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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
January 31, 2020

We Dems have seriously under estimated the hatred the right has towards liberals. We have let them

define and contort who we are to such an extent that people who most depend on liberal polices vote against their own interest. I’m not sure how being intelligent, moral and caring people has turned into “libtards”. I guess I do know, we have allowed Fox and RW media to shit all over us portraying us as weak, gun-hating baby murderers who want to take and redistribute rich people’s “things”. I know so many wealthy people who all say the same thing, liberals want to take their stuff and give it to lazy poor people who don’t want to work. That’s how we are seen. I mean it’s surreal to watch a Trump rally full of mostly poor white trash worship a man who wants to take away what little they have and give it to the rich. It’s a reverse Robin Hood syndrome. My neighbor is a neurosurgeon and was telling me about all the people she sees in her office who just want something for nothing. All the while, her practice is mostly dealing with people who had an accident and were referred to her by accident attorneys and she performs surgery on them to hike the value of the their cases. Everything is upside down. We will never recover as a nation though as long as Fox continues it’s war on liberals. I wish I lived in Canada. The USA is an ugly place these days and for the first time in my life I am ashamed to be an American. Sorry for the all over the place rant.

January 26, 2020

I suspect the impeachment rules prohibit objections. I haven't watched the trial because I stomach

the lies. If objections were permitted I suspect the Republicans would have disrupted the Dems presentation like they tried to do in the House impeachment hearings. However, while I’m sure Roberts doesn’t want to put his thumb on scale, the Constitution provides that the Chief Justice of SCOTUS “preside” over the trial. In my view that gives him broad authority to do what he wants. I don’t practice in Federal court other than bankruptcy proceedings, but Federal judges can do pretty much whatever they want. Roberts sitting silent while Republicans spew lie after lie is disturbing. You are correct, Republican arguments over process are not disputes over the facts for a jury to determine. They are just lies that subvert the rule of law, our democracy and Roberts not correcting the record or calling out the Republicans is unforgivable. He is doing as much damage to our country as the Republicans. Roberts is as complicit as the Republicans at this point. Roberts could do so much to restore confidence in our legal system but chooses not to. If he called out the lies being told about the process the Republicans could do nothing, zero about it. Like Trump, Roberts is untouchable. Dems aren’t going to agree to impeachment proceedings against him for calling out Republican lies so why he sits silent is a testament of what a coward he is.

January 11, 2020

I hate him as much as anyone, but, incredibly, hate McConnell even more. That's a whole lot of hate.

Now consider that Magats hate us as much, well that’s a whole lotta hate and spells doom for our country. Never thought I would envy Canadians.

January 4, 2020

recentmy read a post somewhere, I think on DU, from Yale psychiatrist who said when people are

removed from cultist like surroundings, when that stimulus is removed they snapped back to normal. There will be a day when Republicans look back at their actions and say what the “F” was I doing. Hopefully they will be out of office or better yet behind bars. They are living in a sick, demented Fox fueled bubble of fantasy and lies. To see the likes of Senators Johnson and Graham etc. spew complete and utter nonsense and Russian propaganda and burying their noses up Trump’s ass is difficult to believe yet everyday it gets worse. This insanity must snap at some point and stoking a war with Iran may just be the last straw. Here we go again, Republicans get in trouble and they play the fear card. I don’t see Americans buying the we have to fear Iran and when American serviceman start dying there is one person to blame, their messiah Trump.

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