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Old Crank

Old Crank's Journal
Old Crank's Journal
March 2, 2023

A film question

While clearing out our house I found an SX70 camera. It had a box of film. Probably no good since it hasn't been kept refrigerated and I believed that the battery wss in the film.
So is the old style film still available? I used to distort the image as it developed. A newer version didn't seem to do that since it was no longer formulated by Polaroid.

Inquiring mind wants to know. If so, I might keep the camera.

February 25, 2023

A good question?

Why do we allow deadly drivers to stay licensed? We set up very high risk pools to keep dangerous people driving which increases the risk for the rest.
Some of this is an infrastructure problem. Having made cars, now honking pickups, the only way to get to the local coffee vendor, it is hard to remove the privilege of driving.

In the first days of 2023, Lev Fruchter became an unexceptionally unlucky member of an already tragic club when his father, Norman, was killed by a driver while walking to his Brooklyn home — a horrifying crash that echoed the equally horrifying loss of Fruchter’s mother, Rachel, who was killed by another driver 25 years earlier while biking just a few miles away.

In an additionally cruel twist, both of those drivers were enrolled in the New York Automobile Insurance Plan3, which serves dangerous motorists who technically haven’t lost their licenses, but whose driving records are so bad that no private insurers are willing to pay the exorbitant cost of covering them. Under state law, though, those problem drivers can remain street-legal by entering what’s known as an “assigned risk pool,” after which they’ll be assigned to an insurer who’s legally required to write them a policy.

Those policies, of course, usually cost a lot more than ones on the private market. Some people, though, think problem drivers should pay with more than just their wallets when they persistently endanger other road users — and that perhaps they shouldn’t be allowed on the road at all.

Why States Require Insurance Cos. to Sell Policies to the Most Dangerous Drivers.


February 25, 2023

The Florida legislature wants more bans

Only the government mandated education coming your way.

Florida bill would ban gender studies majors, diversity programs at universities

(Reuters) - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would gain more influence in the state's public university system, and majors involving gender studies or critical race theory would be eliminated if a bill filed this week wins support from the Republican-controlled legislature.

The new measure, which largely reflects a legislative agenda announced by DeSantis in January, also would ban consideration of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in hiring of faculty. It would require each institution's board of trustees to approve hires, giving DeSantis greater influence over those decisions because the governor appoints a significant number of board members.

The wide-reaching legislation represents a new front in the Republican war against the "woke" agenda many conservatives believe liberals are trying to push on public education across the country. DeSantis, who is expected to launch a presidential bid after Florida's legislative session ends this spring, has positioned himself as a leader in that fight.


February 20, 2023

Still digging out the detritus of 25 plus years

in one house. We can't take much so the culling is extreme.
Next is to see what will fit into the luggage weight limit.
Then how much else we want/need to $hip//
Shipping to Germany is expensive and books are heavy.

February 9, 2023

The fun continues

Spending the last few days on this trip digging through the detritis of years of living in our CA duplex.
What to trash (recycle), donate, take or leave until the next trip to go through again.
Nothing but fun.

I have hundreds of slide I'm am working on digitizing. I will probably keep the originals but notiin carosells.
Any one in near Sunnyvale CA need a Sawyer slide projector with spare bulb?

Back to the salt mine....

February 1, 2023

FIFA all about the Euros...

Great choice by FIFA to have Saudi Arabia be the main sponsor for the Women's World Cup to be held in Australia and New Zealand this summer..

Human rights advocates have condemned the decision to allow Saudi Arabia’s tourism authority to sponsor the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, calling it a “textbook case of sportswashing”.

Visit Saudi is set to join international brands such as Adidas, Coca-Cola and Visa in attaching their names to the 32-team tournament that is due to kick off on 20 July at Auckland’s Eden Park.

Despite Saudi Arabia’s history of oppressing women’s rights, Fifa has decided to ratify the deal under the new “commercial partnership structure” dedicated to developing revenues specifically for the women’s game. But the announcement has sparked criticism from human rights groups in Australia.

The Sydney Opera House lights up in celebration of Australia and New Zealand hosting the World Cup.
Saudi Arabia to sponsor Women’s World Cup and tighten ties with Fifa
Read more
A spokesperson from Football Australia said they were seeking clarification from Fifa. “We are very disappointed that Football Australia were not consulted on this matter prior to any decision being made,” they said. “Football Australia and New Zealand Football have jointly written to Fifa to urgently clarify the situation.”


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