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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
December 12, 2020

I know DOJ isn't going to do anything even if there were elements of an offense and all trials

are public. My comment was more of an expression of aggravation that these traitors would nit face consequences for their actions rather than a suggestion. As a former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney for over 30 years, the Trump years exposed how one immoral, lawless president could commit crimes in plain sight, destroy our institutions, create chaos worldwide and bust norms aided by a complicit Senate to the point of nearly destroying our Republic. Worse yet, the fundamental unfairness of our electoral system will guarantee that the ignorant minority will continue to rule over the majority of Americans who just want to live a better life. So yes you are correct they will not be tried for sedition but make no mistake, if Democratic lawmakers did what the Republicans did they for sure would be tried for sedition, regardless of the law. Is that in doubt? My goodness, they impeached Bill Clinton over a lie about sex. If Republicans and the lawyers who pushed these baseless claims over voter fraud are not held to account then they will do it again and maybe next time they will succeed.

December 12, 2020

Everyday is gonna be torture for him from now on. I know because he has tortured us for 4 years. We

had grand plans of all we would accomplish with Hillary especially with SCOTUS. Instead this evil man is like the plague. a parasite that consumes everything in its path eventually killing us all. Trump should rot in hell. I hope there is a rapture for Trump and all the evangelicals and Republican supporters will surely be trapped in purgatory for what they have inflicted on humanity and the earth. The destructiveness of Trump and the Republicans and the Christian Right is rapidly destroying everything that was great about this country. I fear our country is on a deep spiral downward that will continue unless we have brave and committed representatives start speaking out. As opportunistic as Rs are you would think a few would be moved to reject the right and join the Dems to het rid of McConnell who is truly worse than Trump. I mean come on I’m sure these Republican Senators if properly investigated are up to all kinds of illegal activity. Target a few, quietly investigate them and then lower the boom. Republican goon Langome put a tail on Spitzer and found out his dirty secret, we gotta do the same. On second thought, wasn’t the esteemed former Sen from La. Vitter caught with a hooker and wearing a diaper and he was re-elected and his wife is now a federal judge with a lifetime appointment and rated unqualified. Good grief we are in trouble. I’m rambling, I know but I just can’t believe where we are at as a country. Just imagine what our country would look like if Gore and Hillary had won. And now we are looking at 20-30 years of 6-3 SCOTUS who by the way I hear are looking to toss one of the most popular laws ever written the TCPA that stopped robocalls because of so called “Textualism”. For Christ’s sake I’m now as depressed as Trump. But I will only feel better tomorrow and each day after that if Trump and Republicans are pursued relentlessly. Let’s do it quietly but we gotta do it. Man would I love to Adam Shiff as special deputy to DOJ in charge of rooting out Trump and Republican crimes. That would make me happy again.

November 10, 2020

You are correct. My adult kids who hate Trump laugh at me when I say he is trying to sway red state

electors to go rogue. I told my kids four years ago dis you ever imagine we would be fighting to save our republic. Sure Laurence Tribe wrote how the Rs plan to cancel the Pa vote if Trump lost by claiming massive voter fraud. As I recall, Tribe ended the article by saying something to the effect that Pa’s Gov Wolfe has the last say and would not sign off on the plan. That rational was based on the assumption the SCOTUS would faithfully interpret the Pa. election law. Now I read articles that in some R states there is no consequence for voting against the will of the people. Very concerning that note Rs have not repudiated Trump. Even more crazy that once again Trump has the media focused on non-existent voter fraud than other more important issues. Trump is using Mark Levin’s playbook and this needs to be exposed. The fight isn’t over yet.

November 6, 2020

Absolutely. And that's what Trumper's don't understand. Their false sense of patriotism is rooted in

in ignorance an basic lack of understanding what constitutes a democracy and the basic freedoms granted by our constitution. 30 years of RW media has twisting and distorting their minds to think that liberals are the enemy, are some sort or communist cabal handed us Trump. Unless we can do something to course correct, or deal with RW propaganda the next guy like Trump with half a plan could really destroy our country. We need to plug up all the things we thought were norms that Trump pushed aside and codify them to so we don’t get another Trump. All the things we thought were rules but weren’t like the president’s assets places in a blind trust. That’s why I sure hope it’s possible to win the Senate. Lastly, Trump and all those who profited must be held responsible for his actions. Furst thing would be an Executive Order preventing Trump and family making money on the Secret Service. Make Trump flip the bill for their caddies and rooms at his hotels.

