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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
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Philadelphia Eagles fan

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Incredible ads but I am just pissed we Dems can't produce ads this hard hitting and impactful.

And what concerns me more is that Republican leaders have not distanced themselves from Trump. That means they are still confident in his ability to win and they fear separating from him. To all us Dems that should serve as a warning that this race is far from over. We are the underdogs and we must organize a massive ground game for Election Day. And Biden must be rock solid in the debates and hire the best advisors for debate strategy. How about hiring some of those never Trumpers who are experts at messaging and dirty tricks. Our country literally is depending on his winning.

I don't believe he will attend in person. No way he subjects himself to that crowd. It's all a bluff

They will be paying him millions, no doubt his future is limitless, I am so sorry to say. We need to

start to dismantle Fox and the Murdoch family. Next Zuckerberg. Make them the example of what happens to those who pollute our minds. Strip them bare and crush their empires. This must be our prime directive once we win.

I watched documentary on PBS show American Experience about the 1918 Spanish Flu. PBS is

allowing it to be viewed for free for now. It's a warning to us now. The headlines back then were exactly the same. Initially the virus would appear and disappear in the Spring of 1918. By October with the movement of people around the country for WWI, there were 100,000's of deaths a month. It wasn't until the virus had spread to most of the population did it slow down. But that virus was especially deadly to otherwise healthy males 20-29. I remember speaking to my grandfather and grandmother who both were from large families of 9-11 kids and they both lost siblings to the virus. In Philadelphia people just dropped dead on the sidewalk. We better heed the lesson history provides.

Fox has already started to lay the foundation for Barr and Dunham to try and indict high level

Obama staff and FBI agents. Biden, Rice, Comey, McCabe and Yates, to name a few, better be prepared for an October surprise we all know that is coming. The Fox sycophants started to rev up the smear campaign with talk about Susan Rice emails and Obama misdeeds. Itís all playing out before our eyes the effort to change the history of Russian election interference starting with asking the court to dismiss charges against Flynn. Next Barr and Dunham. Will attempt to charge Biden,Rice, Comey, McCabe and Yates to name a few to change the subject away from the virus.

I am so sick of these small states having so much influence over my life. Sorry to any DUers in Iowa

Great post. You are correct, we the people of America are the enemy, not the virus. The virus is

in Trumpís pee brain just a means to make money, extort, manipulate, and control we the people. What a Ratfíer he is.

Imagine for a moment this wasn't a virus but rather a meteorite big enough to wipeout all

life in the United States and impact is 6 months from today. We know what Trump and the Republicans would be doing to stop it, nothing. Itís up to the States to stop it and, oh, by the way, you canít use the military, NASA, or any other Federal assets to stop it. Trump and his republican buddies would be selling tickets out of town and saving their own asses while Fox and RW media convince his trolls itís all a hoax. In the meantime we all die.

Fox and RW media has sucked the humanity out of America to such a point that we are months long into

a pandemic that soon exceed the number of Americans killed in Vietnam yet there is not one single person of substance and influence in government or business with the courage to step up and do something to stop this madness. Murdoch or McConnell could change the direction of this country in a day. Who among the Republicans has uttered a single syllable against a deadly pandemic that spreads unabated while literally nothing is being done on a national level to coordinate an effective defense to a virus that threatens to continue across America leaving death and economic destruction in its path. This is surreal. When will someone have their ďMcCarthyĒ moment and break this death cult that is led by Trump. Fox and RW media? Literally nothing is being done right now, save the Governors, and every day that passes puts us further and further behind this crisis.

I agree, Trump just may well usher in an era of progressive change that rivals the likes of

FDRís administration. I cannot envision 4 more years of this. Trump has caused so much pain and anguish in so many peoples lives. My 4 kids and wife think I am crazy because I was outraged at Bushís 8 years and yelled and screamed at the tv. Back then I made my kids watch Kieth Olbermanís Special Comments which were joyous. Then for 8 years I didnít have to worry about politics because of Obama. And we all though that when Hillary was elected we would be sitting pretty especially with SCOTUS instead look at where we are at. The Bush presidency was a cake walk compared to this guy. Now my kids, who are all adults now, call me out because I said all the time nothing could be worse than Bush. At least Bush went quietly and I think realized he made some huge mistakes. Little did I know that there could be a worse president than Bush. Moreover, we must not forget that both Bush and Trump were immensely successful In passing their RW agendas. Bush pretty much got almost everything he wanted to accomplish passed through Congress and so has Trump. Horrific policies and consequences for America but both have been wildly successful at destroying America.
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