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Collimator's Journal
Collimator's Journal
November 12, 2022

HuffPo Article on MTG's Comments on "Candidate Quality" Yielded Some Interesting Responses

According to the HuffPost website, Marjorie Taylor Greene sent out a Tweet discussing the poor quality of the GOP candidates during this election round. As one might imagine, this inspired a lot of snappy responses in the Twitterverse.

I don't follow Twitter, but my favorite Tweet noted in the HuffPo article was this one:


"Remember when you said "Jewish space lasers" are what causes wildfires? That meat not "grown in PEACH TREE dishes will cause electric bot shocks in the bodies of the vaccinated? You know NOTHING about candidate quality, you absolute pinecone."

I especially enjoyed the "absolute pinecone" comment, because it's clever but not a gendered insult. And it doesn't attack Ms. Greene on the basis of physical attributes that are not within her control.

My thoughts were running along those lines when I brought up the comments screen to the article and encountered this nugget:

Kevin Higgenboom-

"Liberals routinely show the world it is OK to insult people by calling them gay, and it is OK to value women based on their appearance. This is flat-out wrong.

A part of me really, really wanted to respond to that poster, but I didn't want to register on yet another comment board so, instead, I share this talking point with my fellow DU'ers.

"Yes, sir. It is wrong. It's wrong when liberals do it and it's wrong when Donald Trump does it on a regular basis. This is a man who insulted a woman's appearance as a defense against a rape charge. "She's not my type", he said. So, basically, that means that the former president feels that a woman's looks determine her "rape-ability?" That's beyond "flat-out wrong" to outright abominable. And Donald Trump isn't the first right-leaning person whom I have heard express such a position. And while I have read far too many Democrats cast snark upon Ms. Greene by commenting on her looks, I have never heard one of them stoop to the "not pretty enough to rape" level.

November 5, 2022

From HuffPo: "Musk Appears To Threaten Advertisers Wary Of His Twitter Takeover"

Oh, that makes so much sense. Buy a company, make a whole bunch of unsettling decisions, then threaten people who buy ads from you because they prefer a platform with stability.

You know, I have almost no money and no business experience, but even I can see how absurd a strategy that is.

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