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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,871

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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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Franken was set up, offered an apology an ethics investigation and one of our most effective

advocates is now gone, forced out by Dems. There is no excuse for Va. Governorís past actions, but he has taken responsibility and apologized. So by these 2 standards he should not be forced to resign. There is no perfect candidate, we are all imperfect, there should forgiveness to those who recognize and admit their faults. Not in all cases but in this case we should stand beside him.

Absolutely. Now no SOTU, make him submit it in writing. That's what Rs would do.

Moreover, last night on Rachel she said that Rs havenít appointed any members of the House Intelligence Committee thereby denying the Dems the ability to transact business such as providing Mueller with official transcripts of testimony from witnesses who testified before Dems took control. They are devious, traitors with no honor. Dems must use similar tactics to dismantle the Republican Party and expose and rid it of the cancer that is undermining the country. Nunes, Meadow, Jordan all must be neutralized and exposed. Then Fox needs to be investigated and itís comnections to the Russians and the Republican Party. The 1st Amendment does not allow a federally licensed tv station to undermine and divide the country like they have over the past 25 years. Murdoch needs to be hauled in front on Congress to explain how Fox has become the propaganda arm of the Republican Party.

Cowardly republican appointees on the Supreme Court. As a lawyer, I am ashamed of the highest court.

I am ashamed that the SC doesnít have the same code of ethics that the State of New Jersey imposes upon me. I am ashamed that Clarence Thomas and his wife flaunt court decorum and speak at overtly political right wing organizations. I am ashamed that Alito doesnít have the sense to think Citizenís United wouldnít attract foreign investment and interference in our elections. I am ashamed that the Republicans on the SC would think it matters whether someone who is transgendered wanted to lay down their life for their country or fellow serviceman. I am ashamed that someone could rant,rave, and blatantly lie during his confirmation hearing like Kavenaugh did. If I acted like that in court I would have ethics charges lodged against me for unprofessional conduct before the court. I am ashamed of the majority of members of the SC. The first thing Dems should do after winning 2020 is start an investigation into Kavenaughís perjury during his confirmation hearing then begin impeachment proceedings. If that didnít work, pack the court with Dems, if possible. We need to right this ship and it starts with targeting Fox and going after the SC.

I suspect he is balling his eyes out this evening. Smug Magat!

And many of they Magat A-Holes and their Jesus loving parents will attend church tomorrow and think what good people they are. I see these God loving Magat on Facebook and then see the vile and hatred they spread about immigrants, Obama and Hillary. They are elitists FOX loving traitors who have feasted on Hannity, Limbaugh and the other big mouth traitors for so long they have no idea what they are doing and saying. Want proof? Ask a Magat why they love Trump or Bush or any Republican for that matter. They have no idea why they hate. They have been told by FOX that liberals are their enemy inspite of everything Dems have done for them. FOX,FOX FOX, IS THE ENEMY AND WE NEED TO DEAL WITH FOX AND MURDOCH AND FOX!!!!! I HATE FOX!!!!

At DU this is a known fact. Most of the country is 2 years behind and the sad part is nobody wants

to discuss the Russian investigation. I try to keep it simple and explain to my adult kids and wife what is happening. They are all Dems and even they donít want to hear about it. Iím nuts, the crazy one. If I bring up anything happening with the Russian scandal they look away and donít want to hear it. Maybe I am crazy but the thought of a Russian asset in the White House infuriates me. I know my kids are to young to know about the Cold War so I use movies like Top Gun and Rocky IV to try and explain to them that Russia, not the Middle East, is our real enemy. Blank stares and indifference is all I get. Iím sure many at DU experience the same thing. But I wonít stop. They will are the light at some point.

Republicans and Fox are pure evil scum. Combined they have divided the country and send the country

back a generation. Just think of where we would be had Repubicscum hadnít stolen the election from Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary. Imagine we had all this technological advancement and innovation and did not have two wars or maybe could have prevented 9-11. Just imagine where our country would be without the treacherous and traitorous Republican Party and Fox not spreading disinformation and not dividing our country and harming our institutions. Just imagine what we could have been had Fox or Republicans never seized the levers of power.

Yellow belly coward. Impeachment to good.Bastard needs to pay, not be sent to live out his days

playing golf. He needs to be humiliated, perp walked out of the White House. Jr. Jared, Eric and Ivanka need to be prosecuted. His wealth needs to be forfeited as ill-gotten gains. The tub of lard needs to be deprived of KFC and McDonalds. When he appears in court he should be deprived of his hair products, makeup and tanning beds so the world can see what a truly freaky creature he is. Now I just got a notification that RBH had surgery so it is all the more important that we on the left start putting heat I The Trump enablers like Fox. No Murdoch should walk the streets or eat at a restaurant in peace. No violence but let them know erbally how much they have harmed and divided the country. For that matter, Bo Fox host should live in peace. Picket their homes, places of work. We are in a crisis yet the country seems to be in a a slumber, paralyzed by division and apathy. We are in real trouble.

It's gonna take a Long time to get this done unless we get a Teddy Roosevelt type of personality.

Imagine a president with Obamaís brains and Trumpís balls or Pelosiís ovaries. Trump could have been a transformational president. Imagine Trump as a progressive. Without a cent of political ideology to back him up, conservatives were fortunate to have such an ignorant, misinformed, dumb-ass for a candidate. I canít believe I just wrote that sentence. if Trump ran as a Democrat and won, oh boy, what we could have gotten done. We could have wiped out the conservatives for good and transformed our political, social and legal institutions to make a truly great nation. We are already starting to see Trump suck up to Dems. When he sees the favorable press he gets he will suck up even more to Dems. What does he care about the country? The words Trump and Patriot are not synonymous. He is out for himself and oh how Dems could have used that if he was our ignorant, misinformed, dumb-ass candidate.

I was 18 in 1980 and voted for Reagan. I loved his small govt less regulation agenda. I loved his t

tough talk against the Soviet Union. But like I said, I was an 18 year old male going to an elite catholic High School and really ignorant regarding politics. I see my 18 year old self in many young Trump supporters, my 22 year old son included. Ask a Trump supporter why they like him and they will say ďhe speaks his mindĒ or ď he does what he saysĒ. Like I was, they have no idea about policy. It truly is a cult of personality. But at least Reagan had a fully formed ideology, Trump is as ignorant as his supporters regarding public policy. As I matured and learned more about politics and opened my mind, I moved more towards the middle voting for Bush after Reagan and them all Dems after that. I saw how Republicans were really only about helping the elite. Trumpís ultimate legacy maybe his incredible ignorance has woken the silent majority of decent Americans and invigorating public debate and knowledge of what the different parties stand for. Trump maybe the last of the RW nutjob party to win the presidency for generations. At least that is my sincere hope. That Trump is a transformational President that ends the Republican myth as small govt, fiscal conservatives. At the very least, the party of ĒFamily ValuesĒ and the ĒMoral MajorityĒ is dead. A new period of Progressives will fundamentally change our society once again cleaning up the mess left by the republican party.

Rally season is over, lost the House, indictments loom, his firing of Sessions

is a disaster, there is nothing to look forward to, just doom and gloom. Donnie boy had a fun 2 years destroying our country, trashing our institutions, and lying and lying, well the bill has come due Donnie Boy you are out of cash. Oh yea, I forgot, the emoluments case is moving forward and Dems are gonna get your taxes. Oh what fun it will be to see Mueller pick off your conspiring traitorous family. Revenge is sweet. Maybe Putin will grant him asylum.
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