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Gender: Male
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Jul 25, 2017, 12:03 PM
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If so then no mercy given. Get rid of filibuster and jam progressive legislation down

the throats of Republicans. Then appoint a truth and reconciliation commission to deal with disinformation. Go after Fox’s broadcast license for their complicity in the virus and destruction of our society. Prosecute Trump and family. No more tax exempt status for religious organizations who involve themselves in politics. Break-up Facebook, Google and others. Transform our society so that regular Americans understand the good government can do. Most of all, impeach Kavenaugh and other Federal judges who weren’t qualified. We need term limits. Appoint Warren to head a commission for the overhaul of our government to address voting rights, term limits etc. Reverse all Trump’s executive orders, rejoin Paris Climate, Iran deal and TPP, if possible. The list is endless but if Dems can sweep all 3 branches in Nov. we can transform America for the next generation. Trump maybe the best thing that ever happened to Dems. I hope Joe is up to the task because we cannot go back to the Obama days. I love Obama, he did a great job in the face of Republican obstructionists, but we need real progressive change. So many good Dems like AOC, Mayor Pete must be part of the administration to transform
America. So many priorities, repeal tax cuts and raise taxes on rich, climate change etc. etc. But it all hinges on winning in Nov.

I hate to differ but We are failing and dying. He has gotten EVERYTHING he wants

while we die, rollover on stimulus, get quack Federal judges kicked down our teeth, lose all regulation etc. it’s we Democratic that are FAILING AND DYING. Let that sink in. Trump is kicking our teeth in and there seems to be nothing we can do about it until Nov. and Joe ain’t lookin or sounding so hot these days. We need VIGOR. I am so so sick of losing. Stamp LOSER on my forehead because this idiot is beating us to death. Let’s face it folks, we are on the ropes and hangin by a finger nail.

Absolutely fantastic observations. I listened to Cuomo's remarks.

Just like Gen. Mathis’s resignation letter, bumble-fuck Trump will probably use Cuomo’s comments in tweets to show what a great job he is doing by tweeting “look at Gov. Cuomo thanking me profusely “. I know this sounds ridiculous but I think Biden at some point should call out Trump. I mean get in his face nose to nose and call him the coward he is. And why aren’t Dems calling for Trump to resign? He won’t but why aren’t they calling for his resignation? That’s why I love AOC and other Dems who fight back. Literally the best attacks on Trump and Republicans come from Never Trumpers. Schmidt, Rick Wilson, George Conway etc. Nicole Wallace is great and I couldn’t stand her during the Bush years. Joy Reid pushes back hard and Maddow and Laurence are terrific but I want more elected officials to stand up and scream “Where are the fricking millions of tests you promised”, askTrump “wouldn’t the country be better off if you resign”. My Lord Rs criticized Obama for wearing a tan suit, denied his citizenship, his patriotism, his education etc. I am so tired of being a doormat.

Fox could shut him down. Without Fox he is finished. Fox could bring down his presidency with a week

of honest reporting. What can we do as a nation to get Murdoch to do something. I wish him and his family misery and hope they suffer and die in the most awful ways for what they have done to this country. Murdoch is up there with the worst scum of the earth. He is right up there with Hitler and Stalin for bringing pain and suffering to the world and he should be called out for it.

I want this question. Will you and Pence resign so that Nancy Pelosi can start putting the

country back together? Or, You said President Obama should resign because 2 Americans died after treating Ebola patients, shouldn’t you resign after thousands have died? Better yet, Why were you golfing and going to rallies while your economic advisor was warning millions might die as a result of the pandemic?

I love the thought but I don't know how to achieve your goal. These appointments are for life and as

a lawyer disgust me that so many young, right-wing extremists were and are being appointed. The first goal should be to fully investigate and remove Kavenaugh for his lies during his confirmation hearing. Stupid lies about the meaning of “Boof”, “Renata Club” and other references he could have attributes to youthful immaturity. Those lies were the most audacious to me because they were so blatant. Did he assault women, of course he did. I was went to an exclusive private Catholic school at the same time as Kavenaugh and was one of the”cool kids” and I know what was going on in my school. Girls being cornered and grabbed all over in cars, blackout drinking, drugs etc. I recall the word “Boof” and it didn’t mean “fart”. These lies were blatant and disqualifying to sit on SCOTUS. I was far from an angel in high school but never touched a girl inappropriately. In fact, I started dating my future and current wife of 35 years during My Junior year and had to bang some heads around and threaten some of my fellow students who tried to grab her in a car. It wasn’t known that we were dating at the time and because I matured earlier than most and had a mans body nobody would mess with me or my girlfriend. Kavenaugh must go then we can deal with some of the radicals Trump appointee to the Federal bench.

I read a similar article somewhere, maybe Atlantic, but that said authoritarian rule already here.

Edit-I tried to find the article but couldn’t. It said that Authoritarianism is taking on a new look. Authoritarian’s like Putin, Erdogan and Trump etc. disguise authoritarian rule beneath the guise of democracy with sham elections (Wisconsin) making voting harder for many with the support of SCOTUS. Moreover, they guy the regulatory state and place incompetent leaders at the head of government agencies who essentially have to real power. No doubt Trump and minions have gutted regulations and he has defied oversight and replaced career officials with incompetent political cronies. November is a make or break election.

Press harder Press. Speak louder! Don't let him push you around. Ask leading questions "Don't you

agree that your administration’s delay until mid-March in ordering supplies....”. Q. “By eliminating the Bush/Obama PREDICT program to help identify potential pandemic threats worldwide haven’t you crippled the United State’s ability to quickly identify and respond to potential pandemics”. Q. “Didn’t you waste valuable time and endanger the country by golfing and going to campaign events and tweeting for the last three months “. Q. By doing virtually nothing to help predict this pandemic, golding _____ times during the last 3 months, conducting campaign events and calling the pandemic a democratic hoax aren’t you responsible for the or rad of the virus and deaths to date”. Q. Isn’t it true that while Obama era pandemic experts who could greatly help are sitting home your appointment of Jared who has no experience in supply line logistics has caused many needless deaths and helped spread the disease? Q. Isn’t it true Jared is a real estate developer and has no experience in pandemic supply logistics? Q. Have you considered you and Pence resigning so that Nancy Pelosi can much more effectively run the country and the pandemic response?

Yep, no congressional oversight per signing statement to bill. Trump has stonewalled oversight at

every turn and it seems his wacko court picks with their “unitary executive “ bullshit beliefs will block any meaningful oversight. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some great rulings against Trump stonewalling on his tax returns and we have been told that these cases are stone cold winners, but we have yet to see a tax return and now SCOTUS will weigh in. I have zero faith SCOTUS will do the right thing and affirm the House’s inherent right at oversight. Donnie is salvaging at the thought of those “perfect” “beautiful “
Bailout checks. Just who in the government will tell him “no checks for you”. This will be the biggest heist of government money in the history of the world. When we Dems get control back imagine what we will inherit. I thought Obama had it bad but the next Dem president will face staggering deficits. Or, like Cheney said, deficits don’t matter.

I blame Dems, they should not have agreed to the corporate bailout. HuffPost was screaming

about this heist all day yesterday. It should have been a people bailout, and that’s all. How many times must we Dems get shit on until we learn. So Trump will become an actual billionaire now because of Covid. His checks are already being written. We are suckers !!
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