority controlled by global investment firms, sovereign wealth funds and independent billionaires. They make offers no one can refuse and they're doing this around the globe.

Let's all take a moment every day and remind ourselves that almost every purchase of goods and services we execute during our lives has an element of profit that can be used to further concentrate the world's wealth in fewer and fewer hands. That's the way our systems of trade, banking, investment, resource control and asset management is now designed to work.

Part of those profits are also use to buy elections and favors from our public servants. It's a cheap investment for them that pays enormous returns. That's how we got to the current total seizure of the U.S. Government in the Senate.

We also need to frequently ask ourselves why interest rates on savings have been practically zero for many years, and simultaneously got sold on placing most of our retirement funds in stock market instruments such as IRAs.

And, it all happened while we were watching with eyes wide open watching media they own......

Dream on.

First, it's extremely unlikely any DU member would try something that foolish. These are cool heads here that don't particularly crave prison time. We're law-abiding citizens, not hackers.

Second, you can bet the farm that any such video streams that might exist are protected with the strongest security that exists on the planet. That is, the best the government has to offer to protect the interests of.....you know who.

You might try calling the Russian Embassy to see if they have any guidance for your project......

In the 80s, Reagan Republicans must have thought globalization of our corporations.....

would give us permanent, total hegemony over the world. It did temporarily to a degree, but globalization also eventually provides work-arounds against any power's efforts toward dominance.

In fact, efforts toward dominance simply encourage other nations to step in with competition. We've seen that with aircraft, communications and basic foods. Some industries are slower to come around such as oil exploration services/components, but eventually will.

If dollar reserve currency dominance ever collapses, we're screwed.

Here's a brilliant idea on how to control wingnut rallies.

German police confiscate 4,200 liters of beer from Nazis

A court has instituted an alcohol ban at a neo-Nazi event taking place in Ostritz, a town in Saxony. A counter protest has also been barred from demonstrating directly in front of the venue.


German police in the eastern German state of Saxony confiscated 4,200 liters of beer on Friday after a court prohibited a right-wing extremist event from serving alcohol. Organizers of the "Schild und Schwert Festival" ("Shield and Sword Festival".) had insisted that past events had taken place peacefully even with the consumption of alcohol. But the high administrative court (OVG) in Bautzen, east of Dresden, ruled that alcohol could increase the likelihood of violence.

The festival will take place in Ostritz, a town in Saxony on the German-Polish border, from Friday to Sunday. There is a large police presence expected at festival with heavy equipment such as armored vehicles and water cannons. Officers from the nearby city of Görlitz are being supported by federal police and riot squads from Saxony and other German states.

About 750 people have registered to participate in the event, which is expected to feature concerts with right-wing extremist music groups.


I believe the Speaker is in a very complex political dance that...

would be risky and difficult to explain to the public and it's tricky because she - perhaps more than any other politician - is responsible for keeping the government running day-by-day. A sure sign our Congress has become far too complex and the executive branch massively corrupted.

I wish she could hold a frequent, scheduled official news conference to review what is being done in Congress in simple terms. Such a broadcast could in effect replace the White House news conferences which are a farce.


Regarding your No. 4....

Good list, Botany, but I suspect we flew the drone 100% as an intimidation, not for surveillance. We have precision satellites and high-altitude spy planes for that. It was noting but stupid, immature and expensive political game play.

The U.S. needs to be condemned and possibly sanctioned by the international community to stop this madness, in order to effectively rebuke Trump and his neocons. These actions and particularly hard military action affect people around the globe with economic and political turmoil.

I'm also aghast at the international community of Islam for not unifying and stopping this non-stop fever of conflict in the Middle East and parts of Asia. I am a dreamer.


K&R. And, in a slightly different time they thought....

Iraq and Afghanistan would celebrate our unsolicited military invasions with women and children dancing in the streets and...

both would next lay flowers on the pavement to welcome the limos of Wall Street barons arriving to capture control of their ore and petroleum resources.

What the hell is wrong with those natives, anyway?.... .....

Along that same line of thinking, defense officials expect Pompeo to call for...

registration, 30-day waiting period and thorough background check required for owning surface-to-air missiles.

Further, in clear defiance of North Korea, some say he will propose a ban on open-carry of all missiles and bombs...

Pompeo shared off the record with Russian reporters that at home, he uses trigger locks on his personal defense weapons over 1-megaton.......
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