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Fullduplexxx's Journal
Fullduplexxx's Journal
August 25, 2023

the letter 'S' seems to be misssing from trump's inmate number

P0S1135809 there it's fixed

August 15, 2023

Georgia's GOP governor signs bill that could remove local prosecutors and DAs from their jobs

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia signed legislation Friday that will create an oversight commission with the power to remove local prosecutors and district attorneys from their jobs. The measure has been heavily criticized by Democrats, including an Atlanta-area DA, who is seriously weighing charges in connection with former President Donald Trump’s actions in Georgia during the 2020 election.

Prior to the signing, Kemp’s office said that the measure, known as SB 92, would create “an oversight mechanism for district attorneys and solicitors-general across Georgia to ensure accountability in upholding constitution and statutory duties.”

“As hardworking law enforcement officers routinely put their lives on the line to investigate, confront, and arrest criminal offenders, I won’t stand idly by as they’re met with resistance from rogue or incompetent prosecutors who refuse to uphold the law,” Kemp said in a press release after signing the bill. He added that the creation of the commission “will help hold prosecutors driven by out-of-touch politics than commitment to their responsibilities accountable and make our communities safer.”


August 7, 2023

Some Northeast Ohio polling locations have changed; here's how to check By: Morgan Trau

“Unfortunately, there are changes to polling locations and we just do the best we can to get the word out,” said Mike West, Manager of the Outreach Department for the CCBOE. “But these letters go out several months before the actual election.”

These changes were mailed to voters in September and flyers were put up around local libraries in October, West added. He knew people may forget, so putting out this reminder so close to the election was purposeful.

“The timing is when people are starting to think about their actual voting plan, what time they’re gonna vote, where they’re gonna vote,” he said.

Here is how you can double-check your voting location. Go to boe.cuyahogacounty.gov. Then, click on the tab at the top that says “voters.” Depending on your screen, you will either scroll to the right or scroll down until you see a “voter resources” box. There will be a button that says “get your voting information.” Fill out your name and birthday and you will get the updated location.

If you do not use computers, or can’t figure out the website, you can also call the phone number 216-443-8683 (VOTE) to find out.

If you live outside Cuyahoga County, you can head to the Ohio Secretary of State’s voter information website at VoteOhio.gov.

May 16, 2023

Senate bill would create 'intellectual diversity' centers at Ohio State and the University of Toledo

Senate bill would create ‘intellectual diversity’ centers at Ohio State and the University of Toledo
Republican sponsor says centers would be antidote to ‘predominantly liberal’ college faculty
BY: MEGAN HENRY - MAY 16, 2023 5:00 AM

A Senate bill is trying to create new centers at Ohio State University and the University of Toledo that expand and affirm “intellectual diversity.”

“There is a structural preponderance of one line of thought in our universities today,” Cirino said during a recent Senate Workforce and Higher Education Committee meeting. “One of the ways to change the structural preponderance of one line of thought is to set institutes like these up to assist our universities in moving forward with more intellectual diversity.”

He went on to say that university faculty are
predominantly liberal.

“This causes a single ideological perspective to dominate academia,” Cirino said. “With the passage of this legislation, we are giving students and their parents’ options within the market to choose an education that is best suited for them.”


April 18, 2023

After the blue slip burned with Trump in office, Biden-era Republicans feel its absence

After the blue slip burned with Trump in office, Biden-era Republicans feel its absence

Tensions flared at the Senate on Wednesday as Democrats wield their majority power to advance judicial nominations without home-state approval.
Saying she only learned Tuesday about the hearing for Mathis, Senator Marsha Blackburn slammed Democrats for not sending her a blue slip asking whether she supported the nomination.

“I do see it as a breach of constitutional norms," Blackburn said.
The chairman went on to note that 18 of former President Donald Trump's nominees made it out of the committee without consent from their home-state senators, a precedent he said Democrats have the right to follow.


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