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The Russia And China Problem

Kaschich was on TV talking about the problem of the authoritarian Russian and Chinese governments.

The problem with them is that they are both run by authoritarian regimes. The Russian people and the Chinese people themselves are not the problem; their anti-democratic governments are the problem. The Russian people and the Chinese people are oppressed by their own governments. Many of those people want freedom and democracy, but instead have dictatorship. They should not be our enemies; their governments are our enemies.

Just as we rebuilt Germany and Japan after WW II and made them allies and prosperous democracies, so we should have done with Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Instead, we left them to their own devices, and now they are run by an Authoritarian ex-KGB Officer and the super-rich Oligarchy. They have no democracy, and now Russia is an ongoing threat to freedom and global security.

The Russian people are terribly oppressed. I knew many Russians at my University, and they were all good people who just wanted freedom and life, like anyone else. Instead they have a dictatorship. If Russia and China were democracies, we would not be having these problems. Now Putin wants to weaken America by installing a dangerous and ignorant clown/demagogue, Trump. We need this anti-democratic tyrant out of power ASAP.

So, the Russian and Chinese people are not the problem. Their authoritarian governments are the problem. We need democracy in both these nations. We need to back anti-Putin forces. Trump is a Putin stooge and a threat to democracy everywhere, here and abroad. We need our democracy back. We need freedom and democracy for the Russian and Chinese people, and this will help protect our own freedom. Global Democracy Now! Say no to Tyrants like Trump and Putin!
Posted by Progressive2020 | Sun Oct 15, 2017, 09:08 PM (4 replies)
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