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Member since: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 02:21 PM
Number of posts: 999

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Don't doubt what you saw with your own eyes

Two days ago, video was posted online that pretty much everyone who saw immediately recognized for what it was—footage of white teens taunting and harassing a Native American elder named Nathan Phillips on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. What was happening was clear and unmistakable, not just resonant but immediately recognizable as iconic. If you wanted to compress the history of relations between the powerful and the powerless in America, or the dynamics of the current moment, into a single image, you couldn’t do much better than to present a white teen in a MAGA hat, surrounded by a screaming horde of his peers, smirking into the face of an old Native American man.

Perhaps—probably—because what had happened was so undeniable, it was immediately denied. Right-wing trolls not only immediately proposed that the visibly aggressive teens, who were draped in the symbols of white nationalism and misogyny, were in fact the aggressed upon, but began a campaign of brutal online harassment against anyone—especially journalists and especially female journalists—who accurately described what they had seen, or reacted to it on the terms it deserved. In all it was an enactment of the culture-war tactics pioneered by Gamergate and used by Donald Trump to ascend to the pinnacle of global power: While random MAGA chuds and Pepes doxxed and threatened people online in an attempt to silence them and intimidate others, respectable types urged caution, proposing that if you were thoughtful enough you would perhaps realize that you hadn’t in fact seen what you had just seen, or that if you had, maybe it wasn’t that bad at all. Straight news reporters like the Wall Street Journal’s Byron Tau turned the subtext into text, asking whomst among us hasn’t participated in a racially-charged frenzy of barely-restrained violence that they wish hadn’t been become an instantly iconic representation of what America has been historically and what it is now:

The reaction to Soave’s story and to the public-relations firm’s statement was as depressing at it was predictable: Respectable news organizations and journalists, to whom being seen as balanced, level-headed, and more attuned to context and contingency than the reactive social-media mob is more important than reporting the most accurate version of the truth as best they can tell it, backed off, following Reason’s lead and doing the work of the gibbering masturbators who had risen up in defense of the MAGA teens. They were all too happy to say that the sky was not blue if it meant burnishing their credentials as serious and objective, and fell over each other to back away from what was right in front of their eyes.

Posted by tulipsandroses | Tue Jan 22, 2019, 11:19 AM (6 replies)

Spike Lee Directs The Killers Protest Song - Land of The Free -

Posted by tulipsandroses | Wed Jan 16, 2019, 12:14 PM (6 replies)

Are you guys watching Rachel??

Every day you just get blown away about what is going on
Posted by tulipsandroses | Thu Oct 11, 2018, 08:22 PM (15 replies)

Video Released of White Man Shooting at 14-Year-Old Black Teen Who Asked for Directions

I'm so glad Brennan survived this ordeal. Mentally, I know he will be traumatized for the rest of his life . His loved ones will be too. This bastard needs to go to prison for a long time. Reminds me of what happened to Emmit Till and so many other young black men. White woman lies, black young man gets killed.

Posted by tulipsandroses | Thu Oct 11, 2018, 04:03 PM (2 replies)

I am not the same person I was at 17 yrs old -Don't judge me for what I did when I was a teenager

I've heard this argument so many times this week - even from well meaning democrats-
Yes, I did some crazy things at that age - I was an immature little punk myself. Ran with a tough crowd. The difference is, I own it I've learned from my mistakes and growing pains. I am not still lying about it and pretending it never happened. I don't want to be judged today for the things that I did all those years ago.

However, if someone from my past brought up something that I did and I lied about it and said it never happened, then I should be judged for it. I can't pretend to be this changed person if I am lying about the awful things that I did even if I am no longer doing them.

Point is, no matter how changed you claim to be today, if you are lying about your past, when confronted and not owning what you did. Then you can't claim to be a changed person.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Wed Sep 19, 2018, 07:22 PM (5 replies)

Kavanaugh's accuser should unfortunately expect the Anita Hill treatment from Republicans


Kanaugh's accuser should unfortunately expect the Anita Hill treatment from Republicans
I wrongly helped orchestrate the character assassination of Clarence Thomas' accusers. This is how it all worked.

Watching the news of allegations by Christine Blasey Ford of attempted rape against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh play out on cable television, millions of Americans probably feel like they've seen this movie before — but few feel that way more than me.

It was 27 years ago that law professor Anita Hill came forward with allegations of sexual harassment against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. What unfolded during the Thomas confirmation was ugly and, after a brutal attack on Hill's motives and credibility by the Republicans, Thomas was confirmed by the Senate on a narrow 52-48 vote.

Based on my own role inside the Republican attack machine at that time, I can predict that similarly hard-knuckled tactics will be used against Ford, even though the times have thankfully changed. The stakes for the organized right are just as high now as they were then: Like Thomas, Kavanaugh is a cause célèbre for the conservative movement as they seek to cement a majority on the Supreme Court for a generation.

