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SWBTATTReg's Journal
SWBTATTReg's Journal
September 8, 2023

Zero Credibility Accusations

donald j tRUMP, has accused the Georgia state prosecutor as having zero credibility.

I wonder how many times djt has lied over the last six plus years or so, that he's been on the national stage, I am going to venture that it's at least in the 10s of thousands, and probably over 50,000 times by now.

Who are we going to believe? The orange moron or Fani Willis? Or for that matter, any of those prosecuting the crooked idiot?

I know that free speech is being watched over by judges and prosecutors in his civil and /or criminal trials (donald of course), but how far will they allow him to continue to spew his nonsense? And I do agree that they're (the authorities) are being careful to not add to his spiel about being unfairly prosecuted, and not responding to his daily, almost hourly tirades.

July 25, 2023

A brief note supporting ourselves and our unique friends...

I wanted to post this clip of a popular gay singer, in the Russian Chechen Republic who was killed for his sexuality. That such brutality still continues today for those professing to be gay/lesbian/etc., and such news still scars the gay communities all over the world to this day. I know that we do have much broader support in today's world, but it still is a scary and terrible world for quite a few of those in the gay/lesbian/etc. world. In some cultures, one can be put to death. It's sad, scary, and downright despicable that we had to still fear these actions. Even as late as this year, some gay pride celebrations were canceled due to supposedly outrage etc. shown by a very few individuals.

Hang in there, be supportive of anyone that isn't part of the 'normal' world, for Individuality is so important in today's world and each of us and our unique personality is so important.


A popular Chechen singer long believed to have been killed as part of a “gay purge” in the Russian republic was tortured and executed on Ramzan Kadyrov’s orders after the strongman leader became “personally insulted” by his sexuality, according to a new report.

Zelimkhan Bakaev, 25, had been living in Moscow and gaining popularity outside the North Caucasus region when he vanished in August 2017 after returning home to attend his sister’s wedding. Human rights groups sounded the alarm over his disappearance, warning that he had likely been targeted as part of an anti-gay purge underway in the predominantly Muslim region.

But Chechen officials claimed he had fled to Europe, while Kadyrov, sometimes called “Putin’s soldier” for his flamboyant defense of the president, suggested Bakaev had been killed off by family members who were “ashamed” of his sexuality.

etc. This article (I didn't post all of it) just appeared in the Daily Beast.

February 24, 2023

Influencer gets a FIRM NO to her offer from a Cafe and/or Lodge, the answer from the firm's

owner is worth reading and is a wonderful response...as you can tell, I don't really like most 'bloggers', especially those that offer their services in exchange for something in return from the business. Talk about high end mooching, eh? Here's the article (parts of it, I didn't copy all of it, it's in today's edition of "Women's Health", titled "The Hotel This Influencer Wanted To Stay At For Free Is Now Billing Her Millions", Story by Tess Koman • 1h ago). Score a win for the owner, IMHO.

Now don't get me wrong, but I would suspect that any business that needed to drum up business, etc. already has things going on that would do the same thing, generate more business for the business, and not need the services of a 'blogger'. It seems that I hear all of the time of blogger efforts to score freebies from a score of businesses that write about their encounters with so called bloggers, it seems to be kind of an ongoing practice within the blogger community.

Soon after YouTuber Elle Darby asked Dublin's White Moose Cafe and Charleville Lodge if she could stay for free, NY Mag reports the hotel's owner Paul Stenson shut her way, way down.

In a January 16 Facebook post, Stenson screengrabbed Darby's apparent email in which she asked for a comped stay essentially in return for traffic to the hotel. She notes her tens of thousands of YouTube and Instagram followers as proof this arrangement would be beneficial to the hotel.

"Thank you for your email looking for free accommodation in return for exposure. It takes a lot of balls to send an email like that, if not much self-respect and dignity," Stenson's reply begins. He continues:

If I let you stay here in return for a feature in your video, who is going to pay the staff who look after you? Who is going to pay the housekeepers who clean your room? The waiters who serve you breakfast? The receptionist who checks you in? Who is going to pay for the light and heat you use during your stay? The laundering of your bed sheets? The water rates? Maybe I should tell my staff they will be featured in your video in lieu of receiving payment for work carried out while you're in residence?In future, I'd advise you to offer to pay your way like everyone else, and if the hotel in question believes your coverage will help them, maybe they'll give you a complimentary upgrade to a suite. This would show more self-respect on your part and, let's face it, it would be less embarrassing for you. Best regards, Paul Stensonwww.charlevillelodge.ieP.S. The answer is no.

(rest of article goes on)...

I don't know if this owner's excellent response to this request of freebies from the business will stop this practice, but as a business owner owning 10 units of a very small lodging business (trout fishing), even 1 unit given up for free for a duration of time would have cut into my operating expenses, being that there were numerous other lodging businesses also competing for business in the area.

Enjoy, especially for those of us who do have small Mom and Pop businesses.

February 21, 2023

Faux/FOX News is going to hurt finally for all of it's lying, cheating, and stealing BS

This news, more than likely reported on in DU many times, is sweet, especially with the fact that these scumbags, who thought that they were reporting on the 'NEWS', knew that it wasn't news, knew that it was manufactured, knew it was made up, fake news.

No wonder tRUMP uses this moniker 'fake News' so much, his buddies over at Faux/Fox News told/instructed him to use this term (or both of them colluded together, knowing full well whatever they were saying was all fake), in order to boost both of them up in the Polls as well as Ratings.

In Raw Story: Fox News is in a 'world of hurt' and facing a 'gargantuan verdict' in billion dollar lawsuit
Story by Tom Boggioni • Saturday

Reacting to reports that Fox News hosts were spreading 2020 election fraud conspiracies on-air while privately texting each other that there was no truth to them, a former high-ranking Department of Justice official claimed the conservative network can expect to lose big in the lawsuit filed against it by Dominion Voting Systems.


In my opinion, feeble as it is, there are no limits to how much I feel Fox/Faux News should lose. The punishment should be enough to compel others to not do this, shape fake/faux news in such a misleading manner, while pretending to be a News organization, when in fact it wasn't. It was a bunch of story tellers basically, making everything up.

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