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Member since: Thu Nov 2, 2017, 03:10 PM
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Spooky Bingo

Something really spooky happened yesterday. I was talking with a friend about the number of hate crimes of late that were perpetrated by the same kind of guy. I suggested we make up Bingo cards with all the typical traits, plus some atypical ones (e.g., Muslim) for ... I don't know, a mocking sense of fairness?

As soon as I had my 24 squares made up (one free space in the middle, remember), the news came out about the MAGAbomber being almost from central casting. Almost all his attributes were included on my card.

It's funny-not-funny because my friend said that I should keep the card to myself and not share it because it would promote more divisiveness and anger. My response was that if I can't do fun and creative things with my anger it'll boil over. Now I just don't know what to do besides share this story with you.

Anybody want the list? I'll post it in a reply, but you can probably make up your own. I'm gonna go bang my head against the wall now.

How To Find Out If Your Vote Was Counted

Now that the vote-by-mail ballots are coming in, here's how to find out if yours counted in Florida.

Go to this page,


and fill out your information, verify several times that you are not a robot, then there will be a page with this text near the bottom:

"Access Ballot and Precinct Information available through your county Supervisor of Electionsí website." Click on the link, and that will take you to your supervisor of elections page, where you can request to see the status of your ballot. My county's page has a box you can click, maybe other counties have other setups, but as you can see it's not a very simple process, but it's a walk in the park compared to how it used to be when we weren't alerted to the high risk of election fraud.

Kudos to all the election officials working to keep elections fair and safe!
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