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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 11:03 AM
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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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I would love to know the reason why the Person #1 in the Michael Cohen case has never faced charges.

I mean as all these investigations twist themselves in knots trying to gather evidence of a crime by the Slobfather, a very easy case to prove just sits there. What are his defenses, Cohen forced him to payoff Stormy or Cohen is a tainted witness? I just donít understand why that case just sits there. Does the Statue of Limitations prevent prosecution? That case has it all, politics, sex, and payoffs and they have the documents and the witnesses.

#1 and #2 If confronted, laugh at them or ridicule-then walk away. #3) If struck-go to

2nd part of if #4 and punch, kick, bite whatever is necessary to make sure they dare not confront you again. Growing up, I was always bigger and physically more mature than most others my age. By 9th grade I went to a private Catholic HS and most others student thought I was a teacher. Back then I wanted to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger so I started lifting weights when I was in 7th grade. By the time HS came around I was pretty intimidating looking and because of that had my share of scraps simply because people wanted to call me out just to knock off the big man. I took some hits but for the most part gave a lot more than I received. Things didnít change until college when most all the other kids caught up and some were bigger than me. I can say I never started a fight but and would never turn the cheek unless I knew the person who confronted me had no chance of beating me. In college the biggest kid in school, a baseball player, bumped into me at a packed bar and beer spilled on him. A complete accident but he took a shot at me and missed. With out thinking I punched him so hard his knees bucked and he went down. This guy was 6í5Ē and built and was put down with one punch in a crowded bar in front of all his friends and others from school. I broke his nose and blood was everywhere. Later that night at about 3:00am I hear a knock on my dorm room door and there was Mr. Baseball, hands wrapped to protect them, with 15 other guys wanting to settle the score. I should have laughed and closed the door but I didnít. My roommate and I went out against all these guys. Mr. Baseball and I squared off and after a few punches we ended up on the ground with me on my back holding his wrists so he couldnít punch me. He would knee me and I would let go a wrist a scratch or bite to fight back. After about 5 minutes we were both spent and agreed to get up. He won that round and we shook hands and were buddies after that. My roommate and his boys never engaged otherwise we would have been torn up. Guess who else was on the baseball team and might have been there I donít recall. Eric Bolling ex-Fox scum was on my college baseball team. My college didnít have a football team so baseball was the big sport. Bolling was a creep back then but I have to say a very good baseball player. Anyway, my fighting days stopped in law school when I did whatever it took to avoid fights.

As a criminal defense attorney I have been saying this for years, cops will tough up pretty much all

races and ages. Before video it was a secret that most in law enforcement and criminal defense knew. Client after client would describe being roughed up by aggressive cops for no apparent reason. Of course, African American men were universally mistreated but I had many white suburban young people and women describe being mistreated both physically and verbally at the hands of the police. That doesnít mean all cops are bad, I donít suggest that. Iím saying we are all potential victims to cops who have bad temperaments and should not be trusted to enforce the law.

Amazing how the cult can have so many different types of people. GQPers include the working poor to

