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Member since: Tue Aug 1, 2017, 08:37 PM
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Worst President In History

Trump will go down in history as the worst President ever, beating out Richard Nixon for the title. Trump is corrupt, a liar, a con man, and a cheat. He might be the first President to ever serve jail time.

I think when his taxes and finances are exposed, you will see that his "business" was always built on debt, credit, bankruptcy, and fraud. Trump likes to call media "Fake News", but he is a "Fake Businessman".

I look forward to the day when he and his lackeys are indicted and Trump's name is consigned to the ash heap of history. His name will rank up there with villains like Benedict Arnold, Boss Tweed, and Richard Nixon- all despicable figures from American History.
Posted by Progressive2020 | Wed May 8, 2019, 12:04 AM (44 replies)

Progressives Versus Centrists

I wanted to address the issue of Progressives versus Centrists in the Democratic Party. I used to be Centrist in my youth, but moved more towards Progressivism as I got older and started to feel that measured, incremental change was not good enough. We need larger scale change, in my opinion.

That said, while I consider myself a Progressive and want a Progressive Candidate, I would still vote for a more Centrist Democrat if one were nominated. Also, I would work hard to see that Candidate elected. I am not one of these Progressives who want to burn the house down if their Candidate does not win in a primary.

I bring up the divide between Progressives and Centrists on purpose. I think that this is a real division in the Democratic Party that should be addressed. It does not need to be a weakness, but could in fact become a strength.

Instead of Progressives and Moderates being at each other's throats, we should maybe take a lesson from Parliamentary style democracies such as those multi-party governments in Europe. We should form a coalition. Center Left and Left parties form governing coalitions all the time when no single party prevails in a majority.

I would propose that Progressives and Centrists in the Democratic Party form a coalition rather than be at each other's throats. A united Democratic Party would be the end of the Trump Regime. And the beginning of a government that works for the people and not just the monied corporate interests.
Posted by Progressive2020 | Wed May 1, 2019, 10:36 PM (15 replies)

Change Versus Experience

Some have pointed out that Joe Biden has the experience needed to be President, and point out his electability. Others have noted that people who vote in Presidential elections tend to want Change versus Experience.

The electorate tends to want something/someone that is new and different over what is tried and true. People want change, and change is what motivates people to vote. This is what Obama got elected on: Hope and Change.

I like Joe Biden, but he is the epitome of an establishment candidate. I don't think that he is new in a way that will excite people beyond dedicated Democrats. He will get the vote of the Democratic base, but can he expand upon that and excite others? I don't know.

Sanders, Buttigieg, Warren, are all iconoclastic. Mayor Pete has outside of Washington creds. Bernie has been in Washington for a very long time, but he is the opposite of an establishment candidate. His whole career has been swimming against the tide. There is a reason that Sanders excites so many Millennials. He is progressive, exciting, and different from insider politicians. Warren is wonkish but comes off as an outsider progressive.

So: voters tend to vote for new and different over old and experienced. Joe Biden has certainly paid his dues, but I do not think he will really energize the electorate beyond the Democratic establishment. Your opinion may vary. I am open to discussion.
Posted by Progressive2020 | Wed May 1, 2019, 07:28 PM (113 replies)


I thought I would start a Thread asking DUers opinions about Impeaching Trump. My questions are: should Trump be Impeached, and if so, then according to what timeline?

My feeling is that the House needs to hear directly from Mueller before making an Impeachment decision. I think that Mueller's intent was that since some in the Justice Department hold the view that sitting Presidents can not legally be indicted (a position I do not affirm), then the only remedy for Trump's possible crimes is Impeachment by the Congress. This might be the only way to get at Trump, at least while he remains in office.

I understand Pelosi's caution in regards to Impeachment, as it might not be politically advantageous to do, but I must agree with Senator Warren that this is a moral issue. Since it is not likely that Trump will be charged with anything while in office, it is the responsibility of the Congress to use their oversight powers and meet their constitutional responsibilities by Impeaching Trump.

So, after Mueller appears in Congress, my feeling is that the House should Impeach Trump, subjetc to more info from Mueller.

What do you think? Should we push to have Trump impeached, and what sort of time frame should there be for it, especially in regards to the Primaries and the upcoming election?
Posted by Progressive2020 | Tue Apr 30, 2019, 09:30 PM (7 replies)
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