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tulipsandroses's Journal
tulipsandroses's Journal
August 25, 2021

Andrea Mitchell is a joke

Never been a fan, she was just rambling about President Biden wanting to get out of Afghanistan because nobody agreed with him in 2008 and he was trashed in Bob Woodward’s book. “He never forgot that”.
So now we are down to him being slighted?

August 25, 2021

Are you ready for it? Impeachment the movie

You didn’t ask for it but here it is. Sorry folks, this is probably not the impeachment movie you want to see

August 25, 2021

I think I have the cure for MAgamadness and anti vaxxers

Since they are willing to try animal de wormer- Because of Facebook memes. Somebody who is savvy at making memes and Facebook posts should start posting that Anti psychotics prevent or cure COVID.

I’m guessing these bright folks don’t read anything besides Facebook memes to know that there have been many studies of various existing drugs as treatment for COVID. Psych drugs are amongst the many.
It may not cure COVID, but maybe we cure magamadness for some.

August 25, 2021

Seriously, a mask, cheap effective vaccines beats calling up the natl guard, animal dewormer

$1000 Regeneron treatments at Desantis pop up clinics that WE pay for.

August 24, 2021

If this was a "regular home buyer" I would agree with you

However, this is corporate greed. They are making the housing market less affordable. By turning family homes into timeshares, Airbnb’s and other businesses ventures, Here in GA, communities have been pushing back at this practice. Limits are being placed on how many AirBnBs can be in one area. I hope we will have more regulations about this practice across the country.

August 23, 2021

Which vaccine is the glow in the dark? I need to get it as a booster

For Halloween. Who knew vaccines would be so useful.

August 23, 2021

Yes they've had a few good days but will they be able to keep it up?

Sigh, reporter on MSNBC just made those remarks. Sure the military has been doing a great job evacuating people, BUT will they be able to keep it up. Really lady? So you just want something to complain about? Nothing real to complain about today, so I wii complain about whether they will be able to keep up the good job.
I don’t know what to say about some of these folks.

August 23, 2021

About that 300K Afghanistan Army

A Guest on Morning Joe said the #was nowhere near that. Just more rampant corruption. Most were “ghost soldiers”. Higher ups in the army added names to collect their paychecks.

August 21, 2021

Elaine Thompson- Herah fastest woman in the world is on fire! and Sha'Cari lost in her return

She's going to break Flo Jo's 4.9 -

Watching Elaine run gives me chills.


August 21, 2021

Feeling Abandoned by Kabul, Many Rural Afghans Flock to Join the Taliban

This is almost year old - but very relevant.

Sitting in an unfinished building in Momand Dara district in the eastern province of Nangarhar, not far from the village in Achin district where he grew up, Omari, 25, explained that he didn’t see a future for his family the way Afghanistan is currently run. The gap between relatively well-off urban areas and rural areas like his—bereft of clinics, schools, or jobs—has only grown after nearly two decades of fitful efforts at governance from leaders in Kabul.That’s why last month he made a fateful decision—like so many others, especially from rural Afghanistan. “I joined the Taliban because the government is corrupt,” said Omari, a slender man with greasy, shoulder-length hair, a trimmed beard, and kohl-rimmed eyes.
As Taliban militants and the Afghan government meet for a first round of direct negotiations in Qatar, aiming to work out a final peace deal and perhaps a power-sharing arrangement that could see the Taliban return to power, the Islamist group is gaining momentum and recruits—especially in rural areas like Omari’s. Almost 20 years after U.S. and international troops first went into Afghanistan to root out the Taliban and vanquish al Qaeda, the Taliban are now stronger than ever, controlling dozens of Afghan districts, according to a report by the Council on Foreign Relations.

For many rural (and less well-educated) Afghans, Taliban indoctrination finds a receptive audience, greased by the fact that the Taliban use family, friends, and community connections to recruit new members. Decades-old promises of a better life under the national government have failed to materialize: Omari’s family is part of the 90 percent of Afghanistan that lives below the national poverty line of $2 per day, according to the Afghan Ministry of Economy. Three-quarters of Afghans live in rural areas, where even basic services are in shorte of $2 per day, according to the Afghan Ministry of Economy. Three-quarters of Afghans live in rural areas, where even basic services are in short supply; the Ministry of Education this month revealed that 7,000 schools across the country don’t actually have buildings—including in Omari’s native Achin district.

While many Afghans fear that a Taliban return to power will bring the excesses of the 1990s—a harsh, austere interpretation of Islam that imposed strict rules, summary justice, and the disappearance of women from public life—for many poor, desperate, rural Afghans who’ve seen little good come out of Kabul, the attitude is often: Why not give the Taliban a try?


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