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Ferrets are Cool

Ferrets are Cool's Journal
Ferrets are Cool's Journal
July 25, 2020

I am having someone build me a computer

for my office. I deal with large files and need a big boy machine. I would prefer to give the $$ to someone local rather than Dell or Orgin or one of the other custom builders. Here is my question. He has had the specs for 3 weeks. He says he is having a hard time locating the parts for it because of Covid. Is that a possibility? Has this affected the computer parts suppliers enough to cause big backlogs of parts?


July 22, 2020

I fucking HATE repugs...

Not ONCE has Senator Jones placed a negative ad. They have all been positive and uplifting, telling what he is and will do for Alabamians. Now that the criminal tuberville has won the nomination, the negative ads from the Reich have begun flooding the airwaves. God, I hate them so much. That's ALL they have is lies to tell. It's the only way they can win...hoodwinking the willful ignorant in our state.

July 17, 2020

Stop Code: IRQL not less or equal


I was getting BSOD with these warnings about twice a week. I've tried all the internet options of fixing it.
Nothing has worked.
Tonight, it has happened 4 times. I don't have to be doing anything at all. It will just happen out of the "blue". (pun intended)

Anyone have any ideas as to how to fix this so I don't have to buy a new computer?


July 8, 2020

Probably just me being paranoid, but with the far-right using cars as weapons...

how long until they begin using suicide bombers? They seem to be following the same guidelines as extreme terrorists.

July 7, 2020

It's been 50 years and nothing has changed. It makes me angry and sad.

One of my favorite artist performing a great song:

July 2, 2020

A NASCAR team will debut a red, white and blue car with a "Trump 2020" label


NDIANAPOLIS – A NASCAR team will debut a red, white and blue car with a “Trump 2020” label featured on it during an Independence Day weekend race.

Patriots of American PAC partnered with the Go Fas Racing team for nine races during the 2020 season.

The car will be driven by Corey LaJoi at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday.

LaJoi has not commented on the politically driven theme.

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