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Member since: Thu Jul 27, 2017, 08:52 PM
Number of posts: 2,733

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What did you learn to drive in? 66 Plymouth Valiant wagon for me

Ours was white with a red interior, push button sweetness!

In Light Of The Kavanaugh Hearings, Where Wife Looks Unhappy How Many Of You Are Happily Married?

Not too many couples lately.

Derby Pick Time!

My wagering will cover a variety of angles but my 3 horses are:

Bolt d'Oro

I expect Mendy to win but Bolt can kick ass so I am boxing them in wagers. I like Hofburg, as a closer, to pick off tiring horses at the finish. Good luck to anyone who plays!

Horse players unite! Let's talk Derby.

2018 Derby is just around the corner, if you are in the game please share your thoughts.

My 16 year old daughters letter to the Editor got published in our major paper today! No more fear!

No more fear

EDITOR: I am a student at Santa Rosa High School, and after the recent shootings I am not only infuriated but also terrified. Before the shooting, my biggest fears in school were failing a math test or studying for the SAT. From now on, I will be hesitant to leave the classroom in case I need to take cover from a bullet.

When I hear a loud bang, I assume itís a gunshot rather than a student dumping out a recycling bin. I hate living in fear for my life when I step onto campus. I am done worrying if today will be the last day I see my best friend before she is shot. I am done worrying about the 2,000-plus lives of students and faculty on a daily basis and whether they will be here tomorrow.

No child should have to live with these fears. No teacher should have to worry about whether he or she will need to shield students from bullets. And no parent should have to worry whether their child will be home for dinner that night.

This is an unacceptable way to live, and we want change. We want it now.

My DR. has ordered an endoscopy, I'm nervous AF

I had the nose tube at the ER last week and it was pretty awful. Any thoughts....
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