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Collimator's Journal
Collimator's Journal
October 19, 2023

Received email that has sender listed as "BidenHealthcare"

When hovering over the name the link reads "aid@theinsuranceassistance.com". When I searched for "The insurance assistance.com" the website was titled "The Health Insurance Helpers."

Maybe there is nothing illegal or problematic about this company, but I didn't like the use of the President's name in that faux official way. (And yes, I do tend to be suspicious about anything unfamiliar.) I just thought that I would inform this community in case someone else is perplexed as I was.

I'm also hoping that this is the correct sub-forum in which to post this thread. Please accept my apologies if I made the wrong judgement call in this instance.

October 10, 2023

Vox--" Why did Hamas invade Israel?"

Just posting this article here because it seems like a clear presentation of the current situation.

Note the bolded section in the quote below.

Rising tension in Jerusalem and the West Bank, weaker border security, an Arab political situation turning more and more unfavorable to the Palestinians — these are all conditions in which it makes more strategic sense for Hamas to take a such a huge risk.

To be clear: Saying it makes strategic sense for Hamas to engage in atrocities is not to justify their killing civilians. There is a difference between explanation and justification: The reasoning behind Hamas’s attack may be explicable even as it is morally indefensible.

Finally, these words sum up where we need to focus our concern.

. . . it’s clear who is suffering the greatest consequences: not the extremist leaders on either side, but ordinary Israelis and Palestinians alike.

Extending peace to anyone who reads this.
October 6, 2023

Poe Fest International Will Be in Baltimore October 7 & 8

I'm including a link for anyone interested.

The weather in Baltimore will be gray and possibily rainy this weekend. That was an unfortunate problem for the folks at Artscape last month. But when you're celebrating the work of the original Master of the Macabre, (Not you, Stephen King!) a little dreary weather seems rather fitting.

So, if you're in Baltimore and you don't fancy going to the Orioles playoff game, come celebrate a different Baltimore icon, Edgar Allan Poe.

October 3, 2023

Words Fail

But I will try anyway.

This image is clearly not real. However, it's not an over-the-top attempt at snark, either. To the artist who drew it, it is "real" in that it represents an aspirational reality. This guy actually believes that Jesus Christ is right next to Donald Trump--on a metaphysical plane of existance--offering him support through his legal tribulations. And with the Son of God by his side, how can Donald Trump not be victorious?

Trump shares bizarre courtroom sketch.

Former President Donald Trump shared a strange court sketch on social media that showed him at his Manhattan fraud case with a person who looked like Jesus Christ sitting next him.

Unlike many people, I'm not going to make any predictions as to how this period in American history will play out. One thing that I am very confident regarding, however, is that Christianity as a belief system or a core principle of moral standards will not recover from this unfortunate association between the principle subject of its faith and the principle subject of the MAGA mindset.

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