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Old Crank

Old Crank's Journal
Old Crank's Journal
March 31, 2023

Can't you jyst hear

DeSantis cheering the news. His main rival to be dragged off in irons.

March 30, 2023

Realized my fear about proprietary bstteries

Left my charger and old emergency only battery at home on our trip to Florence for the week. Did a search and found a Nikon dealer on the third day. I don't do video so I had a day left. Hiked to the store on the way to the Uffizi.
Argh! They are in the process of moving around the corner.
Found another store yesterday and got got a new charger, European plug, and battery.
Now I have a European charger so won't have to carry plug adapter.
Fun for all. I guess i've saved over the double or triple A batteries I would have used in the last 10 years.

Wait! My new camera is 10 years old. How did that happen?

March 28, 2023

Forced march around the Uffizi

In Florence today. Lots of Christian themed art. Most artists and their work were sponsored by the churches and or church leaders, or business men trying to curry favour in the afterlife.
The whole place is a no GOP zone.
The number of rock and bronze hard buttocks. The number of proud centuries old breasts. The number of cast and carved male genital. Then there were the paintings... At least 5 full frontal of Baby Jesus.
The horror.
Really beautiful works.
More art tomorrow.

March 21, 2023

Our CA house closed escrow today

Now We will have to scare up a US address for some banking details and the like.
Since our main abode is now Munich something has to be done for a couple of accounts.
We may pull in favors from a friend to act as a mailing address since virtually everything we do is now online.

Let the fun begin.

March 21, 2023

More from Oregon in January

After the previous set we got to witness a car motorcycle collision. No deaths. Just one injured party.
Hard to judge blame from our angle. After we did what we could on scene we headed north to find cell service while the first vehicle that came on scene headed south for the same reason.
We decided to take a mental break at Gold Beach. Where a lifeguard stopped us to warn us about the possibility of large waves coming in from Hawaii where they had just a big surf riding competition.
First three are from Gold beach and teh last three are from the Port of Port Orford.

Gold Beach Oregon

Port of Port Orford, Oregon

March 20, 2023

Oregon coast this January

Wnen we were back to the US this Jan/Feb we took a trip up the coast to see all the relatives.
Here are 5 from the coast of Oregon. Thanks to those who told me how to resize in Flickr. The size change seems to stick from pic to pic also.

March 20, 2023

How do I change the size of pictures I post

to DU?
I have been posting pictures for a while now but some seem really large on display.
I bring them from Flicker, currently, and they size there to fit on the screen.
When I link to DU I have to scroll to see the whole picture.
Is there a way to cut down the size so they will fit better and one can see the whole picture.


March 19, 2023

Greece, from the way back machine

These are a scattershot from the mid 70's
Athens, Rhodos, and Lindos on Rhodos.

A name day church on Rhodos

Sunset, Rhodos harbor

Acropolis at Lindos, Rhodos

March 17, 2023

A brave new world

Found in the Guardian.
LAs pot dispenseries writup.

Hey Budtender show me to the Giggle room....

Our hostess lifts one of the domes with a flourish and offers me a whiff. A rich, citrusy bouquet with piney undertones wafts forth, recalling lemon peel and woodland walks. Another dome’s scent is more smoky, a third musky and earthy with sweet notes of clove. It feels like I’m at a fancy wine-tasting, not a place to score weed.


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