September 26, 2020

Abortion is one thing, it's all the other issues that are frightening like expanded police powers,

degrading individual rights, tort reform, corporations running amok, the environment. If Dems take all 3 branches they must do something with SCOTUS and the Senate. Add seats and states. I am sick and tired of the backward, fanatical religious right dictating how I live. Dems must be bold, they must crush the right and try to deal with the right-wing media monopoly and make Liz Warren the new Trust Buster to go after social media and tech giants. Last, the must reorganize the Federal courts to dilute the damage Tump and NcConnell has done. It's a lot and they may have only 2 years to do it if they take the Senate but do it they must.

September 6, 2020

Ain't that the truth.But most Trumpers think the media is controlled by the left. To which I say,

years ago I had to get a subscription. To Sirius to even listen to lefty talk radio and that was slim pickings. Fox and right wing radio has settled these peoples' minds and ability to think. Many rural areas only have Fox and RW radio so is it surprising that they are brainwashed, what choice do they have? There just isn't any alternative views. MSNBC is a flea compared to Fox and many rural areas don't have any left leaning media outlets. And this is the problem that will continue to polarize the country. All Trumpers spout the same misinformed propaganda about the left. Liberals want to take from the rich and give to the poor. Dems want to give illegal immigrants free everything, education. housing, healthcare etc. Trump is a brilliant businessman who sacrificed to run for president. Trump tells it like it is and sticks it to China etc. He was first leader to meet with Kim Jung Un, like that is a good thing. Trump handled the pandemic brilliantly. Libs want to take your guns away. Just a litany of Fox and RW BS that they think is good for America because that is all they hear. Can we blame these misinformed dupes?

July 5, 2020

Another great ad but I am waiting for the "What Could Have Been Ad".

What could have been if we had a leader guiding us through this pandemic like every American President before rose to the occasion to unite and lead the country regardless of party. Where are the Dem leaders standing outside his Gold course with a hoard of reporters screaming why are you golfing while people are dying. Dem leaders should have a sit in, or hunger strike demanding that the Federal govt takes the lead in the pandemic. He is golfing while we are dying. The focus should be on his lack of action everyday. You never hear Trump talk about what being an American means and how the world looks to us to lead on everything from human rights, justice and equality, and yes, militarily when needed. The world has always looked to the USA that's why when Obama was elected hope returned to the world who came out by the millions to see him. Trump never expresses American greatness, he only degrades, divides, and it's never about America, it is always about him. And people let me just say this, I live in New Jersey and my son was in Ocean City , New Jersey for the 4th and he was disgusted by the inordinate number of Trump signs he saw. It's all about owning Libs, nothing about policy. Trump's greatest asset is the ability to bring the very worst out in people. He gives license to hate and this BLM movement infuriates his supporters, and now this cancel culture bullshit . We cannot take this election for granted. Forget the polls, he can win again and we must do everything in our power to prevent this. Let The House start tomorrow by initiating an impeachment inquiry into Bill Barr. He must go now.

June 28, 2020

Good question. I don't know but we can start with implementing great policies that benefit the

majority of people so as to silence rw hate media. It took awhile but I don't hear the right screaming about getting rid of the ACA and I am aware of the litigation in SCOTUS. But take away pre-existing conditions and you will see riots. Break up these media conglomerates and put ownership limits in place. Go after advertisers aggressively. Trump has expanded the power of the president to an unimaginable level. So when we win there should be no problem with an extremely progressive agenda. Make DC a State, get rid of the filibuster. Make Warren the Trust busting Czar. Go after big banks, big tech and pack the court's to dilute Trump's appointments. Go after Kavenaugh and have a real investigation into his lies during his confirmation hearing. The little lies told under oath about the Renata Club, what "Boof" meant. Have real witnesses and then impeach the bastard. Any R Senator votes no to removing him, punish that State financially depriving them of Federal funds. I don't know but we must get real creative and use the power of the President to crush them.

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