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Old Crank

Old Crank's Journal
Old Crank's Journal
August 26, 2023

Paul Krugman

Just defined economics in the simplest terms possible.
Basically, getting and spending.

"Economics is the most mathematical of the social sciences. That’s not because economists are smarter than, say, sociologists or political scientists; trust me, it’s quite possible to say stupid things with equations. It’s because the subject matter of economics — basically getting and spending — is cruder and hence easier to measure than the subject matter of our sister fields."

August 25, 2023

Not sure where to ask this

I have a Kindle I found that you can "lend" books you have bought to others who either have a Kindle or can read Kindle files.
This loan is for a 2 week period. I would be willing to lend books to other DU'rs who would like to just sample to see if they woiuld want the book or read the whole thing.

Is there a better forum to ask this question?

August 25, 2023

Birding in Ulm

From 2017. I think I have more from my camera.

August 24, 2023

A significant organ

On a train ride from Vienna we talked to the head priest of a big church in Munich. I asked if they had organ concerts.
His reply was that they didn't have a significant organ....
This is St. Margaret's which has concerts both by visiting organists and the Church organist Christian Bischof, pictured.
Since 2017 when these were taken they have completely rebuilt the organ and added to it.

View from on high

Bischof explaining operation of keyboards and stops

How they work..

August 23, 2023

Ireland, Dublin to Sligo

Driving across Ireland. From 2017's phone archives.

August 23, 2023

Found some from Salzburg while

doing some electronic decluttering.
Read an article about decluttering your electronic lives. Other than going through cables you will never use again and send off to recycle it was to work on your phone. these days I transfer my hone in 6 month blocks to my external hard drive then erase those from the phone. Here are some from Salzburg from 2017.

How bread is made in two images

It was near Easter

August 17, 2023

X-Ray truck

We watched a German TV show on customs enfocement. They are trying to catch contrabrand from getting to market.
They have an X-Ray truck, at least one. They park it in an area that has plenty of room for vehicles to maneuver. They extend a frame work to make an arch. When a vehicle is brought in it is parked beside the unit and the driver gets out. Then then the X-ray truck moves down the length of the vehicle being inspected. 2 people are in a lead room and watch the video of the X-ray. Good for tractor trailers and smaller.


August 16, 2023

Wonder if this would work

To keep TFGs mouth shut and tiny fingers off his phone.
When he shows up in Georgia for his arraignment, he gets held for 24 hours before he is arraigned. During the arraignment, tell him this is what will happen if he violates the court orders.
Fits right in with the conservative scared straight mantra they used to spout for kids.

August 5, 2023


A new name for TFG, Donnie Dumpster, ...


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