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Member since: Thu Nov 2, 2017, 03:10 PM
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Donna Brazile: learn from the opposition


One great point she made was that the Republicans keep their "new blood" around between campaigns. They groom the new people, the volunteers, find jobs for them, get them to run for office locally. While the Democrats can't keep their "new blood" around and interested because they abandon them between campaigns.

"I don't want Nancy Pelosi to leave . . . I just want her to move over!"

Thoughts on this?

Re. Paul Ryan tweet about Cindy ...

From Laura Colleluori, my hero:

Cool, Cindy gets an extra $700 a year.

Except, Cindy will have to pay $350 per month toward student loans, and will no longer be able to deduct interest.

Oh, she’ll also have to pay $830 per month for healthcare for her and her two kids - that is, until her premium goes up because you’re trying to do away with the individual mandate. And then when she can’t afford health insurance anymore, she’ll no longer be able to deduct any out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Oh, and if Cindy gets a better job and needs to relocate, she’ll no longer be able to deduct moving expenses.

Oh, and if that new, better job wants to pay Cindy’s tuition to go back to school to earn a higher degree, that tuition will now be taxed as income.

Oh, and if Cindy is working at a college or university so that when her kids are old enough, they’d be able to attend tuition-free, their tuition will also now be taxed as income.

Oh, and if god forbid there’s a fire or flood and Cindy and her family experience any damage to their home, they can no longer deduct those losses.

So really, Paul, Cindy’s going to need that $700 just to begin to cover all the new bullshit you’re putting her family through, while you’re off giving actual substantial tax breaks to private jet owners.

Paul, from Cindy, and from so many of us, take that $700 and shove it up your spineless, intellectually dishonest libertarian ass.

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