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Republican Mia Love pulls ahead in Utah House race after Trump knocked her for losing

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)Two-term Republican Rep. Mia Love on Friday took the lead over her Democratic challenger in Utah's 4th District House race more than a week after election night and after President Donald Trump mocked her for losing.

Love leads Democrat Ben McAdams by 419 votes as of Friday evening, CNN results show, giving the congresswoman 50.1% of the vote -- a slim margin above McAdams at 49.9% as votes continue to be counted.

The shift in votes marks the first time Love has held a lead over McAdams since election night on November 6, when the race was deemed too close to call.

Despite the slim margin and the fact that votes were still being counted, Trump declared in a news conference the day after the election that Love had lost the race and attacked the congresswoman for not embracing him as a campaigner.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/16/politics/mia-love-utah-lead-trump/index.html

WTF? How the hell did they suddenly find more votes for her?

Governor Calls Abortion 'Black Genocide,' Defends Hyde-Smith on 'Hanging' Tape

JACKSON — As state and national controversy swirls around U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s comment about a “public hanging” in her race against an African American opponent, Gov. Phil Bryant opened a press conference this morning implying that black women are participating in “the genocide of 20 million African American children” through legal abortions.

“See, in my heart, I am confused about where the outrage is at about 20 million African American children that have been aborted. No one wants to say anything about that. No one wants to talk about that,” Bryant said, with Hyde-Smith and National Right to Life President Carol Tobias standing nearby.

Bryant’s use of the abortion-as-genocide conspiracy theory about a woman’s right to choose a legal abortion, a trope popular with white conservatives, comes amid a state and national outcry after it went viral Sunday that Hyde-Smith had made a comment about “public hangings” at a campaign stop in Tupelo. She is in a run-off to keep her U.S. Senate set on Tuesday, Nov. 27, against former Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy, who would become Mississippi’s first African American senator since Reconstruction, should he win the race.

Anti-abortion activists, white and black, often point to black women choosing abortion as a form of “genocide” of African Americans. “Look at African Americans,” Bryant said Monday morning. “According to Wikipedia, had those (black) children not been aborted, the African American population would be 48 percent larger in America. Forty-eight percent larger. We can play with those numbers, and we can look at statistics, but the cold, grim truth is, children are being murdered.” (At press time, we had not located the Wikipedia page Bryant referred to.)


Wow, the Governor is as insane (perhaps even more so) than the Senator...


Source: Newsweek

Christopher Cantwell, the white supremacist infamous for his role in last year's far-right rally in Charlottesville, is one of the key promoters of a Neo-Nazi video game that allows users to slaughter gay men, Jews, other minorities and journalists.

Angry Goy II, available to download on the website for Cantwell's Radical Agenda podcast, allows users to play as Cantwell or fellow alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer in order to save President Donald Trump, who has been kidnapped by “left-wing terrorists.”

As reported by the Angry White Men blog, one of the game’s levels involves shooting people inside a gay club called “LGBTQ+ Agenda HQ.” The action is strongly reminiscent of the Pulse nightclub mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, in June 2016 when 49 people were killed.

Another mission involves killing journalists inside the offices of the “Fake News Network," a reference to the term Trump uses to attack media organizations such as CNN. The New York offices of CNN were recently sent a pipe bomb as part of an alleged plot targeting Trump critics and key Democrat figures, including former president Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hilary Clinton.

Read more: https://www.newsweek.com/charlotesville-crying-nazi-hosts-video-game-allowing-users-kill-lgbt-people-1212855

Disgusting. It's not free speech if it promotes violence.

Congressman-elect Max Rose on supporting Pelosi: "Absolutely Not"

I like him and I'm glad that he won, and I really do get that you have to sometimes move right to get elected in a red area, but he already won. Why go on Fox News? No reason to mingle with the enemy, nor put it that way. Fox is poison. In spite if this though, I think he'll be a good Congressman that keeps getting re-elected for years to come.

Jeff Sessions will run for Alabama Senate in 2020 against Doug Jones

You heard it here first. He would get the Republican nomination with ease, and be the heavy favorite in the GE.

Holy shit Montana Senate

It’s now dead even. Lots of time to win but I didn’t know it would be this close.

Edit 58% in. 49.1 Rosendale, 47.9 Tester. Yikes.

Woodall (R) loss call in GA reversed!

WTF, now he won?

Looks like the Republicans/Russians can only hack into statewide races

At least for now. We did well in so many of the local races, often exceeding expectations. Yet in the Senate, we lost every close race. MO was just called and all that's left is AZ, which we're losing. It's no coincidence.


Just called.

Ugg Indiana

19% in, 56.4 for Braun to 39.9 Donnelly.
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