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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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Can't Mueller hold back some charges against the Trumpsters until Trump is out of Office?

Can a citizen file charges against any of them once 45 is out of office?

Looks like Mueller just fired a warning shot. He must be holding back additional charges that will

come out later. Drip, drip, drip. i am sure that some in Congress are getting the message also but they need to be very careful about obstruction of justice charges against themselves. I have no doubt that a few GOP have some connections to Russia and maybe even to some of the key players in the collusion. Nunes had better be lawyered up.

The WH folks are probably all in a TWITTER right now, wondering who has talked and what did they say

I like Mueller's style and the staff he has must be wicked smart and loyal. If they are true patriots, they will see this thing through to the bitter end no matter what.

How awkward is it going to be for Mueller to arrest Sessions? I believe it might come to that.

I urge you to really pay attention to Morning Joe's segment on Russia and the GOP embrace

of Trump and Russia behavior.

Here is why I think it is important.

I live in a fairly upscale section of Potomac, Maryland. Within the past 10 years large numbers of Russians have moved in, built gated communities and Condo complexes. In one supermarket the manager and most of the workforce is either Russian or German. Most of the service jobs that were held by Hispanics (Mexican, Salvadoran, etc) are now held by barely English-speaking Russians, Croats, and others from the Balkans. In my grandchildren's public and private schools this population has increased significantly to the point where Russian is being offered as a language election. African immigrants have basically taken over the elder-care and personal care industry. My granddaughter's two best friends are a Russian boy and an Nigerian girl. They get along just fine, however, the Nigerian girl has had two bullying encounters with a group of the Russian students (girls).

Lots of new building developments owned overtly or covertly by Russians have been built in and around the DC suburbs within the past several years, often going up at lightening speed with shoddy building materials and workmanship. Three Russian owned business have opened and closed in strip mall 5 miles from us. Really seemed like a monkey laundering venture from the beginning...a restaurant and jazz bar that never had food or jazz, a nail salon with never more than 2 customers at a time, a sports accessory shop that closed almost as soon as it opened. All were very suspicious to me and several of my neighbors.

All this is to say that I believe that people would be surprised by the number of Russians living and working in this country and even in our Federal government. It's may speak to the rather laid-back attitude about sanctions against Russia that our GOP Congress has taken. The growth of fascism is stealth and you don't really feel it until you are knee-deep in it. STAY WOKE.

I believe if Joy were the Special Prosecutor, it would all over by now and Ryan would be President

and he would be looking for a new Attorney General. I wouldn't like Ryan as President, but I believe he could be handled.

I want with a passion for some legal case against Kellyanne and Sara.

It it possible?

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE must now be the clarion call by the Democrats. Democrats need to learn how

to frame the major issues as does the GOP when they distract, redirect, and reframe the issues when Mueller get close to Trump and his administration. AND the Democrats need to learn how to force the media to talk more about obstruction of justice. They need to begin to make "collusion" the main focus for the Trump campaign staff and those in his administration while focusing obstruction of justice on Trump, Sessions, and Sara Sanders big mouth.

Sara has made several direct, unambiguous charges against HRC for which she should be sued. Using her bully pulpit to slander should be a crime against her. She seldom says "alleged" or "possible" but she makes definitive statements as though HRC was actually found guilty of some of the outrageous charges the COP throws out there.

Wonder how many more Congressmen will retire this soon, not necessarily because of 45 but because

they grabbed someone's butt?

45 is on the brink of such flagrant "abuse of power" even some GOP will ask for his head soon.

Who will be able to trust the FBI or any part of the Justice Department after Trump asks for a virtual unmasking of a former FBI agent/informant who wants to now have his non-disclosure gag order lifted.

No gag order or non-disclosure agreement will ever be safe again. Why would informants take risks anymore if they know a President can and may lift any kind of agreement?

We have arrived at the abyss.
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