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Pepsidog's Journal
Pepsidog's Journal
September 13, 2022

Yes these journalists must make up their minds, either you are a book author or political reporter.

Members of the journalist community who hold themselves out as political reporters should not have the option to selectively withhold facts that are vital to an informed public. Newspapers, magazines, and internet news organizations should require some type of ethics or contracts that prohibit the writing of books to detriment of their journalistic responsibilities to inform the public of important information they obtain during their employment.

September 11, 2022

American military power especially the navy has largely shaped and maintained the world order since

the end of WWII. Yes we spend a massive amount of money on our military budget which has allowed the globalization to flourish to our benefit. Our navy keeping the sea lanes open has allowed many other countries to participate in the world economy which has translated into much cheaper products at home. It has also allowed the US dollar to become the only reliable reserve currency. Geopolitical considerations such as population problems will severely affect many countries such as China who doesn't have enough young people to support its rapidly aging population. China is no match for Western military power as it relies heavily on foreign energy and has very poor natural resources. Globalization, however, is coming to an end. The pandemic and supply chain problems will cause many companies to bring manufacturing home or closer to home. America is well positioned for an economic boom as new factories are built that will offer good high paying jobs. The problem we are going to have is providing enough skilled labor especially in the trades. We are going back to the old economic model like we has before the fall of the Soviet Union and rise of China as a manufacturing giant. Inflation will be a thing again but better wages will help offset higher prices. And I can't wait until the day we pay migrants from Mexico and Central America to come to the USA and help with the labor shortage especially in agriculture. As crops rot because there is no labor to harvest I doubt we will hear about migrant caravans at the border.

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