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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Bawlmer, Murlind
Home country: United States
Current location: Trump Household
Member since: Wed Dec 6, 2017, 10:45 PM
Number of posts: 1,469

About Me

I love logic and respect feelings. My aspiration here is to engage in reasoned discourse. I believe that Truth Leaks. It may take the time span of a Grand Canyon to wear away at human deceit and denial, but truth always carves its own path.

Journal Archives

For the record: I Do Not Believe In Magical Thinking

However, it is easy to fall into wishful thinking. It's probably unhealthy, but I find it comforting at times.

If I could make a request of an actual magical power being, it would be for some minor vexation to befall Trump in public.

(Even in my fantasies I wouldn't want to "wish" him dead because I really want the world to work properly, if you get my meaning.)

So, witches, if you're out there--and you know that I'm only kidding 'cause I'm saying it out loud in a public venue--could you please cast a spell for one of the following?

A bird to unload on Trump's hair and shoulder during one of his chopper talks. I know that a bird pooping on one is supposed to be good luck, but the good luck could be Trump not getting clawed by the bird.

Trump to loudly (and visibly) shart himself while walking up the stairs to Air Force One.

A serious nosebleed to afflict him while sitting next to the president of some other country and embarrassing himself (and us) with his stupid words.

Okay, that's three things. I could come up with more, but I don't want to be greedy and I know the basic rules about wishes. So, thanks.

Don Junior has words for Hunter Biden

Don warned Hunter about the dangers of using too much hair gel.

Nah, he actually implied that the younger Biden only got ahead because of his dad.

(Sorry if this is a duplicate of some other thread subject.)

It's Tough To Beat Basic Physics

Trump and Company can deny the science on climate change all that they want. But some essential principles of the universe keep on working with or without the interpretation or even acknowledgement of mere humans.

Undeniable fact: What goes up, must come down.

This goes for objects like, say-- rocks thrown into the air-- and for worthless excuses for human beings (about as smart as rocks in some cases) whose trajectory has taken them to the heights of power.

Noted that there are a lot of birthdays today.

Lots of folk celebrated New Year's Eve in a "productive" way.

Also lots of November birthdays thanks to Valentine's Day.

Turk and J.D. as toddlers

Story at HuffPost about two toddlers who are happy to see each other and not ashamed to show it.

Racist City Council Candidate Explains Her Racism

Sorry to tell you this dear, but if you looked back at human history and removed every person who was a product of "mixed race" connections, there would be hardly any human population left at all.


Trump Was Treated Like a Rock Star

During his visit with the Dayton mass shooting victims.

I'm so glad. I was worried that he wouldn't have a good time.


Trump Flags A-Flyin'

There are two Trump flags being displayed in my neighborhood. I can't recall what, if any other flags accompany both of them, but one is not hanging up next to an American flag.

It stands by itself, and like the other, is large and bold with the name emblazened upon it. This is not some sign staked out during campaign season to announce a household's political preference. This is a grand standard declaring a specific allegiance.

Now, I admired (still do) the hell out of Obama. However, it would never have occurred to me to fly a flag that fairly shouts out his name.

That is the mind set favored by those who follow Trump that disturbs me. It is not just that they have ideas and support policies that diverge from my own. I expect that in a democracy.

The support extended to Trump goes beyond that which one sees in a democracy. George W. Bush's supporters were not so enamored of him that his name was waved about on banners as an everyday expression of loyalty.

Trump devotees may talk about there love of country; however their focus on one man is akin to worship.

Lines from Alternet.org about the Franken Situation.

How an ordinarily terrific reporter got sucked in by the conspiracy theories about the Al Franken accusations
Amanda Marcotte / Salon July 22, 2019

The defenders of Sen. Al Franken are perhaps the single most embarrassing group of allegedly progressive people in the Democratic coalition.


So, I guess that I am an embarassment. And I'm not one to buy into conspiracy theories. I think Roger Stone and Leeann Tweeden decided to exaggerate a stupid situation with the hopes of thwarting the voice of an elected official who spoke clearly and forcefully against the tide of self-serving, borderline (and sometimes over the border) criminality that is the hallmark of this current administration.

The Democrats who piled on in the aftermath were also self-serving, if not criminal. Their interests were not first and foremost the pursuit of truth or the advancement of the protection of women. I think that they strategized rather than conspired.

And I think that some of the writers at Alternet and Vox are the embarassment because they can't budge an inch or even entertain the possibility that the treatment afforded to Franken was out of proportion to the charges made against him.

I really hope that someone decides to communicate this concern to the publications in question. I'm tired and I'm angry and I'm done apologizing for somehow not being liberal enough.

Cheddar the dog from Brooklyn 99. . .

Has passed away. He was an adorable corgi who featured in many very funny plot lines. It was impossible not to smile when he appeared on screen.

I know that I am pretty obsessed with the show, but everyone on DU should check out Brooklyn Nine-Nine if they have a chance. The cast is diverse and inclusive and funny. They are good people and good cops who have goofy moments. The characters defy stereotypes even though their odd quirks are dialed up to 11.

Cheddar may have been the cuddliest member of the cast but they are all pretty lovable in their own weird ways.

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