the wealthy. I was down in Cape May, NJ last week and the Trump flag waived on many very expensive boats. Not as many as previous years but still it amazes me. My BIL who is extremely wealthy is a fully stuck down the rabbit hole. He gets all his news from FB memes and absurd stories written by propagandists. He sat and watched 2000 Mules with an intensity I have never seen from him before. When I try to explain how itís impossible to create fake ballots as NJ has over 500 towns and all the ballots are different he just shrugs off the facts. He knows nothing about the insurrection and everything is either fake news or that I am drinking the Kool Aid. All he understands is Hunter Biden, Hillary ďthe killerĒ, stolen ballots and he despises Biden. I said to him, think what you may of his politics but itís almost impossible to hate Biden. Like Biden, my BIL is a Catholic who never misses weekly mass. My BIL is as convinced as I am that we are very close to losing our democracy but the reasons he cites are much different than my reasons. He refuses to acknowledge the affect the pandemic and Russian invasion has had on prices. Itís all Democrats fault. His decent into the Q world is largely due to boredom. He is 74 years old, has tons of money, 3 multi-million dollar houses and garages full of Porches and Ferraris but he is basically bored and has his head in his iPad all day forwarding disinformation to his buddies who are in the same crazy club. We do agree that limiting money in politics and term limits must be enacted. Other than that, I am just a ďdumb-o-cratĒ as he says and I call him Benedict Ronald or Ronnie the Red. I asked him beyond overturning Roe do you know what else SCOTUS did that week. He had no clue. Worst yet, he lives most of the year in NJ where he has a home on the water at the beach and a horse farm but he registers and votes in Fla where he has a horse farm in Boca. He was telling me that 8 billionaires live in his community and long time residents sent a letter to the neighbors saying donít sell their homes as they want to keep the character of the horse farm community.I said yea, the billionaires want to get rid of you and my sister the multi-millionaire poor white trash of the neighborhood. Although he is worth probably about 20 million he is a peon in Boca. Even he laughs at that.

The era of Globalization is coming to an end. CEOs are rethinking manufacturing and supply lines

with a view towards bringing them home or closer. The pandemic and invasion of Ukraine sped this process up. Peter Zeihan a geo-political expert has some interesting views about the future where he predicts Chinaís demographics will create existential problems for their society in the near future, he says Russia was always going to fight this war, and predicts the countries who will benefit in the future. America, he says, is well positioned geographically and demographically to maintain its position in the world. He has some very interesting views.
Hope link works if not google Peter Zeihan on YouTube.

For me the 2016 election was about SCOTUS. The day the news Comey

announced he was re-opening the email investigation I felt like a tractor trailer hit me. I wonder how Comeyís wife and daughter feel now. They were portrayed in a movie about him as devastated that he might be helping Trump win.

I guess we need to educate these idiots better and reinforce that the pilgrims of the Mayflower

were a group of around 100 people seeking religious freedom from the Church of England along with other skilled workers and people seeking a new way of life. This is stuff that as a kid in grade school was ingrained into our heads. If you learned nothing else in grade school you should have learned that freedom of religion and separation of church and state is one of the most important, if not more important, than other rights guaranteed under the Constitution. Hereís an idea, how about Dems set up and support colonies of democrats in red states to turn them to blue states. If we are condemned to the rule by the minority and canít or wonít reform SCOTUS or add DC and Puerto Rico as States then what else can we do. Sounds absurd, I know, but we will never turn many red states unless you have a candidate so dynamic like a Teddy Roosevelt who appealed to both Eastern elites and the rural folks country wide.

Roe being overturned took attention away from the other decisions attacking our individual rights

and the ability of the federal government to enact and enforce regulations that protect our environment and help deal with the climate crisis. Could it be that SCOTUS striking down Roe at this particular time was part of a greater plan to overturn years of precedent in other areas knowing that the public focus would be such that little attention is paid to the other decisions that normally would make headlines.SCOTUS knows Americans have the attention span of a gnat and while people will rage against the ruling in Roe the other extremely significant decisions will get very little attention. It seems like a devious plan years in the making.

F' Barrett but the real F'er is Alito and his written opinion that exposes him and the strange

bubble he lives in that ignores real history in favor of some incoherent ideas about who we are and arenít as Americans and where we came from. If I were to grade that opinion he would get an ďFĒ as does his views on history and tradition which reflect he own warped mind and no way resembles American history especially the treatment of women throughout our history.

After this and Roe is overturned SCOTUS will be completely delegitimized so that when

they try to uphold the stealing of the next election by republicans, American democracy will officially come to an end. Itís our courts and itís respect for the rule of law and precedent that made America the envy of the world and an economic power. Trump will have officially broken SCOTUS and America and can add them to his long list of failures.
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