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SWBTATTReg's Journal
SWBTATTReg's Journal
July 25, 2023

A brief note supporting ourselves and our unique friends...

I wanted to post this clip of a popular gay singer, in the Russian Chechen Republic who was killed for his sexuality. That such brutality still continues today for those professing to be gay/lesbian/etc., and such news still scars the gay communities all over the world to this day. I know that we do have much broader support in today's world, but it still is a scary and terrible world for quite a few of those in the gay/lesbian/etc. world. In some cultures, one can be put to death. It's sad, scary, and downright despicable that we had to still fear these actions. Even as late as this year, some gay pride celebrations were canceled due to supposedly outrage etc. shown by a very few individuals.

Hang in there, be supportive of anyone that isn't part of the 'normal' world, for Individuality is so important in today's world and each of us and our unique personality is so important.


A popular Chechen singer long believed to have been killed as part of a “gay purge” in the Russian republic was tortured and executed on Ramzan Kadyrov’s orders after the strongman leader became “personally insulted” by his sexuality, according to a new report.

Zelimkhan Bakaev, 25, had been living in Moscow and gaining popularity outside the North Caucasus region when he vanished in August 2017 after returning home to attend his sister’s wedding. Human rights groups sounded the alarm over his disappearance, warning that he had likely been targeted as part of an anti-gay purge underway in the predominantly Muslim region.

But Chechen officials claimed he had fled to Europe, while Kadyrov, sometimes called “Putin’s soldier” for his flamboyant defense of the president, suggested Bakaev had been killed off by family members who were “ashamed” of his sexuality.

etc. This article (I didn't post all of it) just appeared in the Daily Beast.

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