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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
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The Saudis may just have invited ISIS into their country. This stuff is serious.


I know the Saudis out number the Yemenis in weapons, training, and forces but fighting people who don't really care if they die is not a good situation.

Just read Julianna Margulies' account of her sexual harassment episodes with Weinstein and Seagal.

My question is, why isn't there more being said or exposed about the women who are complicit in setting up some of these encounters? Many of them knowingly act as go-betweens arranging for some of these meetings with the predators.

One disgusting, ad hoc line that 45 just had to put into his speech to the troops made more hostile

feelings among the Japanese. He is an insensitive pig!

I can't believe what I am hearing from this bloviating, pig, wannabe dictator.

Does he even know how he sounds speaking in a country upon which we dropped the only atomic bomb to be used against civilians?
He is such and ignorant embarrassment.

Tell me how a budget hotel and market place are legitimate targets for Saudi missiles?

The Yemen attack was in response to the Saudi massacre of civilians. The Yemen missile was intercepted before it struck thanks to the weaponry we have given or sold to SA.

It seems that we and our allies can justify anything they want to.

If you watch Diane Sawyer's special tonight, remember that Trump Jr. wants silencers available

even to kids.

What was the DNC coffer in 2000 after Bill Clinton left office?

Where is the information posted to find out the financial status of the political committees both Democratic and GOP?

WHAT? The agreement speaks for itself. It was a legitimate agreement for receiving bailout from HC

What is wrong with people. Bernie could have had an agreement too. Why is the media reporting the spin that the RW wants to hear. It's not even unethical...it's and agreement. You bail me out, I give you the control of how your money is used. PERIOD!!

One thing that will turn this economic picture around will be the tax cuts proposed by the GOP.

Ir's all about the history of tax cuts. The picture ain't pretty.

Wow! Steve Schmidt speaks for me about 45 and the GOP

He is the most reasonable GOPer on TV. Yeah, and that is just because i agree with him about 45.
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