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Member since: Sat Aug 19, 2017, 04:03 AM
Number of posts: 2,187

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Hey everyone, so what is the Epoch Times?

And what does DU think of it? I've run into their advertising recently and was wondering, "what are they? who are they? and what do they stand for?"

Ideas to alleviate Senior quarantine boredom?

Hi everyone! Like so many of you, my elderly father is a little bored. He's a sports lover and without that to watch, he is at loose ends. He does have books and movies (all already watched or read), but was wondering if any of you all had ideas or games for your own parents or grandparents. My dad doesn't have a computer or cell phone, which severely limits my options to help. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks.

CPAP machines adapted for use in Covid19?

I recently heard that a company in EU has been adapting their CPAP's as ventilators - has anybody else here heard anything? I have a CPAP and it would be nice to know if it can be used for this.

Isn't this an intriguing idea?!

Floridians - I'm so sorry

For what's about to happen to you.

Last night on Rachel Maddow, she showed that Kinsa Health map (aka the fever map) where all the fevers are mapped by their app on digital thermometers. Normal sicknesses are filtered put and it only shows abnormal sickness. Well, even after all that was done, your state was SO full of red fever dots! Even more than NY state!

And there is your dumbass Governor not shutting anything down in the name of spring break money, and now 1000's more of you are going to die. You didn't know you were electing such "stupid", but it happened anyways and now innocent people are going to die.

I'm so sorry.

So why did Spanky leave NATO early? Was he asked something hard, like what the letters stand for?

Or did he leave 'cause the other kids were laughing at him? Gotta play nice with the other kids, Spanky, or they won't be nice to you.
Posted by donkeypoofed | Wed Dec 4, 2019, 03:54 PM (4 replies)

At work. SO many threads! A synopsis please of today?

It would take a long time to find and read all the threads! I'm just dying to know what happened! Marie got a standing ovation at the end is all I know.

Fox Primetime Cheerleaders, will their shows survive?

They have built their entire show platform, for the last 4 years as pro-Trump, no matter what.

When the truth all comes out, and there is talk of this being the last Saturday of his presidency, these Primetime bimbos are going to look very stupid.

I really do wonder if their shows will survive the betrayal their viewers are about to feel.

So what's the DU consensus on the whistleblower's name?

I haven't been here as much lately and so likely missed some really great threads on this, but I'm dyin' to know.

I think it could be Dan Coats. Is that what most of us think?

Ronan Farrow is on the case !! Epstein's/M.I.T. Media Lab

If there's a connection to why M.I.T. Media Lab tried to hide the connection to Epstein, whose name is poison, it will be uncovered.

But the better news here is that if there is a crime Epstein committed with Spanky, Ronan will find it!!! This is the best news I've heard all day!
Posted by donkeypoofed | Sat Sep 7, 2019, 08:27 PM (6 replies)

Afraid we're going to have to prevail on the Obamas again

But we absolutely NEED Michelle Obama to run! She would crush Spanky. I know you don't wanna go back there, especially for 8 more years, Michelle - but your Country needs you, badly. You are public servants and good and moral people, and you need to answer the call. While the other candidates will do well in the election, YOU would win by such a large margin that the needle of the Electoral College cant be threaded again.

I just don't see another way, Michelle. Your country needs you and democracy needs you.

Besides - wouldn't it be FUN to beat a racist misogynistic asshole like Spanky?!?!?! C'mon, you can imagine how much fun that would be.

YOU are the magic bullet, Michelle Obama. Please raise your hand and step to the front of the class.

And you would have a mighty fine Cabinet if you just hire most of the current candidates (Delaney & Gabbard, go home); they are an quality bunch.

Please Michelle, please ! Please? Help.
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