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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
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Dems have a strategy, lie down and get kicked in the gut.

Itís hard to keep supporting Dems who continually get trampled by republican thugs. Bill Clinton was the last Dem to stick it to the republican establishment. He took their best shot and frustrated them at every turn. Is there any dem with the spine and courage to fight these immoral and unprincipled, treasonous weasels? Franken was wrong to resign. Rís will turn it around on us. Dems have no shot with the current leadership. We need new blood to run the party, fighters who know how to get down in the mud and fight these vile creatures called republicans. I have no hope that 2018 will be any different. Trump could admit to being a racist, fascist dictator bent on world domination and the sacking of the Constitution and would still have the support of his base and republicans in Congress. And Dems will continue to naively take the high road and be the doormat of political parties. This is our reality so we better get accustomed to it.

Sure do need more reps like this to speak up and voice the courage of their convictions.

My original comment was geared more towards democratic reps and leaders publicly defending the party on msm. It just seems that the republicans dominate and stear the conversation. Itís nit all Dems fault, look at how spineless Chuck Todd cut Pelosi off at the knees recently on MTP. We need more spokes people like Howard Dean. Dems need to communicate their message in plain and simple language. I loved Obama, but most of the time he spoke over the head of most citizens. Dumb ass Trump as vile and distateful as he is, knows how to communicate his hideous, racist, fascist message so his supporters understand. We just need more passion and a simple and clear message that conveys our ideas.

I am still stunned watching RW women yelling lock her up.

As a Father, I took my youngest daughter of 4 children to vote for the first time in 2016 and told her what a historic moment this was, electing the first woman president. Of course, it didnít turn out that way and looking back I am still stunned to see women chanting ďlock her upĒ regarding Hillary. Except for Obama, for the most part, the men who have led this country during the past 40 years have done a lackluster job. 2016 was the time for an intelligent, thoughtful woman like Merkel in Germany to try and bring the country together. Obviously Hillary was a much more devisive figure and the enmity towards her far greater than I think we on the left expected. But still, to see these mindless, brainwashed republican woman snarl and yell ďlock her upĒ to me is just incredible. As a man, I have always viewed woman as the more rational and mindful gender. And most of these women are middle age or older. I wonder if republican women reserve their hatred for all democratic women candidates or just Hillary. They embraced the female version of Trump in supporting Palin. I suspect I just answered my own question. Very sad for our country.

Agree totally

I doubt my generation will ever see it, but what we need is a new constitutional convention to revisit and discuss issues such as:
-Campaign finance laws- (citizens united must go)
-Term limits- House 3 year terms and limited to 5.
-electoral college
-gun rights
- mandate new constitutional convention every 50 years
-right to vote
-Supreme Court-age limit-how selected
-hold congress to same ethics as most others
-make health care a right and responsibility of Govít.
-Immigration and citizenship
- right to privacy
In the next 50 years or so, we need to come together and revisit the Constitution. I say in the next 50 years because if a constitutional convention were held today I think we would veer more towards a Theocracy. Many States are currently influenced by the evangelical right who would happily subordinate the constitution to the Bible. Hopefully, after my generation dies off, wiser heads will prevail and do what is right and necessary for the general welfare.

Most people are too damn tired working 2 jobs to survive to storm Congress, I suspect

Patience. All good things come to those who wait.

It is very frustrating sitting and watching what is happening to our country. Patience is difficult but we have to hope that Mueller and his team are methodical and have the evidence and a plan to take down the Dotard. I am confident that ultimately Trump will resign. But what next is what worries me. Pence as pres. can do a lot more harm than Trump who is a divider. If Trump and Pence are implicated then Ryan become Pres. and that will be an even worse disaster. Dems desparetly need to take the House and Senate in 2018 as hard as that may seem. We can then hold on to 2020 and rid ourselves of this pestilence called the Republican Party. We are in for one hell of a time in the coming months and years and our democracy will be put to the test.

K.O. Got me through the Bush years, hate to see him go

During Bushís reign of terror, the only joy I received from politics were Keithís special commentaries on his MSNBC show. I hate to see him leave now before the Dotard is finished. I have no doubt that the Dotard will resign at some point claiming he fixed the economy and MAGA and he has nothing left to accomplish. This will be most appalling and will deprive us the opportunity to vote him out of office denying him a 2nd term by a historic landslide defeat in 2020. Worse the thought of Trump resigning and Pence running in 2020 on the basis that the repugs saved the country by forcing Dotard to resign is even more unthinkable. For the foreseeable future I fear there are no satsfying outcomes, even if the Dotard resigns. I hate to say it, but if the Dotard is still around in 2018 and Dems take Congress, you watch Dems will work with him. Dotard wants wins, he could care less where the win comes from. We are living in strange times.

Trump is devoid of morals, brains and empathy.

Simply put, Trump is just an awful human being with no redeeeming qualities. I can usually find something good to say about everyone, but with Trump there is nothing good about him. Some say he is a good father, but with the exception of Baron and Ivanka, I believe he would throw the rest of his family under the bus to save his own skin.

I agree. Tired of being a nice guy and losing.

By taking the high road our republic has been tarnished and diminished in so many ways. Itís time to play by their rules. How about a bot attack of our own against Trump properties and products. Hit him in the only place he will hurt, his wallet and businesses. While we take the high road our country is going to shit. Itís time to take the gloves off and get into a good old fashioned fist fight with the GOP!

I take exception to you maligning cockroaches. Trump is more like the Luey parasite.

Trump is more like the parasite Leocochlordium Paradoxum aka Leuy. The Luey parasite begins his life literally in a puddle of shit. But Luey dreams of flight and the method it takes to fly is truely screwed up. Luey lies in wait in a fecal puddle until the vacum of nature the snail slurps it up. Once inside the snail, Luey enacts his devious plan. Knowing birds are not fond of eating slimy snails, he migrates to the snails eyestalks and begins to stretch and change them into something that looks more appetizing to birds: caterpillars. The snails eyestalks are now pulsating, swollen and brightly colored morsels of imitation caterpillar meat. But wait Lueyís not content until he hacks into the snails brain and takes complete control, driving a snail like a little slimy car out in the open so all the hungry birds in the sky can see and swoop down on the irresistible caterpillar-like eyestalks. So I would say Trump is more of a parasite than a cockroach.
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