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Whitehouse has been screaming this for years to anyone who will listen. Roberts, as I recall,

dismissed the idea that money in campaigns leads to corruption. So add Citizens United, along with the tossing out pre-clearance with the Voting Rights Act decision because we elected a black president and are now a post-racial society, to the list of SCOTUS fails. ( I forget the name of the VRA case).

As a criminal defense attorney, I find Roberts's behavior disturbing. They have a problem with

what a “reasonable person” standard would understand the words to mean. Roberts and crew are talking about “overly-sensitive people” who, by definition, are not reasonable persons in this instance. What is more important, the intent of the defendant or how the victims perceived the unwanted communication? What is equally disturbing is this line in the story, “progressive justices did little to push back against the chief justice’s snickering tone.” What a F’ed up SCOTUS we have. And, generally I support the ACLU but it seems to be on the wrong side of the case here

I went to a private Cathlouc High School at the same time as Kavenaugh although my

the school was co-ed. I asked my future wife to the Junior prom. I was a highly regarded football player because I matured early and was a boy in a man’s body. More than once, I had to tune up guys like Kavanaugh tried to grab and paw at my then-girlfriend. It was a classic jock meets beautiful science room girl. Once we went to the prom, nobody dared touch her. However, trapping girls in cars while grabbing and molesting them was a common occurrence. This was happening at one of the most highly regarded private high schools in South Jersey. “Boof” and “The Renata Club,” I can look at my yearbook and find references to similar types of behavior in my high school. And, as an attorney, if I acted in court as Kavanaugh did at his confirmation hearing, I would have been cited and punished for ethical violations, bit to mention all the lies he spewed. He is a total disgrace and doesn't being in the USSC.
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