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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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Disgusting is what it was. Truly repulsive acts by Israel and the USA.

The USA has lost its moral bearing. I thought the Bush years were bad but we are in a totally different situation now. Everyday we lose a little more of that which made us a once proud and noble country. It wonít be long before we are just another Turkey or Russia led by a strongman and a ruling class. If Dems donít win the midterms I fear the republic will be lost. I hate the republicans for what the have done and havenít done. I hope those people who support Trump nothing but ill-will and sincerely wish they lose their healthcare, jobs and suffer terrible misery under the weight of their Presidentís policies.

In terms of public opinion, this tragic and unnecessary response must diminish support for Israel

worldwide. Besides the human tragedy Israel will most undoubtedly pay a toll internationally. The shear disproportionate scale of the response juxtaposed with Ivanka and Jared who had no business representing the USA at such an event were an optics nightmare. While I support Israel and their plight for survival, I was angered at their utter lack of humanity and cruelty towards the protesters. Israel thinks they can indiscriminately kill Palestinians with impunity? It was a shocking and wholly unwarranted response. Israel was wrong and should be condemned for their actions. Itnis just another example of the United States under the immoral leadership of Trump has lost its bearing. I am ashamed of our country. I am sickened by the smiling Ivanka with her breathy voice and Jared The Dumb advancing his own personal political philosophy. Besides the fact that Jared has no security clearance, no special knowledge of regional affairs his personal family history with family members who were Holocaust victims/survivors makes it impossible for him to be a fair and objective arbiter of the Mideast conflict.

Use iPhone and have to log in every time. I push stay logged in button but doesn't work.suggestions?

I check DU throughout the day. I keep getting logged out and have to log back in next time I check DU. Any suggestions ? I select keep me logged in button.
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