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Gender: Female
Hometown: UK
Home country: UK
Current location: UK
Member since: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 06:59 PM
Number of posts: 9,685

About Me

I am a Brit. I am a working class child of the troubles in Belfast who now lives a life of privilege. I am an anti-racist, progressive monster for truth. If I fail in being that monster, call me out....

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Source for chart: https://ratical.org/ratville/CAH/fasci14chars.html

I have put a ? on control of the media because there is still the first amendment, so he does not so much control them as manipulate them?!?! Other than that... CLEAR AND PRESENT FASCISTIC DANGER

Have I got any of them wrong?

A very stark warning

The scary thing is that none of this is hyperbole!

Raging white man gets knocked out -- twice -- after attacking black father at community pool

oshua Valentine was accused by witnesses and police of verbally and physically attacking the black man July 20 at the pool as he played with his children, reported KWTV-TV.

The 28-year-old Valentine allegedly punched the other man, who fought back and knocked out his assailant.

Valentine awoke a few minutes later and left the pool area, police said, but returned with a baseball bat.

Witnesses said he swung the bat at the black man, who fended him off with a chair and then punched him several times — knocking Valentine out a second time.


Biff, baff, uppercut

The charge of racism is not, shockingly, about how white people feel. It's about what they do.


Quibbling over whether a powerful man *is*, in his heart, racist or sexist says a lot about our priorities. The charge of racism is not, shockingly, about how white people feel. It’s about what they do.
Trump enacts racist policies and makes racist statements. That’s racism.


A Trumpian Brexit

And what he is doing is aligning the United Kingdom with Donald Trump’s White House. Trump and his advisors have declared that the European Union is their “foe”. They will offer Johnson a generous treaty and immediate support if he backs no deal. And we will be reduced to mercenaries in America’s trade wars. And not just trade wars.

The US has effectively lured British forces into a dangerous trap: to seize and continue to hold an Iranian tanker, with no clear legal basis. In retaliation, to the delight of the White House, Iranian forces have seized a ship that sails under the British flag.
A new Prime Minister whose casual disregard for the truth is legendary, who blows with what he calculates to be the prevailing winds. Who described Theresa May’s EU agreement as a “turd” and then voted for it. Who will not even rule out a shut-down of parliament in the name of “taking back control” to force through a no-deal Brexit. It’s hard to imagine an MP less qualified to assume the premiership in such dangerous and divided times.
It therefore falls to me to issue a warning. Boris Johnson and his supporters do not represent the decision a majority took in the referendum three years ago. Instead, he and Nigel Farage are playing the game of President Trump, who wants to use us as a battering ram against Europe.

With the money and the media behind him, Johnson may well be the Prime Minister who carries out Trump’s wishes and ensures the UK crashes out the EU. I want all of you, especially Leave voters, to help make sure he does not get his way in the country at large.

Johnson may have to call an election and the surest way he can win a majority is by striking an electoral pact with the Brexit Party. This is the outcome Trump wants and it’s also guaranteed to stop any democratic movement in its tracks. Power will remain in the hands of the few and our voices will continue to be locked out of decisions about the future.


They want a Trump Brexit. They are destroyers of democracy...

You know what they say about birds of a feather!


The Modern White Supremacist's Song...

I am the very model of a modern white supremacist
With Nazi propaganda from my Jewish chief polemicist.
I read no books, I’ve got no friends, I have no curiosity
No manners, and no character except my grandiosity;
No music, patience, empathy, no courage, and no loyalty
Except to brutal despots and hereditary royalty --
I like the rich and powerful, and all authoritarians:
Korea, Russia, China, and the Muslim Saud vulgarians.

Self-Loathing Chorus:
He likes the rich and powerful, and all authoritarians:
Korea, Russia, China, and the Muslim Saud vulgarians.

I haven’t got integrity, compassion, nor normality,
No conscience, no respect, no shred of honor, no morality.
I do not recognize the ancient truths nor modern verities,
And cheat and steal from businesses and governments and charities.

Self-Loathing Chorus:
He does not recognize the ancient truths nor modern verities,
He cheats and steals from businesses and governments and charities.

I love the evangelicals because they’re most defraudable.
I love the left-wing liberals because they’re very proddable.
How often it’s the same damned thing to which they are susceptible;
Some happily accept what others deem as unacceptable.
When something that I do or say is widely hailed as horrible
The white-bread theologians all embrace it as adorable --
At least they say in sermons my behavior is ignorable,
And Protestant or Catholic they cheer themselves deplorable.

Self-Loathing Chorus:
At least they say in sermons his behavior is ignorable,
And Protestant or Catholic we cheer ourselves deplorable.

They say “I’m not a racist, but” -- and then they say a racist thing,
And if they have a choice of two they always say the basest thing.
I let them wave their Bibles and believe what they have guessed I meant
Although there’s not a person who is white in either testament.

Self-Loathing Chorus:
He lets us wave our Bibles and believe what we have guessed he meant
Although there’s not a person who is white in either testyment.

When everybody’s outraged and the internet is simmering
That’s when my trollish ego is most Freudianly shimmering.
I love it when the Democrats are shocked dismayed and scandalized
By yet some other of their sacred cows that I have vandalized.
I call you people names because when you are most antagonized
That’s when my basest base is most excitedly band-wagonized.
There’s really nothing to it – why the more that I’m notorious
The better chance my white folks have to finally be victorious.

Self-Loathing Chorus:
There’s really nothing to it – why the more that he’s notorious
The better chance we white folks have to finally be victorious.

I’m President because I lied and cheated electorally --
And nothing you can do can touch me legally or morally.
With Nazi propaganda from my Jewish chief polemicist
I am the very model of a modern white supremacist.

Self-Loathing Chorus:
With Nazi propaganda from his Jewish chief polemicist
We are the very models of a modern white supremacist.


Hehehe. Genius!

The Art Of The Deal?!?!

The Democratic field is crowded with C-listers. It's time for some to drop out

Millions of Americans don’t know who John Delaney or John Hickenlooper are. They probably wouldn’t be able to correctly identify them in a photo. And yet, at the Democratic debate on Tuesday night, Delaney got to speak for nearly 11 minutes, and John Hickenlooper for almost nine. In one night, those two relatively unknown men combined got more airtime than the climate crisis has in all three debates thus far. And that’s despite the fact that, if we don’t do anything to address rising temperatures now, we will see several US cities underwater in the coming decades.

So here’s my pitch: if these and other candidates without a shot in hell at winning actually cared about the future of this country, they would drop out.

There are plenty of substantive differences among the viable candidates that deserve to be explored in depth, on just about every issue raised at Tuesday’s debate – healthcare, immigration, climate, gun violence – plus many more. And while it’s great for the ratings of networks like CNN, it’s not exactly a boon to American democracy to watch a stage flanked with unrecognizable C-list primary hopefuls pad their own egos because they’re rich or well-connected enough to meet the debate criteria.


She might have a point? The herd has to start to thin at some point...

What kind of extremists will we be...

We all know what an extremist Trump is... so the EXACT opposite of that is a good plan..
Trump is such a small man in comparison to these giants of justice... he just cannot compare and he knows it.
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