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Gender: Male
Home country: United States
Member since: Thu Sep 28, 2017, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 8,464

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Looks like a blowout isn't happening tonight

Crap I wanted an Electoral Vote landslide, but I'll take winning with 310 votes.

Indiana and Kentucky are coming in already

Tune into CNN.

I just voted - great news

I live in the most conservative district in NYC (Max Roseís), and the school where I vote is bright Red (80% Republican, Trump signs everywhere).

Well, I voted around 4:00, and there were only three people ahead of me (itís split into about 10 sections, depending on what street you live in). Each one only had two or three people waiting. I waited about 3 minutes, then it was my turn. Gave my name, and she found me right away. Then I was handed the sheet and a pen, and the rest is history.

I expected to wait around the block to vote. Is this a good sign? Republicans like to vote on Election Day right? Are they staying home, or am I missing something?

Best and worst Presidential nominees that lost the election

Let's talk about candidates that ran for President and got their Party's nomination, but never became President. In order to qualify, they must have gotten the nomination. Let's not go too far back in time, so say 1964. Here's everyone that ran, got the nomination, but didn't win:

1964: Barry Goldwater
1968: Hubert Humphrey
1972: George McGovern
1984: Walter Mondale
1988: Michael Dukakis
1996: Bob Dole
2000: Al Gore
2004: John Kerry
2008: John McCain
2012: Mitt Romney
2016: Hillary Clinton

Hard to believe that there are only three Republicans on this list after 1964, but anyway my choice for the best is tough, since I view many people on this list to be very qualified. If I had to choose though, I'd pick Al Gore. I think he would have been fantastic on climate change, and possibly he would have prevented 9/11, because I'm sure he would have taken the threats more seriously.

Worst? This is close. Goldwater and McCain both were warmongers. One might have gotten us nuked though, so I pick Goldwater for the worst.

Footnote: Best Republican on this list? By far Bob Dole. I'm going to make a bold statement and say that in the past 60 years, Bob Dole is the greatest Republican nominee they have had, and that's counting their winners. I'd take him over Nixon, Ford, Reagan, both Bush's, and certainly over Trump. Romney would have been second.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your choices. Do tell!

Supreme Court, with Justice Barrett, to hear major LGBT rights case day after election

Source: CNBC

The Supreme Court is set to hear a case concerning the rights of gay and lesbian Americans on Wednesday morning in a dispute that advocates are warning could pierce holes in the nationís anti-discrimination laws.

Arguments, which will take place just a day after the presidential election, will mark the first major fight to come before Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who was sworn in a week ago.

Religious rights activists are pushing for the court to use the case, Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, to overturn a 30-year-old precedent that has for decades mediated the balance between freedom of conscience and the rights of minority groups.

Doing so could effectively reverse the courtís trend in recent years of advancing protections for LGBT people, civil rights advocates warn. The case could also weaken laws protecting other groups, including Jews, Muslims and Mormons.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/02/supreme-court-to-hear-major-lgbt-rights-case-day-after-election.html

What upcoming Supreme Court cases are going to be decided this term?

I'm talking mostly big, hot-button topics. Are there any that the Court has agreed to take up this term (now till June)?

Let this sink in: Had William Rehnquist lived another month or two, Alito might be the Chief Justice

As most of you know, when Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement in 2005, George W. Bush announced John Roberts as her replacement. Things were going smooth and then Rehnquist suddenly died. Then Bush pulled Roberts as O'Conner's replacement, and decided to have him replace Rehnquist instead. Then Bush nominated Alito to replace O'Conner.

What if Rehnquist had lived just another month or so, after Roberts was sworn in an an Associate Justice? Now, there's no guarantee that Bush would have replaced him with Alito, but this much is certain: Roberts would not be CJ. Perhaps it would have been Michael Luttig. Or maybe even Antonin Scalia. But it would have been someone certainly to the right of Roberts.

Has any other President put three Supreme Court Justices on in their first term?

Not counting George Washington of course. Clinton, W Bush, and Obama only had two Justices confirmed in two terms. The last to have successfully put on three was Reagan, in two terms.

First poll on my district, NY 11: Max Rose (D) vs. Nicole Malliotakis (R)

The poll is from NBC 4/Marist (A+ rating). It has the Republican challenger Malliotakis at 48 and the incumbent Democrat Rose at 46. The margin of error is 4.7, so this is essentially tied. Every vote counts, so hopefully we all vote. It's gonna be real close.


It's going do be a horrendous 2021 in terms of Supreme Court decisions

I fully expect to lose every big one by 6-3 or 5-4. I donít know what cases the Court will take up next year, but I hope they are minimal and not hot-button issues.
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