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Old Crank

Old Crank's Journal
Old Crank's Journal
May 29, 2023

More from Bologna

I thank the gods that digital came around so I could shot and shoot and shoot. Recycle the electrons of the really bad ones. Store thousands of photos in the space of a cigarette pack.

This Neptune cat gets around

Detail of the corner women

May 28, 2023

Chicken bake for dinner

Sort of followed a recipe from the WaPo food person last night.
For 2 people, could easily do it for 3-4 with a different sized pan. The dish I used held 2 chicken legs close without overlap.
took two medium potatoes and sliced them 1/4 inche slices and put them into the bottom of a baking dish. Added two leekd sliced cross ways, Salt and pepper, 1 slice lemon on top. Then two seasoned chicken legs. I seasoned with salt and peper and Marisa spice mix.
Baked at 375 until done.

May 28, 2023

Up dated saying

If you need a tax break to buy your yacht or private jet, you can't afford it.

May 27, 2023

Unbelievably stupid

How do you fix this?

Trump Bucks scam. People paying money for when Fat bag is reelected.
Gee. They are no good.
Now they want the gummint to help them..

To true to even believe.


May 25, 2023

Scenes from Bologna

After Florence we spent a couple of days in Bologna. We liked it better than Florence. Smaller scale with fewer people.
Known for its porticos. We were really lucky. While waiting for our Italian friend to show up we met a man who lives there in a local coffee shop. He ended up giving us a private tour of some of the places he likes the best in the city. Great stay.


May 23, 2023

Florence Statuary

A few pictures of the statues around Florence. Placement of them makes we wish that I could carry around a 6 ft, 2 meter, step ladder so I'm not always looking up at them. Of course they were generally placed high so the people knew they were important and worthy of the pedestal.


God: Neptune

This was probably in bronze originaly

May 21, 2023

Disturbign look at gun safety classes

It seems that the instructors want to instill fear along with any actual afe use education. Not good.

First, the good news: Every firearms instructor I encountered was extremely serious about preventing accidents. When a student inadvertently pointed his gun at me for a moment, our instructor immediately chastised him. And when the student objected, saying he didn’t have his finger on the trigger, the instructor became livid and threatened to kick him out of class.

But teaching people how to avoid shooting someone by accident is a small part of what these classes are about. The primary lessons are about if and when to shoot someone on purpose. And this is where the trouble begins.

Instructors repeatedly told me that a big part of their job was to make people feel vulnerable, to make them aware of dangers they were not conscious of before to understand that bad things can happen at any time. One instructor told me he encourages students to carry their gun at all times. If students say they plan to leave it in the car, he responds, “So what you’re telling me is the only time you are ever going to get attacked is if you are in your car?”


May 12, 2023

Russian military incompetence and ours

Found this from last September. Not a pretty picture of our military. Yes we have some of the best equipment in the world, but can we use it effectively? And to what end?

In Washington, wide agreement exists that the Russian army’s performance in the Kremlin’s ongoing Ukraine “special military operation” ranks somewhere between lousy and truly abysmal. The question is: Why? The answer in American policy circles, both civilian and military, appears all but self-evident. Vladimir Putin’s Russia has stubbornly insisted on ignoring the principles, practices, and methods identified as necessary for success in war and perfected in this century by the armed forces of the United States. Put simply, by refusing to do things the American way, the Russians are failing badly against a far weaker foe.

Granted, American analysts — especially the retired military officers who opine on national news shows — concede that other factors have contributed to Russia’s sorry predicament. Yes, heroic Ukrainian resistance, reminiscent of the Winter War of 1939-1940 when Finland tenaciously defended itself against the Soviet Union’s more powerful military, caught the Russians by surprise. Expectations that Ukrainians would stand by while the invaders swept across their country proved wildly misplaced. In addition, comprehensive economic sanctions imposed by the West in response to the invasion have complicated the Russian war effort. By no means least of all, the flood of modern weaponry provided by the United States and its allies — God bless the military-industrial-congressional complex — have appreciably enhanced Ukrainian fighting power.


May 11, 2023

All thegood car names

May be gone.
8 years ago I moved to Germany. Now I get to see some interesting car names that I didn't see in the US. Here is a list, with out manufacturer. I didn't include letter and number names like A3, M3, and the like.

Clio and
Clio campus

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