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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 11:03 AM
Number of posts: 5,977

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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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Only the hopelessly ignorant, stupid, and believers in an "alternate reality" believe that there

was a Russia Hoax. The tragically misinformed by Fox and RWNJ media outlets have turned a large portion of the population into literal information zombies. Their entire belief system is based on the most outlandishly dumb conspiracy theories that they have become completely detached from reality and short of shutting down their massive propaganda network, which is impossible, there isnít much we can do to bring them back to reality. Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagine Americans of all socio-economic and educational levels could be so gullible. Really puts the rise of the Nazi party in perspective. Understand that the Naziís came to power through their appeal to rural Germans just like the rise of Trumpism and the Christian fascists evangelicals who have taken over and now rule over the majority of Americans. And even if we stomp on them at the ballot box there is no guarantee we can stop this downward spiral. But know this, we will not go down without a fight and unlike the 19 cowards in Ulvade we are well armed and not afraid to rush into action. Todayís pretenders shamed the memories of their heroes of The Alamo who I sincerely doubt would have stood in utter fear as small childrenís bodies were being exploded by a mad-boy with a gun and a grudge. ďRemember UlvaldeĒ should be the new Texas slogan.

Live in NJ which just made recreational cannabis legal to buy.

Hope Iím not breaking any rules but as a 60 year old who only tried weed twice in college while drunk I never experienced the drug. As an attorney I have seen cannabis work miracles on clients especially with ADHD and anxiety. My wife and I are pretty square, only drink occasionally and never more than 1 or 2 so I said to her when it becomes legal for recreational use we are going to try it. She is game. Well itís legal and I heard we should try an edible. Any suggestions on what we should try. Looking for a happy, warm fuzzy high to try at least once.

Took my daughters old 2011-2014 MBP and put in 500gb SSD and 16gb RAM and now they are fast as

lightening. I think you can upgrade up to 2015 13in. After that Apple made it so you couldnít upgrade the computer yourself, they glued the components so what you ordered you were stuck with. I went in Craiglist and found a 2013 MBP 13in in good working order and souped it up for my neighbor. Cost about $100 for SSD and RAM but very easy to install. Beats paying for a new machine. You can get a good 2013 13in MBP for about $250-$300. I also still use my 2007 iMac for watching tv shows for free. Watching Turkish history shows now about the rise of the Ottoman Empire. Each episode is about 2 1/2 hours, great acting, no commercials and each period has about 150 episodes. So I have watched from Ertrugal the Kati Tribe leader to Osman the Father of the Ottomans and Ertrugals youngest son all the way up to the last Sultan Abdul Hamid II. What a fascinating history. Hundreds of hours of riveting tv. Only drawback is subtitled but I got used to them quickly. Also can watch Drillis Ertrugal on Netflix with voiceover. Iím obsessed with Turkish history now and canít wait to go to Istanbul. Learned more history watching these shows than any other place. Google ďWatch Turkish shows freeĒ. Or go to Turkish123.com or Kayifamilytv.com 2 good sites to watch.

He is a Phillies fan and was known to go to home games. Would love to see him there now and let him

know what we think of his moronic opinion. Off subject, in the early 80ís I spent a semester at American University and our class ha the opportunity to watch SCOTUS arguments then about 8 of us were invited to meet Justice Blackmun in his chambers. Needless to say he was a class act. He wouldnít discuss Roe but it was quite an experience visiting a member of SCOTUS in their chambers which was spectacular. Also met with Giuliano when he was #2 or #3 man at DOJ. He quoted statistics about the high percentage of crimes are committed relating to drug sale/use. That prompted me to ask the obvious question why donít we legalize and regulate the illegal drug trade to which he had no good response.

A bit off topic but I have become addicted to Turkish historical series. The shows can be found on

You Tube and by googling Turkish shows. The acting is as good, if not better, than American actors. Each episode runs 2-21/2 hours without commercials and one series has about 169 episodes. The historical dramas tell the story of the creation of the Ottoman Empire from a tribe to the end of empire after WWI. I have learned a great deal about entire region the encompassed the Ottoman Empire which is relevant today especially in the Balkans and Middle East. Itís subtitles but easy to follow. As I watched this clip I immediately recognized the actors were speaking Turkish. Anyway, itís great television for those who are interested. The series about Suleiman The Magnificent, Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and Ertrugal were all top notch. Some shows can be found on Netflix. Google watch Turkish Tv series or Kayifamilytv.com and many other sites where you can watch the shows free. Also, I have a much better understanding of the Islamic Faith after watching these shows.

What is somewhat clear is that the Facebook technical people on the front lines were

pissed and tired of Facebook talking the talk but not doing more. Moreover, I just read an op-Ed by a computer science college student in the Phila Inquirer. The author was a female who got hooked on Tik Tok during the pandemic. As she explored Tik Tok especially the cooking videos she noticed the algorithm taking her to places she would have never ventured like videos by fitness people who count every calorie as an example. She became obsessed by this body culture she never knew about and found herself hating her body and turning to purging after eating. She equated it to someone on Facebook reading a fringe right wing article that next directed people to places they would usually never look like Q sites thus driving people down the rabbit hole of insanity, disinformation, and conspiracy theories.

Gen. Wesley Clarke said in a recent interview the West may as well arm Ukraine to the teeth as they

are willing to fight Russian forces so better take care of them now rather than later. According to Clarke. Putin wonít stop at Ukraine so we are going to need to confront him at some point so better to do it now than later when American lives maybe in jeopardy. That oped is terrifying. It lays the foundation for the justification for complete genocide of the Ukrainian people under the banner of ďdenazificationĒ. Russians arenít trying to hide their intention to eliminate the country of Ukraine. The op says a separate Ukrainian country is not sustainable. This is pure psycho babble. Putin has lost his mind.

The msm is ethically, morally, and professionally compromised and a slave to ratings and personal

profit. For the most part they sold their soul for a buck. After 4 years of easy stories, lots of people willing to talk, itís much harder to be a reporter or journalist now that we have a real administration. Trump was like crack for journalists, with easy breaking stories multiple times a day. After Trump who wants to do a boring story about a president or administration doing their jobs. Good news doesnít sell so they continue to grasp at the low hanging fruit covering the hopelessly corrupt republicans who never fail to deliver quackery.

Fox has gone too far and there must be a coordinated effort to deal with them. Fox has

done so much harm to this country and it seems as if they can say or do anything with impunity. Itís no longer about the 1st Amendment, itís now more of a national security issue. If Fox were handing out poison pills that damaged a personís mind would our government allow it? Fox has become not only a national security threat but a public health threat as well and should be treated as such. When a company with tens of millions of viewers sets about to sow division and discord within American society with the assistance of a hostile foreign government, just like any other product, doesnít the government have a duty to take action. Fox is an anti-American company that has done more harm to Americans than any other product in American history and I believe mental health experts would agree that Fox propaganda is a public hazard that has caused millions of people to be unable to distinguish between fact and fiction and Jan 6 is just the latest example of the threat that Fox poses to the national security of the USA. Fox has no God given right, nor does the Constitution allow, a media company unlimited power to say or do whatever it wants while hiding behind the 1st Amendment. Until Fox is dealt with our democracy will continue to be in danger.

So befitting these religious freaks who don't know the anti-Christ they faithfully serve. Stephen

King could not write a horror story as good as this. Here we have TFG who is a serial criminal and the biggest traitor in the history of the country who lacks even a scintilla of morality or decency being served by religious fanatics who really believe in their mission. Fox and RW media has really fried the brains of tens of millions of Americans.
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