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Member since: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 03:21 PM
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Where are the right to life people? re: deporting sick children

Once again crickets. .....

They prove time and time again, their right to life arguments are all about controlling what a woman does with her body. Shouldn't right to life and protecting life mean that you protect these sick children too?

I'm old enough to remember the Terry Schiavo fiasco.... The right to lifers and republicans lost their collective minds. With this new Trump administration rule to deport these children and adults that are receiving life saving treatments you are handing them potential death sentences. Its like pulling the plug. Just like they were outraged about Schiavo, should they not be outraged about pulling the plug on these sick people? So again, where are the right to lifers? They show their hypocrisy over and over again. Are they not distressed by any of this? Children dying in weeks or months after being told by this govt to leave access to their medical treatment?

Posted by tulipsandroses | Sat Aug 31, 2019, 11:24 AM (11 replies)

Breaking Hate- Anyone watching?

So Jeff just said - He wants out because "I see a lot of violence coming"

I know the episode just started - don't know how serious he is But that sentence struck me.

What did he expect? They were not meeting for tea and crumpets. So now that you have people that are actually willing to be more than provocative - willing to actually commit mass murder based on what Jeff and others have been teaching. He wants out? I just don't know what he expected all these years. That it would just be rallies for shits and giggles? Nothing " serious" would ever happen"? People were not going to get hurt or die based on this rhetoric?

Still watching. I hope he changes and works to help others change but that just struck me.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Sun Aug 25, 2019, 09:14 PM (5 replies)

I'm a liberal but voting for Trump - Trumpkin lies- Why aren't they confident in their own agenda?

So I recently relocated from GA to FL. Yesterday I saw a group of men with a big sign saying I'm liberal but voting for Trump. They were laughing and yukking it up and having a good ol time on that street corner. They got some honks, seemingly in support as people were driving by so I'm sure they felt emboldened and good about it.

I was going to engage them, but on second thought I decided against it. - a lone black woman speaking to a bunch of white men supporting Trump, hooting and hollering - might not be such a good idea.

I really wanted to ask about the sign. I doubt any of them were truly liberals. So then, my next question would have been, why make such a sign? Liberals for Trump? Doesn't make sense. If you like the Trump agenda, why not make a sign about what you like? The children in cages, "he speaks his mind" - you know how he calls powerful women nasty, calls minorities low IQ. I like the tax cuts and de-regulations. Why not be specific about what you like.

I then smiled after being a bit bothered by the sign at first. I thought, well if you are not willing to say why you actually like Trump and are voting for him, but instead make a sign lying about being a liberal - you must not be confident in your guy winning eh? I'm still puzzled by the sign. Did they think they would change the minds of liberals passing by?

Posted by tulipsandroses | Sun Aug 25, 2019, 11:51 AM (19 replies)

Love this song - Great song by Daughtry


The video shows parents loving all kinds of children including- trans, disabled

The story behind how the song came to be - Chris' wife came out to him that she was bisexual before they met.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Mon Aug 12, 2019, 02:13 AM (0 replies)

Its even worse - Black Man Walked With Rope by Mounted Police Has Mental Illness

Black Man Walked With Rope by Mounted Police Has Mental Illness, According to Family: ‘They Don’t Care to Know the Whole Story’

This is how much we care about mental illness


Family members of Donald Neely, the 43-year-old homeless man who was handcuffed and led by a rope by two white Galveston, Texas, officers on horseback last weekend, said he has struggled with mental illness for years—and that his condition was well documented.

Neely—whose arrest went viral after photos of him walking down the street, flanked by two mounted officers, his hands tied with rope, was shared on social media—has had schizophrenia and bipolar disorder for most of his life, his sister Tranette Neely told the New York Times.
Because of his condition, Neely has refused his family’s attempts to bring him home, and he has often slept in the streets. According to his sister, a recent attempt to bring him to his family resulted in Neely jumping out of a moving car.

She also said officers should have been aware of his mental health status because he’s had run-ins with the law before.

Posted by tulipsandroses | Fri Aug 9, 2019, 08:43 AM (5 replies)

Where do you find the Trump donor list for your city?

I heard Joe Scarborough say these are Public Records - like Rep Castro posted for his city.

I would love to know what businesses in my area are supporting the POS so I can not spend my money there and tell them exactly why I am not giving them my business.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Wed Aug 7, 2019, 11:50 PM (5 replies)

Why is he even going? Nobody believes him, He doesn't want to, Why cause anymore harm?

Why is he even going to El Paso?

Why add insult to injury? He doesn't really want to, nor can he be authentic in comforting the victims. Why is he being forced on these communities?

Its like forcing an abused victim to embrace their abuser. Why can't we skip the horse and pony show? Nobody would fault him for not going. At least they shouldn't. Its a useless spectacle that will cost tax payers - only to inflict more pain on the victims with his presence./
Posted by tulipsandroses | Tue Aug 6, 2019, 10:32 PM (60 replies)

Lynchings, Church Bombings, Kidnapping, Rape, Beatings, - Racial Hatred Not Mental Health

All these atrocities were perpetrated in the civil rights era and before - Nothing happening now is new except for technology. The racists back then held meetings and distributed pamphlets. That's how they grew their base. They did not have the internet.

Now they have a conglomerate on the internet to distribute their message -
Now racial violence/white nationalist terrorism is a mental health issue?

Stop the fucking madness!

The republicans are already coming out with this talking point and its insulting.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Sun Aug 4, 2019, 12:40 PM (8 replies)

This morning Trump tweeted about knife violence in London and crimes by Syrian immigrants in Germany

Will he say anything about White nationalist terrorists in the USA?


On Saturday morning, Trump twice retweeted British pundit Katie Hopkins, who first gained prominence as a contestant on the BBC TV series The Apprentice and has since drawn attention through what are widely seen as bigoted attacks on Muslims. In the tweets Trump promoted, which Hopkins posted on Thursday, Hopkins criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan over knife crime in the city and faulted German Chancellor Angela Merkel for crimes committed by Syrian migrants in Germany.
Posted by tulipsandroses | Sat Aug 3, 2019, 09:09 PM (5 replies)

Another Disturbing Facebook Post from a police officer

Why the hell is he still a cop?

Here is a cop that was posting vile images of black football players being mutilated, drugging women with roofies and insinuating rape - I guess because he was using toys its not supposed to be serious? But what kind of disgusting person takes the time to set this up?
Why should anyone trust this person with a gun and the power to arrest people at their own whim?

Warning this contains images that are possibly triggering!


Posted by tulipsandroses | Sat Aug 3, 2019, 01:32 AM (5 replies)
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