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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
July 5, 2020

Another great ad but I am waiting for the "What Could Have Been Ad".

What could have been if we had a leader guiding us through this pandemic like every American President before rose to the occasion to unite and lead the country regardless of party. Where are the Dem leaders standing outside his Gold course with a hoard of reporters screaming why are you golfing while people are dying. Dem leaders should have a sit in, or hunger strike demanding that the Federal govt takes the lead in the pandemic. He is golfing while we are dying. The focus should be on his lack of action everyday. You never hear Trump talk about what being an American means and how the world looks to us to lead on everything from human rights, justice and equality, and yes, militarily when needed. The world has always looked to the USA that's why when Obama was elected hope returned to the world who came out by the millions to see him. Trump never expresses American greatness, he only degrades, divides, and it's never about America, it is always about him. And people let me just say this, I live in New Jersey and my son was in Ocean City , New Jersey for the 4th and he was disgusted by the inordinate number of Trump signs he saw. It's all about owning Libs, nothing about policy. Trump's greatest asset is the ability to bring the very worst out in people. He gives license to hate and this BLM movement infuriates his supporters, and now this cancel culture bullshit . We cannot take this election for granted. Forget the polls, he can win again and we must do everything in our power to prevent this. Let The House start tomorrow by initiating an impeachment inquiry into Bill Barr. He must go now.

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