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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
Number of posts: 6,190

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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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You are correct. My adult kids who hate Trump laugh at me when I say he is trying to sway red state

electors to go rogue. I told my kids four years ago dis you ever imagine we would be fighting to save our republic. Sure Laurence Tribe wrote how the Rs plan to cancel the Pa vote if Trump lost by claiming massive voter fraud. As I recall, Tribe ended the article by saying something to the effect that País Gov Wolfe has the last say and would not sign off on the plan. That rational was based on the assumption the SCOTUS would faithfully interpret the Pa. election law. Now I read articles that in some R states there is no consequence for voting against the will of the people. Very concerning that note Rs have not repudiated Trump. Even more crazy that once again Trump has the media focused on non-existent voter fraud than other more important issues. Trump is using Mark Levinís playbook and this needs to be exposed. The fight isnít over yet.

Absolutely. And that's what Trumper's don't understand. Their false sense of patriotism is rooted in

in ignorance an basic lack of understanding what constitutes a democracy and the basic freedoms granted by our constitution. 30 years of RW media has twisting and distorting their minds to think that liberals are the enemy, are some sort or communist cabal handed us Trump. Unless we can do something to course correct, or deal with RW propaganda the next guy like Trump with half a plan could really destroy our country. We need to plug up all the things we thought were norms that Trump pushed aside and codify them to so we donít get another Trump. All the things we thought were rules but werenít like the presidentís assets places in a blind trust. Thatís why I sure hope itís possible to win the Senate. Lastly, Trump and all those who profited must be held responsible for his actions. Furst thing would be an Executive Order preventing Trump and family making money on the Secret Service. Make Trump flip the bill for their caddies and rooms at his hotels.
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