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Member since: Sun Jul 23, 2017, 06:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,504

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Mr. Trump please stop

join me in asking for him to stop

Mr Trump please STOP

Can I make it any plainer, just stop
stop fake news
stop calling news fake news
stop saying things that are not accurate
stop taking for yourself and family
stop stop stop
yes you are the President of the United States now act like it
have some compassion, empathy, tolerance, and forgiveness

So trump says he has given us an historic agreement in NK

but he said he didn't have time to get it in writing, he was only there ONE day.
This from a businessman that signed contracts every day, went to court many many times to fight or enforce contracts he signed. This was just a PR stunt and he used it to make a deal to build hotels or manage existing hotels in NK.

I am confused I heard Trump and company shot over 100 missiles into Syrian territory

1) Was there UN permission?
2) Was anyone killed?
3) How many targets? I heard 3? 100 missiles seems like overkill at slightly under 1 mil each.
4) Where chemical weapons destroyed? Was gas released?
5) Is there proof who did it? Or was it wag the dog so Trump could get other stuff off the news?

For those that would like a break from reality show president on President's Day

please join me in watching West Wing and see how a real President and staff act

When donjoncon twitters is that a work product of the WH and that it must be saved?

or Is it the property of twitter like everything that is posted there?
Will twitter be able to publish a book and make bucks off our WH?
Conducting policy on twitter is very foolish for the WH.

What I think should happen since trump cheated and committed crimes to be pres

Pence should resign. Trump should appoint Clinton to VP. Then he should resign. Clinton should appoint Gore as VP.
Oh and that Supreme Court justice should resign also.

I can dream can't I?
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