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Member since: Sat Aug 19, 2017, 04:03 AM
Number of posts: 2,187

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OMG: Avengers Endgame is freakin great !!

I saw it tonight and I already wanna see it again! It is a fantastic movie. In fact, I'll probably go see it 2x at least
Its thought it will take in about 1 Billion dollars by Sunday night (because it has opened in China at the same time). If it does well it deserves it. Marvel Avengers series is right up there for me in the all-time-best-movie series ever with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Harry Potter. Movie series that just make you glad you went to see them.

Seriously, ya gotta see this movie, quick !!

Have fun.

PS - There's an article circulating about when the best times are to take a restroom breaks during the movie. The article is absolutely accurate. 3hrs is a long time and you want to plan accordingly so you don't miss anything!

A Question about the DU disconnect re Poll Numbers

I was just wondering why the numbers are so very different. I wish the smart Elizabeth Warren was doing better in the polls, but she's faring well here at 9%.

With Harris and Buttigieg tied at 11% and Biden behind at 10% - and no BS in sight - it leaves me scratching my head trying to figure out why DU is so very different.

Are DU'ers smarter? Quicker? More ejumecated perhaps? I can't understand it at all.

Do you know why?

Republican group to air ad this weekend on Fox - "No Exoneration, Definitely Obstruction"

A Republican group called "Republicans for the Rule of Law" will run the ad this weekend on Fox. They are saying that since Clinton was Impeached for much less, that Trump should be held accountable, too.

I predict Donnie Two-Scoops is gonna be mad at seeing ads "attacking" him (and that's how it'll make him feel), on his favourite network. He wont like that at all !

Do ya think that guy behind Barr knows he looks like Rick Gates?!

Without my glasses on, I thought it was him !


This Presser is B.S. !!

24hrs till Mueller Report - and I couldn't care any less. What about you?

Just 1 quick month ago I was eagerly anticipating the Report. But with the Crooked AG doing his GOP tricks (again), and his turd-nugget of a Summary, the air went out of my hope-balloon. The redactions will likely be massive and I find I don't give a crap anymore. I still respect the amazing man that Mueller is, but that being said I also believe he dropped the ball. I really hope Barr has been found to have massively lied.

At this point I think the Report will be interesting, but it will end up being all those other investigations that will ultimately take down Donnie Two-Scoops. I'm not looking forward to the release cause I just dont care anymore.

What are you feeling about the release ?

Imagine the guilt of causing the Notre Dame fire, by accident

I would bet my entire next paycheque that one of the workers left a propane tool on or something like that after work and left. Completely accidental. This is what I really think caused that fire. I couldn't imagine the guilt the guy will feel once the cause is discovered.

The Unintelligence of Incels

Just because their juices are backing up and overflowing into their minds does not give them the right to be angry enough to hurt someone, much less a 5 yr old boy. Imagine what that has done to his family! It makes me sick. Hope he gets a very large and affectionate cell mate!! Prison inmates LOVE people who hurt kids.

Man, I luv my country - an Alberta voting experience

Yesterday, my newly-minted 18 yr old son and I went to vote in our Alberta Provincial Election. We were early voting and attended a polling station nearby us in a vacant store of a strip mall (as the other one nearby in the big mall has long lineups).

When we walked in we were immediately greeted in a friendly way. I told them this was my son's 1st vote and everyone stopped what they were doing for a moment and applauded him! It was fun. I think we were all cognizant of the fact we are lucky to have the right to vote.

About 2 mins later a young lady of east Indian or middle eastern descent attended the station to our right and presented her I.d. I heard her say her name was Nadia. They did some paperwork and then the station volunteer announced that this was Nadia's 1st voting experience in Canada! - and everyone applauded again, including us!

I just luv this country so much !!!

And what a positive 1st voting experience for my son, who will be a voter for life now! I have dragged him to every vote I've ever taken since he was born, to show him how lucky we are.

It's pronounced Boot-Edge-Edge ?

So this is the proper pronunciation for Mayor Pete ? I've heard several different (mis)pronunciations, but I think calling him just Mayor Pete is easier ! This guy is a rising star so I think it would behoove us all to pronounce it right, right?!
Posted by donkeypoofed | Fri Apr 5, 2019, 12:46 PM (5 replies)

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, Bigly

So now the Barr DOJ is saying The Report is more than 400 pages - whereas this morning it was more than 300 pages (still technically correct). But this Gang of Twits can't even get their lyin' cover story straight. Is the report 300+ pages or 400+ ?!?!

How can they possibly mess up something so simple?! They're all Too Stupid to Live, that's how.
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