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Member since: Thu Jul 27, 2017, 08:52 PM
Number of posts: 2,733

Journal Archives

My DR. has ordered an endoscopy, I'm nervous AF

I had the nose tube at the ER last week and it was pretty awful. Any thoughts....

Tom Petty Christmas 2017, Mini ChubbyStar Santa Replaced The 4 Petty CDs Stolen From my Car

Tom and I are dancing this morning......

My 16 year old just passed her driving test, I was so nervous for her! Woot!!!

Now the fun begins.....

Any other thrift store lovers out there? Got a story?

I donate a lot to my local thrift store, and my daughter loves to shop there. Last week she came home with "great finds" all of which I had donated!

This morning my 16 year old told me it was my turn to pick up the Roger Stones in the yard

Picking up Henrietta's dog turds was never so much fun!


McCullers and Peacock getting it done. Wow!

North Bay DUers, how is everyone holding up?

My beloved Paradise Ridge burned down, I've worked there for 20 years. Now it is gone.....My heart is broken.

Who still smokes cigarettes? I've been doing great trying to quit...but this week

My smoking meter has gone up. Arrggghhhh......

The movie Hot Fuzz.....just watched it....my 16 year old and I wet our pants

Super cheesy, very insipid, but what a hoot!
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