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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 8,947

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

Journal Archives

Trump cult in 6 quotes

Graphic mine

What if Fox News covered Trump the way it covered Obama?

It would look like this

Well at least they would be factual for the first time in their broadcasting history... it is uncanny. The exact opposite of who Obama actually was is who Trump really is. Heh

The direction of the country is the most important thing

Lincoln Project co-founder
explains why he's voting for Joe Biden despite being a conservative:

“My country is in trouble … I think this is the most important election in 150 years. The direction of the country is the most important thing.”

Heh, they will start critiquing Feb next year, but right now, 2 things, they should have voted for Hillary, and they are firm in their belief that the democrats can save democracy, and they may well swing some votes that will save America, so they are great frenemies indeed.

Of course Trump does not want Police to wear body cams, he thinks they are his militia against BLM

Trump struggles with police body camera question at Kenosha event: ‘Well, that’s, uh, very interesting’

While attending a round table in support of law enforcement, the president was asked if he favored the use of body cameras.

“Um, body cam,” the president said, searching for an answer. “Ah, whew. Well, that’s, uh, very interesting.”

At that point the commander-in-chief turned the question over to Attorney General Bill Barr, who offered a favorable opinion of the technology.

“It’s very tough,” Trump said, adding to Barr’s answer. “The whole thing, you read it and you read two sides of the story.”

Emphasis mine

Executive order to ban body cams in 3...2....1....

Boris Johnson signals no-deal increasingly likely and hits out at EU for refusing to compromise

Boris Johnson has admitted the UK is currently heading for a no deal Brexit, with progress now “very difficult” as the two sides refuse to compromise.

In a new gloomy summary of the state of the talks, No 10 described an agreement as only “possible” – with a strong attack on the EU’s refusal to bend.

“An agreement is still possible and this is still our goal, but it is clear it will not be easy to achieve,” the prime minister's spokesman said.

He confirmed Brussels was refusing to discuss British proposals on future fishing quotas until it had received a state aid plan – something London has so far refused to set out.


For fucks sake - they have spent decades slagging off the EU and then expect them to capitulate after we have told them to fuck off...They have used the EU as a very useful flogging post for everything that goes wrong in the UK for the last 40 years.
Although I am sure the economic terrorists at the heart of government are delighted that we will end up with no deal, in the middle of a depression and with a pandemic killing far too many... no doubt we will end up with a second wave as no deal hits us hard. Empire throw backs believed they are entitled, unfortunately for the rest of us it will be too late before they realise what the rest of have known for years - that the days of empire are long gone and they are trying to punch above our weight in a way that all of us will end up with a bloody nose.

‘Folks, we will have the rock hard certainty of a no deal Brexit to turbo charge the economy so we can shoot like a rocket through the grey clouds of this terrible virus and explode in the sunlit realm beyond, painting the heavens in glorious red, white and blue.’

Heh. Promised sunny uplands of Rule Brextannia in 3...2...1...👀

He took the 10 years

Not enough that they murdered her - attempts to smear her after death are a new low.

Former Trump supporters clash over the president's failures in Kenosha

Just wow. There are some people that are just lost to the rest of us.

All in one day...


*White House is investigating a plane 'loaded with thugs in black uniforms' who went to the RNC focused on doing 'big damage' and alleges rioters are being funded by some 'very stupid rich people' (there is absolutely no evidence for this - there is of course evidence of federal thugs in black uniforms being flown into Portland...).

*Says "people that are in the dark shadows" and "people you haven't heard of" are 'pulling the strings' for Joe Biden (literally using language that speaks directly to the classic conspiracy theory mindset and connects back to the very very very anti-Semitic conspiracy theory the Elders of Zion - because of course he did).

*Kyle Rittenhouse was 'very violently attacked' before he shot two BLM protesters and says that the White House is investigating the circumstances of the shooting (even though his fanboy has actually been charged with murder, so the police investigation has concluded that there is sufficient evidence to bring charges).

*Claims he has reached out to the Blake family to meet with them when he visits Kenosha (family confirms that this is complete bollocks).

*Tweets condolences to a far right agitator who got in too deep and died on the streets of Portland (because they are very fine people?).

*Refuses to condemn far right vigilantes descending on the streets, encourages more of them to take the law into their own hands and bring violence to the streets of democratic cities (confirming once again that he is a vicious morality free zone).

*Compares police shooting people in the back to golfers who 'choke and miss three-foot putts’ (I can't even).

*Confirms that he would be 'irreparably harmed' if Manhattan prosecutors gets his tax returns (because he is a lying crook….).

He is batshit fucking cray cray, and a danger to every single American. Even the nutters that still support him, despite all of the evidence of his mendacity - are at risk of severe harm at his hand. He will see America burn to retain power and he does not care who gets harmed in the meantime. That far right chap who got shot in Portland? He will see him as a willing martyr to his cause and cares not one jot for his death - in fact I am sure he is rather pleased as he uses it as a rallying cry to bring more of his brown shirts onto the street – where have we seen that kind of shit before? Oh. Wait.

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