They will defend him at any cost.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Tue Sep 18, 2018, 08:05 PM (4 replies)

David Brock on Chris Hayes

Anyone watching?

He's expressed remorse on how he helped the republicans go after Anita Hill. But again going back to why Dems can't play nice.. Republicans DO NOT PLAY NICE OR FAIR!!! yes I am shouting.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Tue Sep 18, 2018, 07:46 PM (9 replies)

Charlottesville/ Unite The Right Prison Sentences Handed Down

Some Justice - Heather Heyer's murder trial not underway yet, but other bigots are going to prison.

Jacob Scott Goodwin, Alex Michael Ramos sentenced to state prison in beating of DeAndre Harris
Two men with neo-Nazi and militia ties were sentenced Thursday to state prison for taking part in a gang assault of a man in a Charlottesville parking garage during the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in 2017.

Jacob Scott Goodwin, a 24-year-old neo-Nazi sympathizer from Ward, Arkansas, received an eight-year prison sentence, with two more years suspended for his role in the beating of 21-year-old DeAndre Harris, who was prone on the ground during much of the attack.

In a separate hearing, Charlottesville Circuit Judge Richard Moore handed down a six-year sentence for 34-year-old Alex Michael Ramos of Jackson, Georgia. Ramos, a onetime member of a militia group called the Georgia Security Force III%, ran from across a street to kick and stomp on Harris as the beating went on. Ramos also faces three years of probation that could be converted to more prison time if he violates the terms of the supervised release.

“This is one of the most brutal attacks our community has wrestled with,” said prosecutor Nina Antony.

Klan leader Richard Preston sentenced to four years in prison for firing gun at ‘Unite the Right’

It was a short goodbye for what will be a relatively long absence.

A judge in Charlottesville, Virginia, sentenced the 53-year-old Preston on Tuesday to four years in prison with another four years suspended for firing a gun into a crowd during the “Unite the Right” rally of Aug. 12, 2017. The prison sentence handed down by Charlottesville Circuit Judge Richard Moore marked the first felony sentence stemming from the deadly rally, which saw the downtown area of the city of 48,000 overrun by neo-Nazis, racists, white supremacists and others on that deadly weekend.

Preston pleaded no contest to firing a shot during the rally that did not hit anyone.

“It was just pure belligerence,” Moore said.

Initial claim of self-defense

Preston, a Baltimore, Maryland, resident, is the Imperial Wizard of the Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, although that affiliation went unmentioned during the nearly 40-minute hearing. In a video filmed by the ACLU of Virginia, Preston is seen firing a pistol at counter-protesters.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Wed Aug 29, 2018, 03:43 PM (1 replies)

Sam Nunberg and Corey Lewandowski argue over who's the worst - Ahh Trump's " best people"

Sam Nunberg and Corey Lewandowski Clash Over Who’s the Bigger Drunk

By Davis Richardson • 08/28/18 3:52pm

Corey Lewandowski, former campaign manager for Donald Trump. Drew Angerer/Getty Images.
God, grant me the serenity, to accept… more petty infighting between Sam Nunberg and Corey Lewandowski.
On Tuesday morning, Lewandowski appeared on a conservative radio show on Virginia’s WHKT to accuse Nunberg of “being intoxicated” on MSNBC.
Lewandowki was most likely referring to his rival’s media meltdown this past March, when Nunberg freewheeled between cable news interviews to insult Special Counsel Robert Mueller and accuse his former Trump campaign coworkers of being Russian operatives.

These remarks did not sit well with Nunberg, who took to Twitter shortly after the radio attack to call Lewandowski a “white trash scumbag.
Reached by the Observer for comment, Nunberg denied once again that he was intoxicated during the talk-show blitz back in March, but did admit to drinking the night before. In an extended rant, he also accused Lewandowski of drunkenness throughout the 2016 election.

“[Lewandowski] wants to talk about me being inebriated? He fell asleep piss drunk at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. And that’s for the public to see,” Nunberg told the Observer. “During the campaign they found him wandering around one day, late afternoon, early night, and he was passed out, pissed drunk.

“This is the highlight of his life,” continued the former Trump aide. “He’s in his 40s. You’ll be hearing about me when I’m in my 50s and 60s. He’ll be in some dive fucking bar in New Hampshire talking about the good old days.
Minutes later, Lewandowski shot back in an email to the Observer. “Did Sam really accuse someone else of drinking too much? That’s rich.”

Posted by tulipsandroses | Wed Aug 29, 2018, 10:33 AM (3 replies)

Music Appreciation - Bob Marley would be proud- Continuing the Tradition - Skip Marley - Lions

Posted by tulipsandroses | Tue Aug 28, 2018, 12:15 AM (1 replies)
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