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Member since: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 12:10 PM
Number of posts: 540

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Yay! Fed Raising Rates! All My Payments Will Be Going Up! Yayyyy!!!!

I just love the idea of giving the banks more of my money.

They are so cool!

Dear Roy Moore I Am Not A Christian I Am A Follower Of Christ's Teachings

Which in your case is exactly the opposite of you.

Take your racist, child molesting, fake values and stick them where the sun don't shine.

Jesus wants me to help the poor, heal the sick, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked.

Take care of the least among us.

You, and your "party" wants to help billionaires crush all of the above.


You and all your Fake Christian Republican scum friends.

Won't see you in heaven.

Yer going to the other place motherf.....

Doug Jones Can Immediately Start Working On Reducing Abortions

Want to win in Red States? Here's the plan.
To many, abortion is 90% of their voting decision.

So to win their votes by actually serving Americans offer:

Free family planning nationwide.
Free birth control nationwide.
Free childcare services nationwide.
Affordable health care for single moms, poor families.
Effective Sex Education FOR ALL.
Jobs programs for single mothers, or poor families.
Affordable education for single mothers, or poor families.
Additional opportunities and help for single mothers or poor families.

Many women / families would love to have children, but it would make it almost impossible for some to be successful in other areas.

Work on changing that.

Win every vote in Alabama Doug.

Make it an advantage to have a child and be able to be a good mom / family with opportunities.

Menace Trump Announces Tax Scam Details Worked Out - Grab Your Ankles

Zero loopholes closed I imagine.

Effective tax rate will go from 18% to 4% for corporate owners of our politicians.

What a win.

(for them)

Testimony - Justice Department "Protecting Us From Menace" Trump

Did I hear that correctly?

If so, I am happy someone is trying to protect us.

Corporate Tax Cuts Will Not Create Jobs - They Are Lying

Pure lies.

Government can create jobs. Close loopholes and use the cash for infrastructure and alternative energy. Corporations will be fine.

Boycot tax havens where everyone gets screwed. Corporations should pay taxes worldwide.

It's doable.

I'm Calling Bull - The Republicans Chose Roy Moore In The Primary - He Wasn't Flawed To Them

All the pundits are talking about how he was flawed, and that's why he lost.


Alabama Republicans chose him in the primary by 10 points.

He was their choice 110%.

Even though they didn't know about his lust for 14 year olds, his other flaws were out in the open.

He represents their sickness.

Alabama Republicans are the flawed ones, not Roy Moore.


DanMedia Calls Alabama Race For Democrats - They Win Either Way - Yayyyy!!!

Either we have another Democratic senator going to Washington DC or we got a preview of the new Republican Party.

The Trump Moore sexual predator party.

We Win!!!!!

Go Jones!

Just Because Hillary Haters Voted For Peeping Tom Trump Doesn't Mean...

He should be forgiven for his sexual assaults.

The fact that he got votes means nothing.

He is a sexual predator, and has even bragged about grabbing them by the pee pee and walking in on naked beauty pageant contestants.

Lock Him Up.

Ol Charlotte Told MSNBC Reporter The People In Alabama Are Smart

How can you call people who vote for politicians who help the rich and huge corporations rob them, and take away their health care smart? Who deny human caused climate change, and say giving billionaires tax cuts makes money trickle down to the poor.

They are smart she says, and then she goes on to babble nonsense in the defense of Moore regarding the girls he lied about chasing or molesting. Defending him.

Doesn't sound all that smart to me.

But I'm just a dumb liberal.
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